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    https://twitter.com/YorkKnightsRLFC/status/1298582360263458821?s=20 Loads more pictures of the finished article on the Knights' Facebook page too.
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    You seem to be having your own argument. I haven't blamed anyone. But this isn't working. We need to understand why it isn't working, and we need to understand very quickly.
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    Resurrect an old topic with proper good news about a brand new stadium and people comment about how much they miss the lethal old dumps like McClaren Field. Great.
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    I had no idea about the his gentleman, even though I have supposedly read about the history of The Greatest Game. Hats off to those who have finally secured for him the recognition he richly deserves.
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    We have to back all these guys who are putting their own brass in.
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    I agree with all of that. But as you say it would boil down to SL club owners and that is where the problem lies. Too many SL clubs owners are too focussed on just keeping their club going rather than supporting the bigger picture which MAY bring extra money and investment into the game in the longer term. It all reminds me of the tv series The Hotel Inspector. The hotel is failing, it is losing money, so the owners cut corners and hey presto they lose even more money but they are clinging on to their business by their fingertips so they cut more corners. The presenter points out the folly of this strategy and encourages the owners to invest and possibly become a successful business. The key word here is ‘possibly’ because there are no guarantees but as viewers we clearly see that a change in strategy is the only rational way forward to having a long term chance of survival. I have always supported putting clubs, either new entities like TWP or existing clubs that have/attract an extremely rich backer, direct into SL with caveats. As a cash starved sport the powers that be thinks it is a great idea to say to an investor who has $30 million ‘Sorry me old mucker, we know that you can build an RL powerhouse but the existing clubs, some of which are clinging to survive do not like it. So you can start by playing in against semi-pro/amateur teams in the bottom tier and within a few years we may think of accepting you ..... Oh, by the way would you like to sponsor SL in the mean time’. Absolutely ludicrous.
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    Catalans Let's be under no illusions here , expanding transcontinental involves those expansions being ring fenced , they bring nothing to the lower tiers , the lower tiers give nothing to them , they don't want to be there , the lower tier clubs don't want them there To pretend otherwise is madness
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    The Mayor of Oldham is working with various parties to try and get Oldham RLFC playing at Boundary Park, where Super League’s first ever game on British soil was played.
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    Not to me, not my type.
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    In SL he did, but I think that's many people's point - he's just not doing that at the moment. His defence is what is most concerning for me and in my opinion that is why Tolman is getting the nod over him. For all the talk of Thompson's 'engine', which he no doubt has, you have to consider the side he was playing in compared to where he now finds himself and i'm not even talking about the difference between SL and NRL. At Saints he was surrounded by other very good hole punching forwards and playing off arguably the best 9 our comp has ever seen - go forward for a player like Thompson was steady work. Then there's defence - not only do you have to consider that with how dominant Saints are most games (and therefore do less in defence) you have to take into account most of the time the tackles Thompson would be involved in he'd have either or all Walmsley, Roby, Knowles along side him - years of trust and understanding of what the other guys are going to do. That's not going to come over night at the Dogs and isn't helped by the fact they do spend a lot of time defending when they're tired. Hopefully it'll click in training and start to translate on the field. Like I said in a previous post however, this at the moment looks like a case of right player (for the NRL) wrong club.
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    Real shame to see Chris confirm Calvin, Elliot Hall and Russ have all left the club as well. Each one of them have been a credit to themselves and been nothing but professional. Good luck to them in whatever they do. Really gutted about Elliot though. I thought he could (and still can) go on to do big things. He's a real talent. On a positive note. Chris seems hell bent on going into 2021 with a stronger squad than we did this year. Few things in the pipeline. Just a shame it will probably be another 6 months before we see some rugby.
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    High chance of being accepted, I reckon. It’s a comp that gives sponsorship away for free pizza. Whether they are accepted as a full member with TV money, not so sure. They may be put on the naughty step for a while.
