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  1. Just seen a local advert offering £10 pH for cleaning jobs, however that is on the basis of the roles being self employed, and as such then having to pay their own tax & NI contributions. Any experts on here could verify if that's actually legal?
  2. https://www.totalrl.com/kheirallah-becomes-a-rover/ HTH.
  3. Another fullback. Thoughts?
  4. I thought a programme might finally have been made about Fev and the stands from Scarboro for a minute.
  5. I hope not. I think we've established the squad is old enough without them aging quickly as we get to summer.
  6. Tbh, no. I suspect its taken some negotiation to get the rights holder (the BBC) to allow it to be shown anywhere. No inside knowledge on that however.
  7. Felt very similar to the 2nd Fax game to me, almost as if we were playing in slow motion at times. Definitely feels like we nicked a point.
  8. Because some people like to chelp about it when other clubs use it. Selling your soul to the devil, etc.
  9. One of our issues last year I'd suggest was a lack of consistency at half back (and hooker) as Webbo didn't seem to be able to decide on a best combination and give them time to regularly play together. Whoever is deemed to be the best combination this year, I hope gets a settled run in the team, at least towards the end of the season. Back to the weekend: I'd certainly play Jacks again as he needs match fitness. Possibly time to rest Morgan and give either Chizzy or Holmes a run out. If be quite happy with either tbh. Beyond that, I'd suspect a bit more rotation in the forwards. Given the game time they got last week, it doesnt feel like Trout or Ferres are top of the list in terms of Mac's preferred players, so perhaps another chance for Field or McConnell to step in.
  10. Tax isn't on attendance, it's on income. How many people were there is neither here nor there for tax purposes, it's what they pay that counts.
  11. I'd have said c.150 in the railway end stand first half, which I assume was pretty much just fax fans. No idea whether there was any others elsewhere in the ground. The crowds at Fev this year are definitely higher this season than at any point in the last 15 years of me being a regular. How accurately they're recorded I couldn't say, but it's clear there are more bodies in the ground each week than in the recent past. Hopefully that trend continues for the rest of the season and beyond.
  12. There seems to have been a step change in crowds so far this season, based on home support which is pleasing to see. For years, it felt like 2-2.5k was our maximum and we're well above that level so far. It's good to see.
  13. You didn't. I was trying to make the point about how us supporters often feel about DR, yet some seem to feel it would be fine to send our players out in the same way. Clearly badly worded in my part.
  14. Probably a moot point given we're still quite possibly entwined with Leeds as far as reserves go, but if we (as fans) don't want to DR with a SL side, why would we view it as fine to DR with a League 1 side?
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