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  1. One of the reasons my son doesn't play RL any more is that the atmosphere at the vast majority of games was absolutely vile, you'd have regular threats of violence between the opposing sets of parents (and on more than one occasion, actual fighting), vile abuse and physical threatening of the referee and even player's grannies effing and jeffing from the touch line. He now play RU, where the respect level is several degrees higher, but sadly poor parental behaviour is also creeping in and getting worse, especially at the "posher" clubs. I just don't get it, it's like there's a separate species of "total arrsehole human" evolving.
  2. Watson Day Turner Was going with King in my three, but although the guy has obvious class his passing from the play the ball seemed slow. Hopefully it's just a bit of rust that needs clearing.
  3. Come off it, there's no conspiracy. Sunday was a howler of a mistake. Nothing more, nothing less. I really don't understand why so many of my fellow Rovers fans have such a victim complex. Even the penalty goal that won us the game in 1983 was dubious. You'll never convince me that Charlie Stone headbutted Pete Smith. You win some, you lose some. C'est la vie
  4. Don't you ever get tired of posting utter drivel on the internet? Take up golf or something.
  5. On reflection, banning water is not really on. But a ban on booze, pop, crisps, flasks of tea etc can be justified IMHO. It would be really nice if the caterers had something other than grease and chips to offer though, such as a jacket tatie.
  6. Can't understand what the problem is here. Would anyone think it was OK to waltz into a boozer with a beer you'd bought in Tesco? Fully behind the club on this one. I think it's taking the pizz in the extreme taking your own stuff in. Agree with the comment about healthier options, lard pies are no good for me any more. Maybe folk with specific dietary requirements that the club can't cater for should be given an exemption? Must admit that the food prices do not represent good value for what is pretty low quality fare, so I now limit my kids to drinks only and make them eat before we go.
  7. Can I suggest dirty meat and tatie pies for the Yorkshire folk visiting. Perfect for soaking up the ale. Traditionally the ones we eat have barely any recognisable meat content and are extremely bad for the cholesterol levels, but damn tasty especially with gravy and mushy peas. I'll be there with Mrs Shep and our three kids on 13th July, really looking forward to it. Where's a good place for pre and post match drinks? Does it matter which stand I buy a ticket for? Can you move freely between the two? Up the chuffing Rovers?
  8. I'm lucky enough to be going to the Toronto away game. Anyone else going? If so, does it matter which stand you buy a ticket for? Can you move between them?
  9. Definitely heard a chant from by no means all, but a very small section that went along the line of " I'd rather be a p@ki than from cas " Bit cringeworthy, I know it's still 1956 in Cas, but there's no justification for that. Corey Aston song was bob on though.
  10. I hope we put the Riddy money to good use. To my mind we're short on two proven, quality halfbacks. All well and good trumpeting the PNG lads, but they are totally untested in our competition, not here yet (our visa track record is not good) and might not be as good as their YouTube highlights. As for our former coach: A mate of mine posted on Facebook comparing him to a lady garden, mocked his hobbit like features and wished him a fiery death in Mordor. Difficult to argue. If we make the top 8 next year, I will be astonished. I'll be there lapping up the punishment.
  11. Hope your better half doesn't read that. I'd be looking at two well deserved (according to Mrs Shep) black eyes if I'd written that.
  12. If you look underneath a Roller, you'll see a fair few bits that say BMW 7 series on them too.
  13. Are we bothered if Duffy goes? We had the most expensive squad in our history last year, I expected so much more. Anyway, he's from the wrong side of the hill and talks funny, so boooger it.
  14. Will the rotund oaf be forced to give the Lambo back? Im pretty sure there's plenty of sympathy for the loud mouthed buffoon. Sadly, my personal giveashitometer is struggling to register.
  15. Signed and shared. Even my C*s supporting mates have signed. Shocking, truly shocking.
  16. The chairman has quite a lot of property. They'll all be together in one of his HMOs, so they'll not lack company.
  17. That's public service broadcasting though, to help all the insomniacs out there.
  18. Do you think the planned development will ever go ahead as it's been sold to Cas? I can't imagine physical retailers are remotely interested in acquiring new square footage anytime soon. Surely that land is more valuable if it can be re-zoned as housing. This pie in the sky shopping development might just be a stepping stone plan.
  19. Went there once. Stayed all of 10 minutes. Quite possibly the most depressing place on earth.
  20. Shame. Maybe the year after. Unless we actually have the event in summer, rather than late spring.
  21. Have you seen the price of accommodation in Blackpool? At least accommodation that you'd actually want to go within 15 light years of. If we're trying to project an imagine of a P!$$ poor sport that's played exclusively in northern Shiiitholes, then let's carry on with a scruffy dump like Blackpool. If however we want to take the sport to a world famous city playing at a brand new stadium, with oodles of culture and visitor attractions for everyone to enjoy, let's go to York. Christ knows what our Canadian and French cousins think when they rock up in Blackpool and see the groups of knuckle draggers roaming round, wearing inflatable man parts, spewing ale and vomit everywhere etc..
  22. Nowhere near enough money in the game to support that many pro clubs. None of your Lancashire teams are in Lancashire, indeed there are no professional, or even semi professional teams left in Lancashire. Hull, Cas, Fev and Wakey are all in Yorkshire, not "The East". York is further east than three of them too. Here's a radical plan: Let's have 3 divisions, numbers to be decided as and when required. Promotion and Relegation between all three divisions every year (without fail). Stick with this basically forever and stop messing about. Also, never ever consider imposing an alien format from foreign sports. Let's keep it simple, stick with what's familiar and concentrate on the sporting action.
  23. Will you be sending a proxy vote? I think there's a real danger that enough folk will vote for A to scupper the plan and leave us in a spiral of decline.
  24. I'm not sure it's a bombshell. The published accounts are there for anyone to look at and it's not like the wolves are at the door, we appear to be servicing the debt. I think the most important point is that if we are paying £10k a month in interest and debt servicing, that's £10k a month we don't have to spend on players wages. Get rid of the debt and we've got money for the squad and other improvements. I'd vote for option C (I'm going to try and buy an A share tomorrow to enable me to do it). The land is doing nothing now and the way the club is structured probably puts potential investors off. If I had the brass, I certainly wouldn't want 628 other folk chiming in with an opinion on what I was doing with the club's assets. Option C lets us develop our asset and alter our structure to be more attractive to future investors.
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