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  1. Bit of a disappointnting end today; all the main candidates played it safe and Ineos led the procession up the mountain behind the breakaway. Stage 7 has a few bumps along the way, but nothing major and a long flat finish. Again, Superbru only allows one sprinter-selection. Without any confidence, I've gone for: Team Leader: Adam Yates Sprinter: Alexander Kristoff Attacker: Baulke Mollema Attacker: Matej Mohoric
  2. David Capel was in a Sky (?) retrospective cricket documentary a few weeks ago. He looked terrible ... bald with a huge scar down the crown of his head. However, his comments were delivered in good spirit. A very sad loss.
  3. 1. I think the crusher tackle was probably introduced when NRL teams started doing wrestling-training. 2. Morgan Smithies reminds me of the young over-aggressive Lee Crooks. Hopefully, he'll mature into a fine player, like Lee did. 3. 1 minute to go, 2 points difference in the game. The winning team has possession and every tackled player takes an age to get to his feet. Never seen a penalty awarded.
  4. Orrell, Richmond and London Welsh are the obvious Kaput candidates. Started again at the bottom.
  5. Bit of a strange finish for me today. The drive to the base of the last climb succeeded in wearing down the Ineos train ... former world champion Michal Kwiatkowski finished ~3minutes down and Pavel Sivakov who won the last Tour of the Alps finished 20 minutes down. However, then no-one put down the hammer over the last 2 kilometres. Roglic did look good, though. Flat stage tomorrow. though, cleverly, Superbru only allows one sprinter in the four picks ... and Sagan is not in the list. My unhopeful picks: Team Leader: Primoz Roglic Sprinter: Matteo Trentin Attacker: Matej Mohoric Wildcard: Greg van Avermaet
  6. 1. There's a modern housing estate near me where the garages are in proportion to the detached houses. There is no chance of getting a "normal" car in them and being able to open the drivers door to get out. 2. Many years ago, I had a new bathroom suite fitted in a terrace house. A plumber I knew said he could get me surplus one from a large housing estate his company was working on but all the pieces were reduced-size. Prospective buyers would go round the show house and not realise that the bathroom was not as big as it appeared. 3. If you are booking around a show house on a new-build estate, take a tape measure.
  7. The Bulls have the potential to bring 5000 fans and (by RL standards) successful clothing and lottery operations to a successful merged team. If we went to the wall, the name Owl Lane would be poison in Bradford. as stated above, the Dewsbury CEO, who seems a decent bloke, has a part-ownership of the Bulls. He could still benefit if the Bulls moved to Horsfall Stadium where Bradford Park Avenue have just laid an all-weather pitch. Leisure-clothing sales would go up and, as Dewsbury play in the same colours, he could have a Dewsbury logo embroidered as a replacement for the Bulls logo on polo shirts, coats, track suits, baseball caps etc.
  8. Scarborough Pirates was an expansion team set up by Geoffrey Richmond, the owner of Scarborough FC. He shut the Pirates down after a single season, citing poor attendances. He later bought Bradford City. Twenty years later, Scarborough FC had gone bust and the stadium was unoccupied. In 2011, Featherstone Rovers bought two of the stands for re-erecting at Post Office Road.
  9. I think the names are franchise names. The principle, adopted from American Football, is that a club can be bought by another town or city. Hence, the LA Raiders, the Oakland Raiders and the Las Vegas Raiders. The Bulls being bought by Dewsbury would be the ultimate humiliation.
  10. That's the first thing we've ever agreed on.
  11. I'm usually pretty good as a theoretical competitor in "Countdown". The current champ is the best I've ever seen. I've not got within 30 points of him so far.
  12. I suspect there's a movement to merge the Bulls and Dewsbury. If that happens, I'll switch to Fax or the Cougars.
  13. Climbs and descents all day on Stage 4, plus the finish at the top of a mountain. To me, it looks like a course that suits Adam Yates. Bernal and Carapaz will be favourites because of Ineos has unmatchable support strength and a full complement of riders. However, I can't vote for this year's Ineos like I won't vote for the Rhinos in any tipping competition. The other teams will be trying to grind down Ineos' superdomestiques before the base of the last climb, in order to give their own best climbers a chance. My Superbru selections: Team Leader: Adam Yates Climber: Esteban Chaves Climber: Guillaume Martin* Wildcard: Hugh Carthy* *Because the Selection Images are set out in a square, these read as "Martin Carthy" !
  14. Probably half the cars in East Bradford haven't got insurance and, at night, roads inside the city ring road are like a racetrack. The police are on the case. Last week they announced a crackdown in South Bradford! It's fairly safe to predict the same policy will be applied to pavement-parking.
  15. For board members, yet to follow the race: John Degenkolb got quite badly banged up on a first day of utter carnage on slippery roads. He got to the finish line after picking himself up and riding alone for 65 kilometres. He was disqualified for finishing two minutes past the cutoff time. I initially thought this was a disgrace because, if he'd been French, there's not much doubt there would have been some sympathy. However, he was interviewed before yesterday's stage and said that there was no way that he would have been able to start. Still my favourite rider. Phillippe Gilbert, his team-mate and friendly rival, is also out. He crashed and finshed within time. However, he'd broken his kneecap on the way ... these lads are absolute lions. Arnaud Demare hasn't started the race; probably a wise move given the gruelling opening stages. He's saving himself for the Giro d'Italia. The carnage of the first couple of days may mean that some teams will change tactics and target stage wins more than overall wins. If so, riders will be more individualistic. The exception is (Sky) Ineos, who look as relentlessly efficient as they always do in this race. Therefore, I'm amending my fave riders in this race to two old favourite old warhorses who won't win anything but will give it a go: Rouleur: Nicolas Roche & Sprinter: Andre Greipel Difficult to tip a winner for Stage 3 today. Riders face a lengthy slog up and down some medium (by TDF standards) hills, but then a long flat third will probably end in a sprint finish. Climbers will go for early points ... In addition to my chosen climber ... Esteban Chaves ... Adam Yates looked good yesterday and the Ineos machine looked to be conserving energy for today. Hugh Carthy is an unsung British climber who could make the podium in a few stages. Julian Alaphilippe won yesterday but looked all in at the finish. Sprinters may have had their speed reduced by the early slog. Andrei Greipel and Alexander Kristoff are strong and may fight it out with Peter Sagan and Caleb Ewan. Anyone can join a free tipping competition on Superbru ... https://www.superbru.com/home/index.php. Each day you can pick four riders in nominated categories. Have a go, it's fun. My useless picks on Superbru today are: Team Leader: Dan Martin Sprinter: Caleb Ewan Wildcard: Matteo Trentin Wildcard: Edvald Boasson Hagen
  16. I think we might be sounding out Stannah Stairlifts.
  17. Streaky bacon is always too thin. The trick to grilling it is to have two pieces stuck together at first, turn the pair over when one side is done. When the other side is done, split them for one minute before removing from the grill.
  18. Bradford City, but he'll have to fight Ronaldo for a starting shirt. But he'll get a company van anyway.
  19. I think Wales might get turned over. Most of the players haven't had a game in months.
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