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8 hours ago, Blind side johnny said:

What we need to consider are the demographics and relative spending powers of RL audiences. As is well known the Championship is also called the old mens' league because of the make-up of the audience (with apologies to the old women) and nowadays most pensioners have pretty well the same disposable incomes as anyone else. The club should consider reducing, or eliminating, the concessions to over 65's and charging a flat price throughout.

Prices should also have been raised, in my opinion. When you put off price rises for too long then you end up having to make a substantial increase in one go, whereas small increases year on year aren't as painful for the fans.

I have to disagree BSJ regards most pensioners having the same disposable income as anyone else. 


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1 hour ago, NickD said:


Are you having a laugh. As Tom points  out Most people older than me more or less get paid by the club to get in.  Have you seen the queues most days. Reckon there’s only ten folk pay full price.  The old folk have all the brass these days anyway. Whack it up in the  north stand and for old folk. 

TBH honest, I'm too vain to admit to being of concessionary age, so I'm stuck with the increase. There's some tightwads in that North Stand though, so I might be sat on my own next season. :sarcastic:

Censorship ends in logical completeness when nobody is allowed to read any books except the books that nobody reads.


George Bernard Shaw.

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Rugby League prices in general are woefully low, probably based upon the reasoning that folk wouldn't pay a reasonable price to attend otherwise.

If you look at the forthcoming test matches against New Zealand you can buy decent seats behind the post at Anfield for £7.50 (concession and member of Our League). I fail to understand the logic behind that.

Sport, amongst other things, is a dream-world offering escape from harsh reality and the disturbing prospect of change.

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I'd set the season tickets for the southstand at £170..

And raise pay on the day prices to £18

This would put us in line with the likes of Swinton & Batley. 

Why should we give away cheap admission to away fan's when as fan's we have to pay more to follow our team away. 

I can understand Mark been wary of price increases in the past, cos them Yorkshire folk are tight bug.gers, 

Difference between tight & careful 

Your tight when you don't have spend it, 

And careful when you do. 

Id like to see partnerships between teams on away travel to encourage fans to travel away for instance 

Swinton vs Dewsbury

If we can get 25 people to travel on our bus, Swinton give us 25 tickets giving a £5 discount admission. 

Dewsbury vs Swinton 

In return we give 25 tickets at £5 discount on admission to Swinton fans, we've to build a network of connection's to each club. 

The figures are just ball park figures 

I do think for the likes of Bradford & widnes the admission price has to raise to £18 because they'll be paying £20+ at their grounds. 


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