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  1. I used to buy my fish and chips from John Joyner’s chippie.
  2. Don’t know if this will pass the moderators but here goes. A father walks by his son’s bedroom and sees the lad playing with himself. Concerned, the father goes into the bedroom and says ‘Son, if you keep doing that you will go blind’. The son replies ‘Dad, I am over here!’
  3. When I switch on my computer it takes a couple of minutes to load so I usually grab a book off the bookshelf, open at a random page and have a quick read of a few pages. Currently the book I am grabbing at the moment is ‘Unreliable Memoirs’ by Clive James. I must have bought the book thirty years ago and read it a few times but it still amuses me. Clive even speaks warmly about one of his older peers at school the great Reg Gasnier. P.S. is the reason the computer is a bit slow is because I am still on Microsoft 7? P.P.S Strewth I just googled ‘Unreliable Memoirs’ to find it was the first of a trilogy of books. How did I miss that!
  4. Errrrr …… I am not sure if you understood my post or if you just made a witty comment. My response to Dave - who was questioning the link between this thread and RL - was to show a link between the incident with my daughters car and the car having a RL sticker in the back window I.e. the thread has a link to RL. But if you understood my response to Dave then I appreciate your comment about workmanship, or possibly lack of it, with the placement of the sticker.
  5. My daughters car had a Cas Tigers sticker in the back window …..
  6. Sounds cracking value! Your last sentence makes so much sense. Take my club Cas if they approached businesses in a 10 mile radius and invited the owners to visit Catalans/Toulouse on the same basis then as you say the cost to the club decreases. It is a dereliction of duty if a club does not do this!
  7. In your text you state ‘I’m not interested in their views’. Well matey after reading your post I certainly don’t give two hoots about your one-eyed view!
  8. Michael just picked out your post due to the reference of £600 per person for a corporate to visit Catalans. Does that involve a one or two day stopover? I am interested as the article in the OP states that it costs each SL Club £30k to visit Catalans. If the team fly in and out on the same day surely- 1. The whole trip doesn’t cost at least £1k per person 2. How many people make the trip? If clubs are pleading poverty just fly in and out on the same day and just send 18 players plus 5 support staff. Let the CEO and other non-essential people stay at home. 3. the fixture list gives teams the opportunity to book well in advance as regular in season Catalans fixture are not subject to change by SKY at short notice.
  9. Totally agree Chris. Surely a month ago when it was obvious that Catalans may top the league and be one home game away from the GF the RFL/SL should have contacted every amateur club throughout the country with under age players and said ‘If Catalans are in the Final we will be giving 5,000 tickets to clubs across the UK that run under age teams. But all the tickets minus the supervising adults must go to under age players’. Amateur clubs would have had plenty of time to ask around the club about interest and book a Coach(es). Once Catalans beat Hull KR then everything was in place. What an experience it would be for those youngsters.
  10. Last sentence. No he does not know I put his comments on here. Just as thousands of other links to comments have been put on here without informing the originator. Or should we now have to inform the originator before we upload or add links to our posts? The comments were made publicly on Facebook so all I have done is shared them. What you will not know is the originator and I worked side by side for many many years and we are good friends. We would play pranks on each other whenever possible but we were professional in our work when needed. Every Monday morning we would argue about RL and the argument would be more expletive ridden than what I posted on here but it was all in good spirit and forgotten about once the argument ended … usually around Friday lunchtime. If this topic reaches 10 pages I will let him know. I am sure he will find a way to get his own back even if we are separated by 12,000 miles. Anyway good night and all the best for the game.
  11. Yep you sure do. Your namesake. I remember one time I switched a few keys on his computer keyboard around so he was unable to log in one morning. After he traipsed off to find you or the other Dave I switched the keys back so you or Dave could log on without a problem. Then later when he went to the toilet and logged out I swapped them again. He again could not log on so he went ballistic saying you lot in the Computer section didn’t know what you were doing. So he went to find you and again I swapped the keys back. Me and Andy G were <<oops I tried to get around the swear filter and failed>>ing ourselves as you kept saying to him ‘everything is working’. I just wanted you to say those immortal words ‘Have you switched it on and off!’ All the best to Fev today.
  12. Oooops sorry Harry I forgot to add your quote. I have not chastised or insulted him. All I have done is put his comments on this board for others to comment upon. No different to anyone else over the years putting up a comment that they agree or disagree with. There will be people on here who support his views - albeit in a more restrained manner - and others that will disagree. I deliberately did not post my view as I did not want to be seen to ‘lead’ the discussion. I hope it stimulates some debate especially in light that if Toulouse win today there will be plenty of RL followers that agree with those comments. By the way I think Fev will win a tight game.
  13. Please, please this is not a slight on Fev fans. Below is a couple of posts on Facebook from an old work colleague after the GF. He has never liked expansion and hates SL because Fev missed out in 1996. What do people think?
