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  1. Totally in agreement in respect of chris along with player recruitment. As we keep the status quo I think we'll be short on bodies come the business end of the season. We been crying out for a quality team for years.
  2. Of Mike's 3 sons Joe recently moved in coaching with Leeds RU I think and Jacob is a rugby union head coach I think he's in his early twenties. Obviously George is sale sharks marquee signing
  3. The king is dead........Long live the new 5 kings
  4. For me if Chris calls time on his ownership I would like to say thank you to him. Cos clearly whether you like Chris or not his passion for the club could not be faulted. I think the time is right for new ownership but I've said that since 2015. I have told Chris 2024 new dawn..................hopefully
  5. No one is grumbling. Its great news thar the club is moving forward after years of nomadic existence. I think Mr H has burnt many bridges with many fans and it needs work to build trust again not with words burnt actions
  6. Change needs to occur, fans need to feel valued as opposed to a cash cow. In my opinion change starts at the top.
  7. How long is the tenancy? How much is the rent? What attendance figures do we need to break even? How much influence do the oldham athletic board have over the rugby club. Does the football club have a clause to get rid of the rugby club if the rugby club default on rent payments. A part from no substance it's a good move. I got to feel sorry for AVRO
  8. I was just thinking that
  9. clifford


    Now we know how promotion will be obtained in years to come. What grade do you think we'll get at the end of the season. Looking at the criteria I m not holding out for an A B or C
  10. There is a lot wrong with rugby league at the moment, dual reg for one, not knowing what 2024 will bring and this also effects not knowing if we are playing for promotion or is promotion based on grading if thats the case on field performance will count for a small element. That all said a win is a win.
  11. Cheers for the update dave
  12. Oldham have an online version which is embedded in the website https://roughyeds.co.uk/match-updates/2023/01-oldham-v-london-skolars/ I hope that works
  13. Excellent read far better than 2022. Is there a download version or a print at home version?
  14. Is the club producing a programme, pdf thing or nothing this year
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