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  1. Salford have signed a replacement for Evalds, I guess the issue with the pay cut is if you are already on less money then the impact of a cut is greater.
  2. I always think the town halls the Victorians built are wonderful buildings. Whenever you see a fine building on the news it makes me smile
  3. Many years ago, my Dad was looking after my children and took them for a walk. They went up to the bridge just as it was opening, my dad knew the operator and Dad and the kids went up into the cab . My son got to close the viaduct after the ship went through. At my Dad's funeral some 20 years on the same bloke asked my son if he recalled it Son said it was one of the big moments in his childhood.
  4. Engineering marvels include Barton swing bridge and the viaduct. The Anderton Boat lift in Northwich
  5. I wasn't talking about Salford. No one in their right mind would call the area a stronghold. I was thinking more about Wakey and Cas, Featherstone etc.
  6. Tex Evans was a roofer, I recall some story about him working in disguise. Jodie Broughton is a QS
  7. According to the last census almost 39,000 people live in Eccles. Almost all of it within walking distance. We have to face the reality that RL is not top of the list for many people even in the stronghold with no other professional sport.
  8. Logan Tomkins is a rat catcher I remember a time when half the team were learning to be plumbers, think it was Sibbett and Littler era Scott Taylor has a car business doesn't he?
  9. Good grief, this again. It is such a short time since we had this thread. Mr Whittaker is good for a few quid. He bought the land along the ship canal when no one else had his vision. He intends to build Port Salford by the stadium, and has sold off parcels of land for other developments such as the Aldi that now sits in front of the stadium. There is talk of a huge warehouse on the site. Trafford Centre problems has as much to do this as Lakeside. Peel will do a prepack purchase at a fraction of the money they sold it for. Neither Salford or Sale can afford to run the stadium if they have to buy out the debts. As for housing have any of you walked through the Brookhouse Estate? plenty of people live there . I live within 25 mins walking of the stadium and plenty of houses near me. The tram now runs to the Trafford centre and therefore within 20 min walk.
  10. Yesterday Salford Director Paul King wrote an open letter to Salford fans setting out the position. he said testing costs are the equivalent of a players annual salary. Salford have trimmed the budget as far as possible and has urged fans to buy virtual season tickets, squad builder membership and join the lottery. All clubs are going to find it tough, especially as as soon as players start training the furlough payments end.
  11. Been a while since someone on here predicted the demise of Salford. Lockdown must be ending soon. Salford are tenants it will be up to the stadium company to find other ways of generating income. Or it could all be smoke and mirrors by Sale
  12. Over clever? mentioning the tv series you wrote ? Think we will have to agree to differ.
  13. Don't read his books for adults they will just annoy you
  14. I think what "bigger" team fans also fail to recognise is the pull the teams like Leeds and Wigan have over youngsters. For Huddersfield to produce a regular supply of home grown talent (that no doubt some will sneer at as 2nd tier) is to be applauded.
  15. I enjoyed the newsroom, really interesting take on the real news of the time.
  16. Just another negative piece RL hacks really don't seem to like the game or the average club. No change for Salford, apart from the few years of Doc madness we haven't had money for years, probably since John Wilkinson took over. Every year we release about 7 or 8 players. It is the norm. We recovered from losing Ratchford and Sneyd we will do the same with Evalds. The real loss would be losing Watson.
  17. The Civil Service has a fast track scheme, they move around different Govt Depts for experience
  18. Really? Salford have this every year often losing more than one player We are well versed in other clubs announcing players still under contract. . I said the Chase signing was badly handled and the Doc had no class. My attitude applies to my own club as well as others. I have no issues with Evalds leaving and as long as he plays to his potential in the remaining games he will go with best wishes. My issue is announcing players so early is it can often lead to drop in form obvious to fans who are still paying wages.
  19. Signing someone and paying a fee is one thing, announcing and parading a player under contract and to another club is different especially with most of the season to still to play. I think most fans feel the same way about wearing the shirt etc, Salford fans are as vocal as any on the subject especially as we are often on the other end it. Many fans recall Steadman celebrating at The Willows at the game that relegated Salford too ?
  20. No it wouldn't, no club should do this, it is petty and disrespectful. I didn't like it when Salford did it but we all know the Doc lacked class.
  21. John Wilkinson wanted a move to an iconic stadium with a hotel and to be able to generate income from the area. Not sure how this balanced with his owning the Willows variety centre. I can't say which came first the desire to move or being told by RFL that we would be excluded
  22. I have been watching the highlights from 2003 season and a player that was under rated even by Salford was Stu Littler. Leigh fans hated him. The other player from that team was Gavin Clinch. His kicking game is much missed.
  23. Salford were told under framing the future they needed to up grade. The Willows would have cost more than a new stadium and the area wasn't great. The planning was then called in by John Prescott and the delays meant a director went bust, and Peel stepped in. As a Salford fan I am sad to see Evalds go, one of our academy products. I wish Cas hadn't made the announcement with the season in turmoil and so much of it still to play. Cas have got a great player if he has a creative half to play off
  24. I thought there was a deadline that out of contract players couldn't be signed before.
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