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  1. RE 2017 World Cup, England made the final despite Wayne Bennett, not because of him.
  2. I honestly think the focus must be in the second test given the team selections for game 1. I think giving all 23 members a game is a good thing.
  3. The Roosters team was much more experienced than Saints, they were 17’s with a couple of under 18 players.
  4. England need players like Watts, Currie, McMeeken, Percival & Watkins for example to have big seasons and demand selection.
  5. Tough game this one, PNG will be hard to beat at home and the conditions will be tough.
  6. All is not well in the GB camp, it was inevitable bringing in Aussies who been in England for 6 months or so. A certain 2 players haven’t gelled and super coach either has to drop one or both. To the journos who relentlessly pushed this heritage nonsense and dinosaur of a coach, well it’s a massive set back British RL, hopefully not years.
  7. It was almost unwatchable, neither team could hold the ball and the referee was so bias
  8. Hodgson is indeed a real problem, I can’t believe nobody else mentions how bad his first up defence is when he gets bumped off every time. He rarely takes a right option in attack and if he does one thing good people praise him. For me and I’ve said it for a long time, Hodgson is the most over rated player in RL. Bennett is an even bigger problem though, the balance of the squad is just poor and it will be even worse now with the injuries picked up last night. The only player with a bit of pace is Gildart and he’s out. In addition to the squad selected, he seems petrified to let James Graham & Chris Hill go when it is clear they offer absolutely nothing going forward. I honestly can’t see them winning a game on tour.
  9. Just my opinion but I don’t like Widdop at fullback, I don’t think he has the pace or running game.
  10. The 3 Saints players are due to tour Australia with St Helens youth squad at the same time, the tour has been 2 years in the planning so I hope they still go ahead.
  11. Agree, I think they should go with Atkin & McGuire in the halves next week and have Mikey Lewis coming off the bench.
  12. Are you planning to stay in England for the long term and if you are would you make yourself available to play for England in the World Cup 2021 ?
  13. Completely different team to the one which beat France and in some ways mainly in the forwards it is a bit stronger.
  14. What has happened to the prop Thibault Margalet who looked promising at the RLWC17, I thought he was developing well but seems to have fallen away.
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