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    Ridiculous, the annual changes to the league structure are one of the few things RLfans enjoy
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    All a bit arrogant and full of themselves. Assume this has sold out and has a huge waiting list based on not being on tv?
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    that's like saying she's taller than Danny DeVito.....
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    we don't seem to use the slope to our advantage these days, and throw it about more , but cannot catch it. you'll see, enjoy your day in the Sun, in beer garden anyway, if your going in the shade in the top stand. enjoy your long awaited win at the mount...the last time was the year 2000 There is a Charity head shave after the game... https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/pinkweekendheadshave
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    I'm happy with the choice. Saints and Wigan will be in the playoffs and I expect them to deliver some top class games and maybe against each other. But Leeds are the most interesting team in the league right now. They have swapped out their coach, let their captain leave and brought in some fresh faces. Their last game showed they may have turned a corner and I am more interested in the Leeds HKR game to see if this continues.
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    I think that’s were Smith is very clever he talks to the ref respectfully. Getting his point across the right way not screaming and shouting in his face like Chris Hill or James Graham.
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    Bit hard for Cleary to make a tackle,he was sat in the stands.
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    I understand that they want to showcase what is a very exciting relegation battle, but in hindsight it does seem a very poor choice. They are damned if they do and damned if they don't though. What if London had caused another shock and won a classic?
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    A very good and thought provoking article here from the BBC on the struggles faced by players both during and after their careers and advent of the 'Wellbeing Round': https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/48923454
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    I like the five team play-off format for SL, it worked well in the NRL for many years. However, for promotion it is better to promote the most consistent club over the season, they will be best prepared to compete at a higher level. In RU, they scrapped the play-offs from the championship for just this reason. See what happened when a club like London Welsh won promotion through a play-off system and were not ready for it.
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    I’ve done the other way around, been in New York since Monday (now shattered) flying to Toronto on Thursday till Monday with a day at Niagra thrown in
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    Signed back in May in a blaze of publicity, he is only allowed to play when his drug ban ends which happens to be this Sunday ? Quality player, not long left at 33 in the game, but if he proves his worth a bigger club will snap him up on a 1 maybe 2 year deal unless of course he is happy to see out his career at the lower echelons, had his issues both within and outside the game, on his day he was world class, hope he can make a go out of the twilight of a somewhat wasted career. Only thing I'm upset about is the wasted years of a great talent.
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    On the bit in red, we've tolerated your increasing arrogance, bitterness and abuse over anything outside of your narrow interpretation of what's good for rugby league. No more. Post civilly or go to another forum that'll put up with it.
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    There always has to be someone who spoils it for you?
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    Find myself agreeing with Phil Clarke a lot more. Should I see the doctor?
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    Anyway, back to the original point of the thread, I'm conflicted about how we should deal with obesity. It is clearly a health issue and I am concerned that if it is normalised and loses any of its stigma, that people will lose much of the impetus to lose weight. The more it is acceptable and even celebrated, the more people will choose to stay that way. That said, we should never lose sight of the fact that obese people are still human beings. As I've said before, it can be seen as this over-riding character flaw. Just recently, I've caught myself on doing this. I'm a teacher and recently my school took on a new teaching assistant who is extremely large to the point she must struggle to move around. As she didn't work with me, I did make a negative judgement about her based largely on the one thing that I could see about her. More recently, she was moved to work nearer to me and unsurprisingly I had got her all wrong and we actually get on really well. This is clearly a problem and I feel embarrassed by it. We can't have a situation where people are treated as second class citizens because of one character flaw. It's wrong.
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    I know she's had her critics but I for one will be sad to see her hang up the microphone. Angela comes across as very passionate about RL and has paved the way for future female analysts in our sport. By no stretch of the imagination is she the best reporter but she is far from the worst. Thanks and best wishes for the future
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    I saw it pointed out somewhere that Leeds are still a giant of the game. It is more like Man Utd having a poor season and sitting in 15th. It would be a big story and they would be being shown. So it isnt like Cardiff and Burnley in the slightest.
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    I can see this going one of three ways: either we'll win, Toronto will win, or it'll be a draw.
