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  1. Like I said before, this is the premier club of Northern hemisphere RL and it just looks so cheap. It sets the tone for the rest of the game.
  2. Not doubting the money behind it, there is a lot revenue to be made in the pound shop business, but that's not what's is instantly visable to the wider populace. It just cements the mushy peas eating, bingo playing, bargin hunting northern look we have.
  3. Money is money at the end of the day, but when the SL champions for the last three years has Home Bargins as their principle sponsor, it pretty much says everything about the perception of the sport.
  4. On the planning portal, probably a link earlier in the thread.
  5. So funding in place (apparently), planning due to be heard next month, if approved, there will be a period of review where the secretary of state could call the enabling development in and as long as it gets past that construction begins in February. Getting to the point where we we see if this sinks or swims.
  6. Daft thing is, I don't buy replica's even if I like the design as the material is awful, if they made it out of better quality, I'd actually pay more for it.
  7. Oxen as a company just exude a sense of cheapness, the fact they have so many clubs and the national team just gives the game such a tin pot feel. The only way clubs will take note is if supporter's don't buy the tat, while ever we do the quality is going to get pushed and pushed until the knock off football shirts you find in souvenir shops on holiday will look and feel luxurious in comparison.
  8. Great shirt, shows hummel can priduce something interesting instead of the drab two kits Trinity have.
  9. Because at the time, without the benfit of hindsight, why wouldn't they have. The fact it's not work out is not a reason to have stayed at the Willows in the first place. That would've brought its own issues.
  10. Titans Trojans were just two of the alternatives to the god awful Wildcats. So glad the latter has been dropped. The original 'nickname' for the club pisses on all of the above.
  11. Don't think they're traffic cone orange either. Shocking from Cas, especially when they have such a great traditional palette to work with.
  12. Terrible for Goulding and all the other players affected, however suing the RFL, other than enforcing change of how current players are treated, i don't know what they ate hoping to get out of them. They are not the RFU or FA who have cash coming out of their *****, it could kill the organisation off. Also the insurance for all clubs is going to go through the roof. Could the game afford to keep going on the back of this?
  13. Have to laugh about how having a brand new facility built for them is being cited as the reason for Salford's current plight. I don't recall at the time the dissenting voices saying, no we must stay The Willows as it would all end in tears. Truth is, offered the same opportunity,Trinity or Cas would've snapped the hand off the LA/developer for what Salford we're given. The fact they are where they are isn't because they were moved on against their will, more so they haven't been able to make the most of the opportunity of a brand new facility.
  14. Re the badge, not sure it's deliberate or not but the bottom of the fleur de lys also forms a WT.
  15. Nice in itself if a little on the plain side. Sponsor logo's tie in well, if the red and blue strips worked their way down the shoulders as well as the sides I think the shirt would've looked so much better.
  16. I don't int think moving to Moor Lane is as disastrous as is been made out by some. Yes its a 5k capacity but is an affordable home which can allow the club to stabilise and in future grow. It has nice shinny reds seats for those supporters who like to look at them rather than the game on the pitch and toilets are something can be added. Relatively its size has a bigger percentage ratio compared to largest capacity club stadium in SL than when Bournemouth had when they were in the Premier League, so I don't see the issue with a top flight club playing out of it. Also, with it been modular, I expect it will be relatively easy to reconfigure. There is nothing stopping them from making the touch line stand terraced to boost capacity.
  17. Whether it was said or not is irrelevant. There are reason, mainly one, why the plans never moved on. It's not as if it isn't obvious to everyone BV is a dump. It isnt some master illusion that everyone can see it other than the RFL. They've had plenty of time to throw the club out if it really mattered. The point about Headingley was not to say BV was the equivalent, only someone trying to deflect the argument would say that. It was merely to point out even super league's most successful club, playing out of the biggest city in the division and after having 40m spent on it still isn't fully refurbished, but apparently Trinity have to fully refurbish BV to have satisfied the facilities box.
  18. They may stay, they may want to move and play in the City they represent if/when they move up the football league structure. Rodney Walker has ###### off a lot of Trinity fans with his apparent duplicity so many want nothing to do with the football club. Me I'm more practical and understand money for stadium redevelopment doesnt materialise out of nothing and there may have to be a compromise somewhere.
  19. No doubt it needs to happen, but that's for the clubs benefit as much as anyone else. Afterthat BV will have one tiptop side and two adequate sides. The redevelopment of the West (and south) stand is naturally dependent upon funding. I dont think there is source for this yet. Who knows Wakefield AFC might get involved and be able to open up access to some grants (much as many supporters want nothing to do with Rodney Walker anymore).
  20. No idea, but according to your earlier posts you were adamant the new stand would not happen. Now it's grown arms and legs and become fully refurbished. Even Headingley for how good it looks, has not been fully refurbished.
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