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  1. You’ll be okay because some of our supporters feel the same way about the referee K. Moore
  2. I agree with most of this,apart from us probably having the biggest budget bit.
  3. Well according to Game Caller Halifax are about to announce Liam Finn as their next coach. But theirs one consolation if true,Gary Thornton won’t be in the running as he’s signed a contract for next season at Rochdale.
  4. Littler asn’t got the Widnes job as Coleman the Swinton coach as been appointed from 1st October.
  5. Absolutely spot on. Let’s move on now to the Workington game where a win will see us over the line. I’m sure the coaching staff and the players will be working hard in training and focusing on the game.
  6. Exactly,I was sat in the top tier acting as coach,referee and on a few occasions a councillor
  7. Heard from a ex player last Sunday that all’s not well at Doncaster,bringing players in on loan and dropping players,where have we seen that before? Watson Boas was in dispute Doncaster trying to get out of his contract In which he failed so he came back and straight back into the team. Hunslet have a few loan players and they’ve got another this week with young Johnny Campbell coming in on loan from Batley.q
  8. As I’ve said on another post,if we can’t get one victory from three games then we don’t deserve to be champions. It’s up to us now,let’s go to Hunslet on Sunday,don’t get drawn in and be professional and we’ll get the points required. A few ex Dewsbury players in the Hunslet team so they’ll want to put one over us.
  9. Can’t argue that any of that,be nice if Sam Day is back. Sure I’ve seen it somewhere saying that Jordan has left the club.
  10. I think Hunslet will win the play offs
  11. Yes I saw him down by dugout talking to Liam just before end of game.
  12. It would be great if he was,but I think he’ll be back for Workington game.
  13. And not the best referee I've seen this season.
  14. This is by far our biggest and hardest game of the season, but a game we can win with the right attitude. We need to go back to how we were playing first part of the season to come away with the points, I'm confident that we can get the win but it's not the end of the world if we don't as we've got another two game's to get the two points needed to be champions. Hunslet 16 Rams 20 FTS Carr Mom Sykes Att 1500 It would be nice to see Sam Day and Dale Ferguson back in the team as they get us on the front foot.
  15. I think I’d find a place for Gary Cocks,he’d certainly rattle a few ribs. Who remembers the time we played Hunslet and he absolutely smashed Andy Precious the Hunslet forward,no matter how hard he tried to get himself up off the floor he couldn’t
  16. No disrespect but if we can’t get 1 win from our last 3 games we don’t deserve to be promoted let alone champions.
  17. I'm not 100% certain but I think they show it again later.
  18. Heard from good authority that BSJ as got the job with Crown Flatter as his assistant
  19. Don’t know the circumstances in why he’s gone back playing amateur but we only want players that want to be at the Rams.
  20. I can’t argue with your team selection. I think Will Maher will start though with R Dixon off the bench,maybe replacing Walker,can’t understand why Jack Coventry doesn’t get a chance. I don’t think Sam Day will be playing on Sunday,hope I’m wrong though.
  21. A lot of speculation going on,my only concern is that it doesn’t derail our season.
  22. To any Crusader fan that’s travelling to the the game on Sunday,I’ve got a signed rugby ball from when you were in super league. Free to anyone that wants it. Just private message me if interested.
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