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    Arrogance of Holbrook, despite current form, Leeds are still a bigger club than saints so nothing like picking cardiff v Burnley over the Manchester derby.
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    Toronto should be promoted as champions for finishing top of the table. There would then be no need for any of these arguments about venues. Toronto are clearly the most consistant team throughout the season and should go up on that basis. Had it been any other team at the top (particularly Featherstone!), then I would say the same. All those years Featherstone finished top and there was no possibility of promotion were damned frustrating. The best team should be promoted, not the team who hits the best form/has the fewest injuries for a month at the end of the season.
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    Sorry. I'd rather watch the Leeds Hull KR game - much more at stake. So in my opinion the x2 coaches are wrong..... if both teams performances so good they will fill the stadium "twice over" so to speak... or be filling their stadiums week in, week out.... do they They could have asked to have the game moved to another day and I'm sure Sky would then have shown it.
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    Quite so. People who do these things are not wasters who deserve contempt, usually they are Normal people going about their life with their challenges and struggles. But creating a nasty unfriendly environment for these people is an odd thing to do. I'm genuinely not sure why anybody would want to do such a thing. I don't understand why anyone would smoke but it isnt my place to shame people for their life choices (or addictions). Maybe some hard-liners should substitute for example "those who don't work hard at school and mess around instead" for "obese people". Imagine the outcry on here if those without say decent A levels or those who did no go to Uni, or those on low pay were told it was all their fault, tough, grow some, only theirs selves to blame etc etc.
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    for me they offer something fresh, a new area but not one that is too far out to be a stretch to think it could work. They have a vibe about them and IMHO seem to be doing it right in looking at who they are wanting to attract and why those people are going to want to go. Out of town flatpack to some is a clean, safe and modern surrounding to another. Someone like York I can see as the future ahead of some of the other towns clubs with old grounds that they arent capable/prepared to develop who offer a game of Rl and only a game of RL.
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    York have put some effort into being able to compete in the Championship this year. Very competitive, hard league it is too. They might not have a strong enough depth to the Club right now but they’re going in the right direction. I can’t think of a single reason why an RL fan wouldn’t want to consider travelling to one of the best places to live and visit in the Country. Cowbell free zone as well.
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    2,518 saw the Knights take on Toronto in the first game of the season. Last season 4,281 visited BC to see the Knights come face to face with the Bulls, which agonisingly went the way of the visitors in injury time. Since then the Knights have triumphed twice at Odsal, 30-28 in the July heat last season, a win that went a huge way to sealing the Championship title, and 24-14 back in February this year. One thing is for sure, another huge crowd is expected. Both sides are in great form and riding high, with top 5 aspirations. The Knights sit pretty in second pace with just seven games remaining. With some tough games to come, another two points against the Bulls is absolutely vital. This is the penultimate home game of the season, with just one more against Fev, next month. So DON’T miss out. Get along and cheer the lads on to victory.
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    I wish for Christ’s sake that the interviewers would stop asking the same generic boring questions to every player: What did that try mean to you? What does that win mean for you? Honestly, what response are they expecting? No wonder it’s deemed that we don’t have any personalities in the game. From watching the cricket World Cup interviews to this, it’s just frankly embarrassing and a complete waste of the interviewers, interviewees and viewers time
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    It happens fairly often. Once you have "switched off" it's very hard to turn it back on again. Credit to London for not giving up.
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    The extra 2 points could have made a difference but Swinton were 20-18 for 7 minutes. I'd ask the question as to why you were unable to put any significant pressure on the Swinton line rather than saying Swinton wouldn't have scored 3 tries if 12 points behind. We (Swinton) looked the more likely to score in the last 7 mins and very nearly did so through Halton (another signing from the amateur game). I think Batley have enough to stay up this season. 2 wins should be enough, possibly even 1. However, a few signings will be required before 2020. Good luck for the rest of the season chaps. I hope both Swinton and Batley maintain their Championship status for 2020.
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    It beggars belief really, i would always have a hooker on the bench, regardless of conditions, but especially so when it’s hot. A hooker on the bench is also cover for the hbs as well as rotation purposes. But, what do I know?
