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  1. That may well apply to some Broncos players. But you couldn’t be more wrong about Herbie presuming this.
  2. https://www.broncos.com.au/news/2021/04/23/match-highlights-eels-v-broncos/ To be fair. Farnworth was playing right centre as opposed to his usual left centre position. Against a team running red hot. Herbie and his winger were left isolated on numerous occasions. Some of those tries that you mention, while scored on the Broncos right, were nowhere near where Herbie was defending. You’re entitled to your opinion though. I could only see one try where I would say that he was at fault. You are entitled to your opinion though. But I don’t think that this performance rules him out of international selection when you see what the alternatives are. I wonder how the likes of Watkins, Percival et al would have coped in that game?
  3. One thing that Herbie Farnworth cannot be accused of is lack of commitment. The kid is totally dedicated and extremely professional.
  4. He got into the Broncos 1st team squad but copped a serious injury in a pre season game that stopped his progress there. He was doing really well there by all accounts.
  5. I thought that this was essential criteria for SL clubs........
  6. Afghan winters are pretty cold. Could be a problem in the heat if they align their season with Super League.....
  7. Shoulder injury. Bit of soreness that needs a bit of a rest
  8. Fake news........Apparently he’s a plodder......
  9. He’s got some good stats so far in the 4 games he’s played this season. Of all the NRL centres he’s far and away number one in Total Run Metres, just outside the top ten in Tackle Busts. 163 Post Contact Metres and a Tackle Efficiency Rate of 90.9%. Not too bad for a plodder.
  10. You certainly haven’t upset me. Your opinion is as valued as the next man. After all, isn’t that what forums are all about. Keep posting . I for one, enjoy your contributions
  11. In your first sentence, what you are describing is just the Offence and Defensive Linemen on a Gridiron team. There is plenty of players who catch, pass and run with the ball. Quarterback, Running Backs, Tight Ends and Wide Receivers. Plenty on the Defensive side of the ball as well. Not only do the Linebackers, Safety’s and cornerbacks tackle, but they have to be adept at catching the ball through interceptions. In High School and College Football there is much more lateral and ‘backwards’ passing than what you see at the top level. Your post about players just blocking and pushing past each other is a very limited appreciation of the game.
  12. Like I posted before, Farnworth is a big lad. Bigger than King, hasn’t got the height of Thornley, but heavier. About the same as Griffin. But in my opinion has better footwork, hands and speed than the aforementioned. He’s got some good stats so far in the 4 games he’s played this season. Of all the NRL centres he’s far and away number one in Total Run Metres, just outside the top ten in Tackle Busts. 163 Post Contact Metres and a Tackle Efficiency Rate of 90.9%. Not too shabby for someone who a poster on here was not sure that he showed enough to be a starting NRL Centre. All this in a team that is struggling. I think he’s showing up quite well in what, in my opinion, is a much more demanding environment than his potential competitors for the England Centre spot playing in Super League. I’m still scouring his family tree for a Welsh Granny....
  13. Herbie is 6'3" and 16st 7lb. Quick as well. Bigger than Toby King and about the same as Josh Griffin. I think people underestimate how big Farnworth is.
  14. Also played for Newton Storm. You’re right that Brian Foley had a massive hand in his development. But from a very early age, it was the Australian route that he targeted. With Brian’s contacts in the game in the UK, it would’ve been an easier for him to have landed up in an SL club. Wigan were especially pi**ed off that he didn’t sign for them, given the St Pats and Brian’s connection with the club.
  15. I don’t think that NRL clubs are actively scouting British amateur clubs. Maybe they should. Herbie made sure he came to the attention of Brisbane by going over to Australia during his summer holidays from his early teens, playing in the local comp. That’s where Broncos spotted him. He wasn’t signed from a British club. He deserves all the success he can get because he made his dream happen.
  16. Superbly weighted kick from Herbie for that last try as well.
  17. Just checking Sky planner.Sunday Ch 981 Fev v Bulls 3pm. Raiders v Vikings, 7.15 pm.
  18. I’m very well aware of that. I was reacting to the post where it infers it’s because he is keeping his new ‘employers’ sweet that he has come out positively for League.
  19. To be honest, I don’t think that Henson is in this for the money. I don’t think that he’s reliant on his ‘new employers’ to feather his nest. He seems quite genuine in his admiration of Rugby League.
  20. Why should the Dragons be subjected to criteria that no other SL team has to? They are there to compete in Super League. Should North Wales Crusaders in the lower league have to have 10 Welshmen in their match day squad? Or should they field their best available team to be successful in their respective league?
  21. More than half the squad.....I don’t think that’s worrying.....how many do you think there should be??....".over the season, I would think that plenty would see some game time.
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