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    Dave T, hopefully I can give you a better response. I can only recall one NRL game between the Roosters and Bulldogs being postponed and that was only postponed for a couple of days until Aidan Tolman (Bulldogs) received a negative result. His daughter attended a school that had a positive test. In the AFL at least 2 games were postponed as at least 1 maybe 2 clubs had to undergo the 14 day mandatory isolation. So the AFL simply changed the games on those weekends - just like SL have rescheduled Cas v Wigan this weekend - and I can’t recall the rescheduling being a big issue over here. The major difference between SL and NRL/AFL is that the NRL/AFL have organised ‘bubbles’ at resorts where a number of teams can self isolate and continue playing. Big wraps to the NZ Warriors for basing themselves in Oz for a few months.. People in the UK might argue that Catalans do the same but it has been mentioned that the NRL MAY reward the Warriors by allowing the Warriors to play both home and away games in NZ next season. That would have been a great incentive for Catalans - excuse my coughing fit as I could never imagine the close minded parochial SL clubs allowing that - to have 13 of their ‘away’ games played in France/Spain to increase potential supporters and investors to our game. Finally, Australia closed the borders to everyone even before WHO finally confirmed it was a pandemic except to repatriate citizens. It has been mandatory fir a few months that ALL returnees MUST stay in a hotel for 14 days when arriving back. This has worked very well in all States/Territories such as SA, WA, NT, ACT where the only Positive test results in the last few months have been returnees in quarantine. The exceptIon is Victoria where they made a right royal balls up of quarantine and are now having up to 250 cases a day with deaths per day in double figures. Hope that helps.
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    These tours were unbelievable. For the 1932 tour, the team sailed from Southampton on 14th of April arriving in Melbourne on the 19th of May and then travelling to Sydney by train. They played the last of the 26 matches on the tour against New Zealand on the 20th of August in Aukland before heading home on the very same day... arriving back home on the 23rd of September. Living in an age when everything has to be instant, this is almost unimaginable.
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    Yes. Millionaire footballers swan off overseas and expect things to be ok. They think they are too big to go bust. This virus is very very contagious so it's does happen, but for our players it's financially devastating if things get out of hand. They really need to be on their guard. On a wider level it really still seems very dangerous to bring large groups together. As for our future fixtures... I suggested some time back to scrap the Cup and limit the season and have a long pre season next year and another 20/22 round season. We need to prepare for the World Cup.
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    Stop advertising your ignorance.
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    The people complaining about Wire’s social media are almost certainly the same people complaining about this in kind sponsorship.
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    Over 100 new pictures now uploaded on the Knights facebook page! facebook.com/YorkCityKnights
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    Thanks for the York update, Simon. It looks really good. Two of my wife's and my best friends have just moved from Northallerton to York, where their daughters and families already live and work, so I have another good reason to go to the city, where, coincidentally, my own daughter was born. And I have another friend who is an RL fan down the A19, just north of Donny. I shall peruse the 2021 home fixture list for YCK with great interest!
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    Nowt more rugby league than that
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    While we're here... some pink-ness at Headingley.
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    Fight fight fight
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    Our central expansion efforts should be focused on grassroots stuff. We should be investing in population centres, working in schools, colleges, universities and amateur clubs. At the same time we should be creating a welcoming and attractive competition that is open to investment that could see a pro team created and enter the pyramid.
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    Alternatively we all could have done what Derek had wanted, and had a curtailed championship season running from the end of September to the end of November (8 games to add to the first 5 rounds already played) where every team would have played each other once and then a top 4 play-off to see who is champions (semis and final). We could then have even kept promotion and relegation, but hay hum most clubs (including Dewsbury) vetoed this as an option. FWIW Wakefield AFC (football) play at Fev this coming weekend in front of spectators (max 300), but professional football / semi professional (i.e. top 6 tiers) can't have spectators yet, as is the same in RL, Cricket, etc. What makes people think this will be different in 4 weeks time for this Autumn RL comp? So what is different from running this Autumn comp to having a curtailed Championship season? So maybe Derek was right in wanting the Championship continued? We could have the RFL funding next year then based on this year's championship positions in the league.
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    Maybe... but could those SL owners whom in your opinion don't see the big picture just maybe see a clearer big picture which says expansion into NA at this stage don't make any strategic sense... I guess those clinging to survive will disappear from SL if in the long term we have more NA clubs... not so sure how the sport in this country or France will benefit overall. The problem with the likes of my self is I don't see the strategic plan as to where effort, resources, money for expansion should be invested. As for sure as already reading many want money to be given to Toronto and I guess any other NA club that reaches SL. Prior to Toronto ever popping up I don't see many if any that would have suggested NA... say over France. Yet now many whom would never of said 5years ago seem to think that unless we embrace expansion into NA the sport is doomed in the UK/France.
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    Contra deals are common practice and as you know, just one small part of the marketing mix.
