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Batley v Oldham Match thread

Batley Bob

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Interesting one for me this, after playing featherstone for what seems 28 weeks on the bounce, and putting up a great fist of it in all the games, now playing a team realistically would be put in the bracket of "a home win" at the start of any season, will be a test to see if in the same respects of raising your game vs featherstone, if you'll get pulled down to the level of Oldham, not in a disrespectful way but likes of Whitehaven, Swinton, Oldham, Dewsbury, Batley ain't if we're honest gonna be top 4 and winning these games will define where you finish at the end of the season, Batley by 16 or Oldham by 5 if the 80 minutes turn into a nightmare. 

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1 hour ago, jroyales said:

It's great seeing every pundit saying that Batley are going to win comfortably.

To be honest with our set of forwards I can't see any other result than an Oldham win.

You could well be right, but then again........

By the way, if you are referring to those on here as pundits, I think you will find that we refer to ourselves as something else beginning with P!!

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