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  1. Decent signing. Pretty versatile also. Wouldn't be surprised if he plays centre, a position i'm pretty sure he has played reasonably often at the Warriors, and a position i believe he himself wanted to play. I know he has had some injury problems, but still a very good pick up by the Rhino's.
  2. I did this only recently. Standard RL behaviour.
  3. At least it shows the Jamaica guys where they are at. Plenty of work to be done before the World cup.
  4. I'd imagine most of the Jamaica players haven't played for the best part of 4-5 weeks, which shows sadly.
  5. Not sure why the blue used in the Wakey kit would be a different colour to the badge, though That lighter blue has been used on previous kits(?). Maybe it’s ASUS blue and they have had some input (£). Pretty uninspiring from Hummel, though could be worse.
  6. Just purchased also, and have to be honest, it was pretty straight forward.
  7. Lewis Bienek is a project (or at least he was a few seasons ago). Pity a club with a genuine quality coach/coaches didn’t get hold of him. Not sure what type of player he is these days, but he had the tools to be pretty special.
  8. He's had his problems. But could be one of those players that finds the relative obscurity of a RL players life in France a welcoming change and the trigger needed. I'd be willing to take a risk.
  9. Tough thing for Toulouse, especially regarding NRL players, is that most players of note are already signed up. Though sure there are a few that are available. Noticed Wests have only offered James Roberts a pay as you play deal for next year. Even though he has had plenty of problems off the field and with form, he'd be a player who could potentially ignite SL. And one that could see France as a destination to maybe resurrect his career.
  10. Congrats Toulouse. Great to see a second French team in SL. I feel that might have to make some significant signings to make a genuine impact, but am really looking forward to seeing them (hopefully) progress.
  11. It's better than the previous one, without being anything truly special. More a refresh than a rebrand. But it's not bad, and it is an improvement.
  12. Best of luck to them. Shaun Wane's influence will be key.
  13. Disappointed for Souths but Penrith deserved it. Two tries a piece and a missed kick the only thing separating them. Great effort from both sides.
  14. this could be it for the Panthers. Great chance. edit. Knock on.
  15. Pretty tense first half. Panthers with the greater possession but still there for the taking. All that defending South’s have had to do might be the difference in the last 10mins.
  16. Good game so far. Panthers always looking the most likely to get over first. come on Souths!
  17. There’s a sports bar and grill in Farringdon and one in Marylebone. Sure both will show it. If it’s a live sport event being shown on TV they’ll have it on.
  18. Great for Catalans. Really happy for them and French Rugby League. Would love to see them win it.
  19. Decent effort from Leeds/Oxen here. Personally think the yellow collar works nicely. Only issue (and there has to be at least one!) is that it's 2021, and clubs still don't get it that when it comes to campaign imagery. Players should not fold their arms and cover the clubs main major sponsor!
  20. I'd guess back in the day the issue of ownership of such things was probably never even thought of. XXXX are probably the only entity still in existence who might have something to say about their branding being used in this instance, but can't imagine they'd even take much notice to be honest. Assuming they aren't aware, which of course they may well be, as any professional sports team would address such potential issues beforehand
  21. Bad read in defence really helped them there, but the Rabbits do look really good tonight.
  22. Wasn’t it Oscar Wilde who said Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness? Well not quite sure even Salford fans would argue about the greatness bit, but Saracens new kit with Castile is essentially a slightly nicer version of the current Salford kit. Albeit still pretty horrible.
  23. Luke Davico at Wigan.. not sure he actually played before tearing a pectoral muscle (i think). Pretty sure former SA union centre signed a dual contract with Leeds Rhinos and tykes, but never played a game of RL. Wendell Sailor also at Leeds. Couple of Christmas games maybe?
  24. The answers from RL fans would be many and varied. From the average sports fan I'd guess it would be Offiah's try at Wembley. Which isn't a bad one to be associated with. I think I'd probably go with that also, for the wider impact.
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