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  1. Good to see Rugby League World coming back in January. I can now start again to use it to cover rugby union magazines on the newsagents shelves,
  2. If you can access the Fox League channel at 9pm most nights is Vossy's Awesome Eighties. He shows highlights of two games with plenty of familiar faces.
  3. "Wally Lewis Is Coming", the Wakefield Trinity fanzine was always great value. One my favourites from it was a spot the difference picture of a famous local player (not Wakey) who was said to like a drink and a Tetleys Brewery Dray. The answer was, one is an ale cart that carries large amounts of beer from pub to pub, and the other is a brewery dray.
  4. Colin Greenwood, David Barends, Gert Coetzer all at Wakefield Trinity.
  5. I'm a Wakefield Trinity supporter, so no, I don't.
  6. But as is always the case there will be quite a few who do. It's the same with football, where even the crappiest clubs are never short of applicants.
  7. Brad Hepi's son Tyla Ian Jowitt father of Wakefield's Max Jowitt.
  8. It goes along the lines of: "oh shoot, they've called our bluff and re-organised it for next year. Quick!, think of another excuse not to participate"
  9. Problem is knowledge of Rugby League outside of Australia is virtually non existent to the average Australian RL fan. (Honourable exceptions to those who post on here.)
  10. Should the NR gain control of international Rugby League the schedule will be: Year 1. Pacific Nations Tournament. Oz, NX, PNG, Fiji, Tonga & Samoa GB/England scratching around for opponents Repeat for years 2, 3 and 4
  11. Didn't stop a group of blokes getting on an aircraft carrier for six weeks in 1946 and going to Australia, All of whom held down a job as well as playing rugby league.
  12. Well sixty odd million of us have managed not to contract it. An example of making the statements fit the story,
  13. I'm almost sure that the Golden Boot criteria changed and it was awarded to the person who made the most impression at international level. (obviously not going to be won by an Aussie anytime soon if that's the case)
  14. No I was referring to the Eastern Bloc in the 80's at the Olympics.
  15. My take on the use of the word 'cowardly' was the Whatsapp message followed by the 'four minute warning'.
  16. Given that Australia has around eight people per square mile and the UK has around 700 people per square mile it's hardly surprising the incidence of infection is higher.
  17. To quote the Great Mick Morgan: " You bottleless g*ts" "Ah can't speyk" Post amended/added to, to reflect the fact I am speechless
  18. My daughter who lives in Oz and is an Aussie Citizen had Astra Zeneca and is fine, but then again she's from Yorkshire and obviously made of sterner stuff .
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