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    This is the one thing that us in Australia cant get our heads around, how can you have Promotion and Relegation in a competition that is regulated by a salary cap, its like telling Usain Bolt he has to run the heats in bare feet and then walk around in shock if he doesn't make the final. If you want Promotion and Relegation, open the floodgates and get rid of the salary cap. The top of the competition will get stronger and there will be no concern for the marquee clubs to be relegated, the weaker will fall away and create a regular battle for survival at the bottom. What would be the benefit to the competition of Leeds being relegated for Fev. (Almost happened remember) The NRL would never have relegation (you know, the competition with the $2B TV deal). Big sponsors dont want to play Russian Roulette on whether teams will be in or out each year, they need stability. Most of the teams in the NRL have long term sponsors, how do the bottom teams in Super League attract Major Sponsors for multiple years when they cant guarantee their spot in the competition. Over the last 10 years, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Parra, Cronulla and the Roosters (yep, the roosters) have finished last, imagine if they were relegated and for some reason or another didnt get back in and were replaced by Burleigh, Wentworthville, Newtown, Ipswich etc, that $2B is disappearing fast. I know the scenarios above are far fetched, but why put everything to chance like Super League does. We here all the talk about how good it would be for the game if Toulouse were in Super League but then sit back and hope they make it. How about putting together a strategic plan to get them into Super League with a plan to guarantee their place, grow their brand and also grow the game in France, instead of leaving it to chance that they make it.
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    New decade. New stadium. Iconic kit. York City Knights are delighted to reveal their brand new playing kits for the 2020 Betfred Championship season.
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    New decade. New stadium. Iconic kit. York City Knights are delighted to reveal their brand new playing kits for the 2020 Betfred Championship season.
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    I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve with this post? One is a trialist so was never guaranteed to be in the squad. The other two both have good job opportunities outside rugby. I think we're all realistic to know that most blokes in the Championship aren't on mega-money and that their primary career will take priority. It also isn't the clubs fault when this happens. It's easy to criticise but you really do have no idea what is going on behind the scenes with regard to potential players coming in and who the club have been talking to.
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    I think this post is excellent. Things have moved on since the 80s and 90s, and for Super League to be able to attract commercial and broadcast partners, the above must be taken in to consideration.
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    I'm hearing that Man of Kent has already begun counting and there is no way we are anywhere near 1,000,000. More like 567,000.
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    In Carcassonne this weekend to launch the newseason, Same 10 sides as last year – no sign of promotion or relegation. Carcassonne nearly didn’t start at all in 2018 but went on to appear in both Cup and Championship Finals. We have been down 8 sides not long ago, I like to think it’s going OK. Across the board it’s coming together nicely. Toulouse Olympique reserves (Broncos) back runners last couple of seasons are slowly improving, Seb Raguin of Dragons fame is their new coach and hopefully will be looking to two new arrivals in full back/centre Benjamin Laguerre from Salon and half back Hugo Bravo from Carpentras. Little Palau from Catalogne fight above their weight. Experienced Olivier Elima I reckon doing more than a decent job as coach will be strengthened with two other former Dragons veterans in Ben Pomeroy and Jamil Fakir, With probably the smallest budget at around €250,000 they’ll be outside the 6 playoff places but at home will be difficult to beat. Avignon had a poor season last time out especially for them as top-dogs not so long ago, Still under the coaching of Renaud Guigue would be looking to make progress. The Vaucluse region still treiziste turns out still lots of youngsters- the best finishing up at the Dragons.Their U18s were Champions again last year and some will be pushing for Elite 1 from now on. St Gaudens now to be led by the former TO Broncos boss Julien Gerin will rely possibily on three new Australians in Freeman/Keenan/Green to do the business, It’s along time back when they had real standing – Dulac and centre partner Sirvent were wonderful. 2019 has seen Albi and Villeneuve both getting up off the ground – at last. Both made the play-offs and could be close again. The former have ten new faces including a pair of Tweedheads Seagulls in Cook and Murphy plus Hull FC’s Nzoungou. USV will miss Goffin their young tearaway backrower but under new coach Devecchi look like they will also not be far off too. Full back Lasvenes Elite 1 player of the year last time out returns which will be big plus along side Ousty from Albi. The Aude as usual will be there. Carcassonne will want to build on last years efforts.Two of their stalwarts Baile and Saddaoui have retired. But wing power house Lo is returning from PNG and Leigh’s front rower Emmitt is heading over plus an Australian Pellow from West Tigers. Big spenders FCL €800,000 will want to make up from last years disappointments, Marginet is back from his Newcastle stint supported by St Esteves lively prop Bartes. Limoux who also missed out last season. Coach Greseque will turn a page with Texido and Murcia retiring and losing star running back Lasvenes. A pair of Townsville Blackhawks in Santo and Nona plus Murphy from North Sydney will hopefully take up the slack, Lastly St Esteve-XIII Catalans. Will they repeat last years achievements ? Goffin was with the likes of Cozza and Salabio in New Zealand recently with France U19s gaining experience, Fascinating to see how these lads et al develop in 2020. Lezignans new stand growing nicely at Stade Moulin
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    In Toulouse on 30 May, apparently! Catalan v Leeds Toulouse v London If correct, it'll be some weekend!!!