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    Clubs on the bye week are on notice that they may be playing so would need to factor that into their training. Still not ideal as clubs need to prepare for specific opposition but at least games are being played which keeps sky happy and money coming in.
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    A women came to me in a pub and said "There is a rumour going around that you have a 12" willy" I said "I know, I started it"
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    Dont agree at all marra! Young lad has the opportunity to play RL and get paid as a full time pro. He also gets the life experience of travel and new challenges that no young lads in West Cumbria would ever get in life - unless they go to University or do a gap year and travel. World at his feet and you want him to plod along playing part time for a few £100 a game in what is a deprived area of the UK I'm afraid. Onwards and upwards for the lad and good luck to him. What's the worst that can happen - it all goes wrong in Canada, but he earns a few ££, has some life experience and ends up back at Town? - suppose it could go worse and he ends up at Haven.
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    You really must let this dislike of my club go. It can't be healthy and you just show yourself up as a monumental ignoramus! If you want to educate yourself about the state of my club, pay a visit to the website and catch up with the weekly messages our chairman gives.
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    I have no idea, I can only speak on behalf of my own club, unlike you. You seem to have a direct link to the finances of all clubs. It is no secret that my own club is finding it hard, but the supporters are rallying round as they always do. Season ticket holders who want a refund will get one, are you suggesting that they won't?
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    Yes. And that is brilliant and will serve rugby league in Toronto well. I hope an investor keeps it going and the club continues growing. But that doesn’t guarantee riches the wider game ... and is also very depressing about the state of the game here. No wonder we’re hand to mouth.
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    People seemed to run faster in those days...
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    Thanks Gav. Looks fantastic.
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    Sounds strange when Dixon isnt contracted to Haven next season?
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    Probably because he is not a Communist
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    Whelan had significant control until 7 November 2018, the RFL would by then already be working out fixtures for 2019 and Wigan Rugby would have put in a request for a fixture window with no home games (they wouldn't know for sure who was going to own the club and stadium). if you look at the 2005 season Wigan had home and away fixtures all through summer as they had since moving in in 1999, in 2006 the rugby had a March - April run of of away games, this was nothing to do with the pitch though, Latics were still playing at the ground then. 2007 fixtures were normal, this was the year Lenagan bought the club from Whelan. In 2008 there was a series of away games in May to allow the pitch to be relaid this was also when the first request for Wigan Rugby to move a fixture to avoid criticism about the state of the pitch. In 2009 fixtures were normal. 2010 Wigan played away through May Latics last home game of the season was 3rd May and again there was a break in June 2011. 2011 is significant because that year Lenagan moved the clubs admin out of the JJB to their own new headquarters at Central Park, this brought about a certain amount of tension between Whelan and Lenagan. As for the site it is purely marsh land that has always been liable to flooding there has never been concrete structures in the area of the stadium footprint. People get confused with the Pemberton sewage works that was actually to the South East of the stadium. If you check on old maps the area is identified as marsh land and described as liable to flooding. The only feature that could be under the pitch is an old drain that runs roughly along the 25m line at the South end area running East to West. This feature disappears though on maps from the 1920s onwards.
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    Good character, good defensive and plenty of enthusiasm. Very much a player you'd want in your team if you are low on enthusiasm or confidence.
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    I've no idea, Craiq. I don't have the same access to everyone's books and records as you seem to have. Why did we need to borrow £16m if everyone is so flush with cash ? Surely we should be lednding money to the Government to help them out with their own debt problems.
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    I have seen that some friendlies have been postponed because of it, be interesting to see what happens when their league season starts
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    Why am I bitter? Ben Kaye is a really good bloke and its not like you have signed him from us. If my team signs a player then I would want to know other peoples opinions of him. Read just about any post Ive made about him on the Fax board dating back 2 or 3 seasons and I have said exactly the same as what I said above.
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    Think they tested twice a week. Those who tested positive isolated for seven days and the rest just ploughed on.
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    If im the ref. I dont care what anybody says or thinks about me. GB\Eng are going to win.
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    Most clubs would love an owner like DB.
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    According to James Smailes, the Hull reporter. He’s very good at what he does.
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    Fingers crossed it's London. I would be shocked if he had anything to do with Toronto
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    You have made it up. You’ve been called out for it. You look more silly than the time you tried to count a Toronto crowd on TV. Oliver will be pleased with that.

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