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1 hour ago, Blind side johnny said:


And correct, the original club that attended the meeting packed in in 1897 and switched to soccer whilst relocating to Saville Town. The President of that club, Mark Newsome, later became the President of the RFU - another motive for not joining the NU perhaps?

Just imagine being a club so poor that you couldn't get out of the bottom three for years. Such a club would have packed in long since, don't you think?

Thanks for an interesting insight into a possible reason that Dewsbury  did not become a founder member.  And yes, as mentioned they did pack in a long time ago (better bait needed BSJ?)

Sorry to be off thread again.  I always understood that either name for your old ground was acceptable; and so I looked it up in "The Grounds of Rugby League" by Trevor Delaney.  It says..... present ground Mount Pleasant!  I do try.   It does though confirm previous ground as, quote, "Crown Flatt, or Flatts as it was originally known".  Thus I don't know if they played at Crown Flatt or Flatts in 1895.

Back on thread anyone?



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20 hours ago, Piggy's mate said:

Were you propping Bradford up then anall

There wasn't a Bradford club then PM, as I am sure you will know.

Sport, amongst other things, is a dream-world offering escape from harsh reality and the disturbing prospect of change.

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