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    Why shouldn't they be allowed to? As long as everyone agrees, is happy and fans know before buying tickets then I don't see the issue.
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    I'll stick my neck out and say 8th and higher, these lads will do the job, they will play for the club and the shirt.
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    Was just thinking it’s nice to be surprised by these signings, I wonder if the Sellafield oracle is on long term sick or has he retired, just wondering
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    Didn’t vote Rugby League on that poll. If it was primarily Rugby League, probably Kyle Feldt’s try for the Cowboys in the NRL Grand Final before Thurston missed that pressure kick and then the subsequent golden point.
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    Well, I like good beer, so I could never represent Australia.
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    Sky have launched a poll on the best sporting moment of the decade. In a pleasant surprise, we have two moments nominated, being the Leeds treble in 2015 and the Salford drop goal in golden point in the Million Pound game in 2016. It wouldn't do any harm to get as many rugby league fans as possible to vote for our moments! https://www.skysports.com/more-sports/news/12040/11859525/greatest-sports-moments-of-the-decade-vote-now-in-sky-sports-poll It got me thinking if you had to pick one moment / game for the best of the decade, what would you go for? It's really hard to pin down to one, but for me it was the Tonga vs England RLWC 2017 semi final. It had everything, atmosphere, colour, royalty, an underdog story, frayed English nerves and an incredible ending!
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    When I retire (at least 20 years) I have it on my list to visit all the Elite 1 teams across a few months. Touring the whole way
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    It's funny to see the same people who moan London and Toulouse dont bring any fans, still complain when they do something else
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    What utter tosh. London had basically a Championship squad last season and were within a whisker of staying up in a year when there were no real failures. The total they got relegated with was pretty high number. I've done you the courtesy of looking up the last 4 seasons since SL went back to 12 teams after London themselves were relegated (with 2 points!) along with Bradford to demonstrate how many points the bottom team got and where 20 points (London's tally last season) would have left them. 2018 - bottom team 6 points, 4 teams with less than 20 2017 - Bottom: 11, 3 teams less than 20, 1 equal 20 2016 - Bottom 12, 4 teams less than 20, 2 teams equal 20 2015 - Bottom 6, 4 teams less than 20, 1 equal. London were extremely unlucky (reminded me of Blackpool in the Prem getting relegated with 40) and did very well with a team that finished 4th (just) in the Championship and just a couple of additions. 20 points has been good enough to finish 8th every year. Toronto are better than London. Toronto have had a bottom level SL standard squad for 2 years. They dont have average and reserve level players. O'Brien, Leutele, Russell, Stanley, Ackers, Dixon, Thompson, Wilkin are just a few examples of good quality SL level players. Adding SBW will take them up a notch further and I'm sure there'll be a few more signings. There is no chance Toronto will get relegated. I expect them to be challenging for the top 5, particularly if they can add a good half and maybe a couple of big middles. Assuming they will struggle simply because they are the promoted team is lazy.
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    Not at all would suit me, although I suspect that I am in the minority. I continue to feel that the arbitrary way that the fixtures are decided leads to a degree of bias in individual club's fixtures that could be vital for those battling against relegation.
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    There is a risk of thread drift, but I think there are strategic issues and tactical ones. The coaching selections straddle both, but it is the tactical (as in short-term) performance which hasn't been good enough here, and is what is being questioned. I'd like to see more done on player development, but work is ongoing at grass-roots level. But ultimately, we did not perform as a team, and lost in such a lacklustre way that questions need to be asked. In far too many games now, England/GB have looked terrible in attack. Versus the Aussies and Kiwis, in 8 games, we have been nilled twice, scored 1 try three times, and had decent wins versus the Kiwis in Denver, Hull and Liverpool. 5 out of 8 games the most we have scored is 1 try. That is an issue.
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    Leeds last second victory at Huddersfield to win the league leaders shield in 2015.
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    I dont think I said that son. I said no relegation next season- so that's every club and it would let every club plan for 2 years. The following season when there are 14 teams revert back to 1 up and 1 down - far more chance then of decent sized SL clubs staying up in a 14 team league - Amazing.. how you didnt read the original post correctly
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    Why does religion matter in this case ? Do supporters know the religion of those already playing for their team ? I doubt it ... so why should it be an issue for this player ?
