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  1. Despite the appalling conditions Wigan v Hull KR was a tough physical game. Wigan again put out a strong team and at times KR matched them. Just can’t wait for it to dry up so we can see more open footy.
  2. There’s some top players in the squad, the big 3 being Dodd, Hanley & Thewlis. i still think there is a few players who missed out who should be in, mainly Sam Hall & Will Tate but also a few others. The Aussies are after revenge and in my opinion this England squad’s biggest weakness is in the front row and these games are won up front. Hopefully a prop or two will emerge like Sam Hall has who made his SL debut last week. Matty Nicholson is only 16 but is the most complete backrower I have seen for a while so good to see him in there. A lot can change but if I was to pick a 17 as of now I would go Hanley Tindall Ferreira Hall Stephens Thewliss Dodd Pye Dugdale Rowley Rushton Baxter Nicholson res: Stevens Appleby Wrench Roby.
  3. Sorry it’s time to move on, Lockers is struggling to even play at SL standard and James Graham is another who shouldn’t be picked.
  4. I’ve watched Wigan v Widnes & Hull Fc v Bradford. Wigans forward pack was better than some SL forward packs. It was big & powerful. Widnes had a young squad as did Bulls. the standard has been ok but I expect it to improve over the season. Is is great to see the reserves back, example: 17 yo kids playing alongside Albert Kelly & Mahe Fonua whIch is good for their development, when the Academy season starts they should go back with confidence.
  5. Did anyone see Chris Arkwright play, I seem to remember him being a skilful backrower
  6. Brad Walker, Probably the reason why he hasn’t broken thru just yet because he is the old fashioned style ball playing lock. I still think his time will come.
  7. I don’t get the love for Merrin, yeah sure he tried hard and his stats were solid but the only stat I care about is missed tackles. he is just an average plodder and nowhere near marquee standard. I rate Matt Prior though, he’ll be better than Merrin I less money.
  8. I really hope he comes back to the NRL so Leeds can get an overpaid over rated player off their books.
  9. The NSW Country under 16 are a top side, they gave NSW City a mighty scare, i think they lost 14-6 against the cream of the crop Harold Matts players including Joseph Suuali the sensation who had every RL & RU team after him. 5 of this NSW Country touring squad made the full NSW UNDER 16'S. The Leeds Rhinos team they beat is actually next years U16 so the Rhinos were 15yo with 3 x 14yo's. Leeds Rhinos U18 squad yesterday were this years under 16 plus 7 x 17 year olds all in preparation for next years academy.
  10. Didn’t he also say after one of the games “we didn’t lose, we just ran out of time.
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