  14. In a season where no one knew what was going to happen with COVID and its restrictions I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone connected with the game for ensuring the season was completed with a cracking Finale.
  15. Bu$$er! As Sean Lock once said to Johnny Vegas on 8 Out Of 10 Cars ‘You have to think it all through’.
  16. …… and it would have saved me the inconvenience of calling for an Ambulance. So everyone is a winner
  17. Part of my childhood. Just went on YouTube to play the intro and I remembered every word to it.
  18. A few years ago I got a home mechanic to look at my daughters car which was in our garage. The bloke arrived and I left him alone to do the work. Not long afterwards I heard a loud thump followed by the clattering of spanners on the floor. I laughed to myself as I assumed he had dropped his toolbox so I didn’t bother going to the garage to check if all was OK. Anyway being a generous old sod I later went to see if he wanted a drink of anything. I opened the door to the garage to see him furiously rubbing the garage wall with a large rag. He told me that oil had splashed onto the wall. I asked him what the hell had happened. Embarrassingly he replied that the vehicle had slipped off the small hydraulic Jack - hence the noise - and that the opened oil container that he had sat on the side sill of the car had fallen off against the wall. Before I could b0ll0ck him for not be able to use a hydraulic Jack he explained that the Jack was old and the four ‘lips’ on the Jack that stopped a car from sliding off had worn away and that his company would not supply him with a new Jack. So I ended up commiserating him about him having to use dangerous equipment and it didn’t seem that the car was damaged. Later I told the wife about what happened. And guess who got the b0ll0cking then … the mechanic or me …. It was me of course as my wife said ‘If he had been under the car he could have been killed and you’d have left him there for a couple of hours’.
  19. Yes a senior executive earning 400k should be able to negotiate with challenging stakeholders ….. but if the people that are supposed to be on your side I.e. club chairmen aren’t prepared to listen and support a long term vision then to put it bluntly you are stuffed.
  20. The wife and I finally got round to watching the 3 episodes of ‘Time’. Cracking tv for me. First time that the wife had ever gone 3 hours without speaking. I have just emailed Jimmy McGovern to write another series ….. preferably one 24 episodes long next time!
  21. I am terrified of heights. Around the year 2000 I was completing a Post Grad course on day release and we had a field trip to London. Nobody said that part of the visit was to go to the top of Canary Wharf. I clung on to the rail in the lift for dear life whilst thinking of the drop if the cable snapped. On the observation deck I sat on the seating near the lifts pretending to act bored whilst bl00dy idiots put their foreheads against the window so they could see the street below. Then I cra@pped myself as we descended in the lift. It was only when we reached ground floor and exited the lift that the guide said ‘these lifts are fitted with six independent cables so if five snap the lift is still safe’. I thought why the hell didn’t he mention that half an hour ago.
  22. Now I understand how your experience shaped your reasoning. For myself I worked as part of a ‘Special Project Team’ within a Local Authority. The team was tasked with scoping out ideas from the community, developing a strategy/action plan and find the funding and manage the project. We had a budget of zero as the Council was strapped for cash so we had to be creative … which is unusual for a Council team. We took on whatever that was thrown at us ranging from Town Centre regeneration projects costing millions down to Christmas Light switch ons. We could only deliver by developing partnerships with organisations such as Regional Development Agencies, Funding bodies, individual Council Depts, external orgs etc. that had the skills, physical resources, contacts and funding that we lacked/needed. By using this process we delivered many physical projects. If we just waited for the Council to find the funding then hardly any project would have succeeded. And I see the RFL as being in the same position as the Council that I worked for.
  23. 1st para - you are not giving money away if it is money that the RFL is unable to generate. Show me any evidence that shows the RFL in their present guise can sell up to 90k in tickets as you suggest. Para 2 - just because the RFL cannot, or as DaveT alludes to, may choose not to put money in to sell those last 30k tickets does not mean they are impossible to sell. I have not said that you should just have a one-off campaign it should be a planned approach that is tweaked every year to keep the message fresh. Para 3 - I agree that ‘promotion’ is not the only answer and I agreed with you that a review and plan is required but ‘promotion’ is most certainly part of the answer Para 4 - totally agree. But anyone can develop a plan but then not have the skills to make it resonate with their intended audience. So to create your long term view - that I support - in the first few years you do need slick, exciting promotion and publicity that is light years beyond what the RFL have delivered so far. Once you get full houses then the ‘promotion’ can be less expensive. So that is where my suggestion about linking up with an organisation that specialises in this work is crucial. Para 5 - unless I have misunderstood this paragraph can you please point out where have I said that the Hearns, or any other such organisation, should be left to undertake, research and create a plan of action? That is the responsibility of the RFL - assisted by an independent company - to undertake. But whatever the RFL produces it certainly needs to be hyped by someone who understands how to do this. Para 6 - same response as para 5. Para 7 - I have the same opinion as you
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