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  1. Thank God - I didn't sleep a wink after last week. I kept seeing Bent take the tackle wit two players outside of him with only one to beat.
  2. So sad to hear of the plight of Salford. Two great seasons. Grand Final and last year at Wembley are what dreams are made of. Like Oldham and Swinton and Salford, once you've lost your "home". Watersheddings, Station Road and the Willows our clubs were on a downward spiral - some a lot faster than others. Do you remember when sooperdooperleague was first mooted that our three great clubs should merge to become Manchester - it makes you think "what if?2 All the best Salford hang onto the memories.
  3. For our sake too! I'll be there, shouting my support for the ref. explaining were he went wrong again.
  4. If we do what we've always done we will always get what we've gotten - a right pasting!!!!! Diskin has lost the plot and the trust of the loyal fans. Is it time for him to go before it's too late?
  5. Where will we get a decent stand-off? I'd have thought Diskin would have strong links with sooperdooper league clubs, especially Leeds, but it doesn't appear so.
  6. Spoke to the manager of the bar, he said they couldn't sell any beer using cash and they didn't have any card machines. He said they will have them for the next game. Good to see you've got your priorities right!
  7. What can Diskin do to change things around with the players he's got? I have been told the bar will be open.
  8. Took you long enough to work that one out!
  9. The club really shot themselves in the foot, first live match, brilliant day, lots of sunshine and unable to get a drink OF ANYTHING!! The stewards closing areas off even at the end of the game forcing spectators to go right around the ground to get out. A public service disaster. What really worried me about the game was the attendance. The first game back with spectators, take away the Widnes support I would reckon we had about 200 Oldhamers. I am not sure that Widnes are full time pros but what a luxury being able to play Matty Smith at loose forward! We haven' got anyone on our books with the skill to change things and sadly the blame has to be at Diskin's door because he signed most of these players. Next home game £4.50, instead of the £19, and a pint at home. The beauty being I can turn it off.
  10. I'm not a season ticket holder but I want some tickets for the Widnes game. When can I get them?
  11. Just keep Smith quiet and we are in with a chance.
  12. Could this be the turning point of our season? Just lets hope we can get a decent side out this weekend. Does anybody know where I can get tickets to get in and will we let it Widnes supporters?
  13. Any reason why Green wasn't playing? He's been one of our stand out players this season.
  14. Game over 34 - 6. It's a shame because we were well on top until the happy whistle blower messed things up. Yet again lots of effort and nowt to show for it.
  15. He'll just have to scratch it until 5 o'clock tomorrow night!
  16. Can't read the above two posts. It says, " Requests to the server have been blocked by an extension." What does that mean?
  17. What's the latest on the injury front? Is Charnock injured?
  18. I hope so. I'll ask the question again, "did we pick up any more injuries on Monday?"
  19. 68 nil. means they scored every 7 minutes! I suppose there will be injuries or players crying off for the easy game at York. I can't see anything else but another pasting with the present attitude. NO PRIDE IN THE SHIRT. I am embarrassed to be an Oldham supporter and it hurts saying that after 60 years of watching Oldham, home and away. I'l probably find something else to do when they lose at home to Widnes - like weeding the garden.
  20. 64 nil with 7 minutes to go. I'd make them walk home!
  21. One thing Naylor always worked on was the team's defence. I feel any amateur side could score against them at he moment. Am I worrying too much about Diskin's ability to coach - Batley are doing great without him!
  22. 52 nil with 25 minutes to go!!!!!!!!!11 100 nil is on the cards.
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