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  1. That means Toulouse’s home fixtures against Featherstone Rovers and Widnes Vikings, scheduled for May 1 and 8 respectively, will be postponed That looks like effectively not sanctioned to me
  2. They possibly could have gone although probably not as the Governing body weren't authorising the games. The RFL had said games in France weren't going ahead for PT clubs so they would not have supplied match officials and any game would have probably led to sanctions against the clubs involved.
  3. You'd need a circle ca7 miles in diameter to fit in Cas, Fev and Wake and same for St Helens, Warrington and Widnes.
  4. As BSJ says on the Fev forum It is a proven fact that every club in this division has more bad decisions made against them than in their favour.
  5. No different to 2019 (about 2m20s in) BBC Radio Leeds - West Yorkshire Sport: Pre-match, 05/10/2019, We only really fail on the floodlights - Longo
  6. Fev have a licensed premises Sky subscription. Not sure if Batley do?
  7. You've ignored the fact that it's only because Fev get so many against them that that's the case on average
  8. Blue Origin confirmed that William Shatner would be blasting off from Texas on 12 October. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58792761
  9. Caution for Luke Cooper and NFA for Tom Holmes so both available for Sunday MATCH REVIEW PANEL MINUTES - 04 October 2021 (1).pdf (rugby-league.com)
  10. Spin, rinse, repeat.... Well nearly, a dash of cloud from a couple of hrs before KO and a slightly higher chance of rain - 4%
  11. Forecast for Saturday is sunny with a gentle breeze and no predicted rain (0-1% chance), 19C around KO time.
  12. I've heard he wants to go back to Cas
  13. Although, to add to the conspiracy , that was posted by BullsTV not the man himself and what happened in 2019?
  14. You might want to check up on Fev's main sponsor, a company operating in 18 countries with revenue of ca€2b
  15. As posted above I think his highlights video has got folk thinking it's a self advert and the 2+2=5 theories going
  16. I don't think they have any great love for Kirklees either
  17. Luckily I forgot I was going to look for the rumour!
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