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    Great choice of game. Especially when, for once, Super League is on Main Event channel. And they wonder why they struggle with TV deals. I'm a Broncos season ticket holder and I turned it off after 10 mins and watched the cricket highlights for the 3rd time.
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    Translation: I want to make my offensive, fact-free posts without having to actually deal with things like evidence and facts. The reality of the fact is it is a far more complicated issue than many (especially people without weight issues) understand both on an individual and a societal level. At a societal level, telling people to take responsibility is never going to sort anything. You cannot square the circle that nobody wants to be fat, but people are becoming fat in ever increasing numbers. For most people I meet, my weight is not something that they would think twice about. I weigh less than 13 stone and go out running a few times a week. However, I'm still overweight and there are people that would judge me about my weight. What this relatively normal weight masks is that it is hard for me to even maintain this weight; I put on weight very easily. Outside my meals, I eat very little and rarely eat out or have a takeaway. If I had a diet that included pork scratchings I'd be massive! This comes down to a fundamental misunderstanding: not everybody puts weight on the same. This to me is self-evidently true. My mum and my wife are a similar weight and I've lived with both for long periods; my mum eats far less than my wife does, who probably eats more than I do. I think most people instinctively know this but many people who have never struggled with their weight assume it is untrue. Because they don't believe this, they then make the inaccurate assumption that fat people must be people who eat worse than they do and therefore that they can judge them for their weight. I think that once somebody has been more than a little overweight, then only very rarely are they not in a cycle that is extremely difficult to get out of.
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    Watching this Hull game I think they'd have been better televising Pilkington Recs nevermind Saints v Wigan.
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    Too easy in the middle of the field, could get messy for London here
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    Sad to see that the powers that be at Hull have deemed it necessary to segregate 20 odd London fans from the rest of the stadium. Awful!
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    The look on Steve Smith's face when Roy hit the third 6 off his over. Absolutely priceless
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    I’ve seen a video of Dr Devil buying some flea powder for Wolfie. All good stuff!
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    I remember going to the Duck in 1990 when I first met the missus, had a few pints of 'Dark Assasin', dont remember much after that.
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    What are you doing? What the actual fresh hell are you doing?
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    Fielding captain
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    This is a similar skill set that George Williams has at Wigan (and soon to be Canberra) but I still wouldn't say that he was a half back who controlled the tempo and tactical aspect of the game and I think Munster is similar. (I am not comparing Munster and Williams in quality, that is a different discussion).
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    A tad slow aren't they. We had a thread on this a couple of weeks ago which means we'll just gat a rehash of that on this thread. ?
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    I've no objection at all to this game not being televised. It's a big game but not crucial as to where the LLS will end up. A lot of my workmates who profess to "support" these teams were unaware that it wouldn't be shown by Sky and are now disappointed. Had a spare ticket and for a while I was everybody's mate. Just shows you shouldn't take things for granted. There's no substitute for actually seeing the game as a spectator rather than from the comfort of an armchair. In future the decision to show Leeds v HKR may make them actually make the effort to get tickets for the game and see their team in the flesh
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    How on earth can you class that try as double movement? That would be a try in Super League, NRL, Championship and North West Counties div 5. momentum took him over and he made no advance with the ball carrying arm to get to the line. Very simple.
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    A really good game to watch as it was on a knife edge at the end. Have to admire the Queensland team in this one, after drubbing in game 2 and then NSW pulling out to a 12 point lead they could have thrown in the towel but they didn't and came roaring back into the game. Overall this series was fast and skilful as we always get from State of Origin. The dangerous runners were the stars of the series, Tesdesco, Munster, Cook and Trbojevic while the forward battle was intense. The only area below recent quality was at half back... the likes of Maloney, Pearce and Cherry-Evans are good but they are not in the same class as Cronk and Thurston and with an average age of 31 they are not exactly new kids on the block.
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    My uncle died. He's the first of my parents' generation on either side. The first little chink in the "if they're all alive then I'm fine" protection we all have.

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