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    1st of all I highly doubt the NRL wants to run the NZRL. 2nd NZRL legally runs the sport in NZ and receives NZ government funding & % of profit on betting from Government regulated NZ Racing Board. 3rd NZRL operating costs are nearly 10 million NZ dollars per year and I doubt the NRL can afford an annual grant that big. NZRL budgets for 2016 & 2017 https://nzrl.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Annual-Report-16-17.pdf. show profits of $342,000 in 2016 and $643,000 in 2017. But In 2015 & 2018 NZRL made losses. As a result NZRL couldnt afford to send the 2015 NZ Schoolboys to Australia. In 2018 NZ residents side didnt play a game just named a team on paper to save funds. NRL makes Multi millions in profit from the NZ market every year in TV rights, sponsorship and merchandise. What Shane Richardson understands is NZRL relies on the national side to make revenue to help fund the sport in NZ. In the years where revenues not as high as needed, NZRL makes a loss and NZ Youth and NZ Residents sides suffer. A yearly NRL grant to NZRL of 10% of the profit they make in NZ TV rights, would really help the game in NZ.
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    Tonga 2017 for me too. Rugby league reached a higher level that day. England were cruising and their defence was imperious for about 72 minutes but once the wall of white was breached it collapsed. It’s hard to describe the feelings many of us would have felt as England went from conceding a ‘consolation’ try then another ‘consolation’ try and then another this time far from consolation try so quickly. Then Jermaine McGillvary pinched the ball - ecstasy! - then had the ball pinched off him - agony! - then relief. Just. My heart was pounding so hard I almost had to have a lie-down afterwards! That combination of stirring comeback cheered on by a sea of screaming red may never been bettered. Magical.
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    Now International Rugby League is (superbly) all the rage and everyone wants heritage players, who could you play for? I could play for England or Poland and possibly Lithuania. I’ve recently given up hope of an England call up but reckon I could do a job for the latter two. If they extended it to Great Grandparents it would open up even more possibilities, must write to the RLIF about that.
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    Exciting times to be a Townie...... #ourtown
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    Well it was a gibberish filled, nonsense spouting, faily civilised and entertaining conversation until you said - "One-off game in the play-offs you mug" So that's it marra, no time to waste time with horrible people who resort to abuse so I bid you goodbye and I will keep my words in keeping with the forum.
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    Have to say I think they are both cracking. If anything I think the away kit would be my preferred choice but a close run thing. Will have to buy both!
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    I agree it is... but you will get that in any walk of life too... I would say there are questions the Mr Wood needs to answer though... Would happily give a name and address if it allowed me to ask some questions, I would not be rude at all but I think there are some serious questions to ask. My worry is more that he would not answer them as he is very good at skirting around answers without saying anything (RImmer learnt quite well from him but it looks more forced from him)
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    I've said for a while now going to watch an England/GB game in PNG is one of my dreams and I'm very jealous of all those who've flown out to follow this tour. Enjoy the experience everyone!
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    I can see that aspect mate, but they do have a lot of genuine quality in that squad which should be enough to see them at least mid table imo. SBW, Leutele, Obrien, Stanley, Mellor, Thompson, Wilkin, Russell etc plus any other new signings is the core of a decent platform.
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    I think most people do. However, if they're concerned that they're not going to be good enough to get into their 'own' country's team, it's understandable that they will look at what alternatives they have, if it means they might have opportunity to play in major tournaments etc. For example, I remember Matt Holland (footballer) saying that he always regarded himself as English, but clearly he wasn't going to be good enough for the England team, so when the Republic of Ireland came along and asked him to play (because of his Irish grandma), he jumped at the chance. It enabled him to play in the 2002 World Cup. I would have done exactly the same, if I were him.
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    Being realistic that is just about it. Wales and France. The Pacific Islands have the advantage of their extensive diaspora to a place (Australia and NZ) which hosts the games leading and most prosperous RL competition.
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    That's the major change from last year. In all honesty London surprised everyone by keeping themselves in the fight till the final day, but realistically they were the majorities favourite to go down from day 1. Toronto on the other hand are not and that throws the whole league wide open.
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    These signings are really looking promising just need some size to add to an excellent looking back line
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    Dunno but there's always been the odd cougar about when I've visited.
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    Canada or a Canadian First Nations team. I would love to see a haka vs grass or traditional dance with the big drum.
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    I was at the Tonga game and in 35 years of watching RL have never experienced anything even remotely like it, there was an amazing atmosphere for hours before, during and after the game. On the poll itself I have voted for Salford, pure drama. There was a lot on the line that day for both sets of players, probably more so than for many others on the list.
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    Yep no problem - people really dont care about such things and I dont think religion dictates what sports you may like. At the end of the day I dont care who I stand alongside when I watch my team as long as they are civil. I just see it as more money for the club if I see new faces at a match
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    How many Muslims have taken up RU as a result of him playing RU, which is a far bigger sport?
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    Liam has had a bad injury which needed surgery. Liam has been given the opportunity to do his rehab with Barrow. And offer all the support he needs to get through it. And see we’re he is after that. He is a great kid and very good player with a very professional attitude.
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    Which one of your new teammates Mrs’ have you eyed up so far?
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    7:00am Get up early to see either England or GB nil the Kangaroos to win the deciding test in a series. 10:00am watch the match again. 1:00pm watch the match again. 4:00pm watch the match again. 7:00pm watch the match again. 10:00pm watch the match again. Sleep, happily sloshed.
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    Watch this space. News coming VERY soon!

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