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Elite 1 Play-offs

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22 hours ago, Gomersall said:


My French is woeful, so to confirm is this saying the GF will be at the Ernest Wallon? If so that’s something of a coup isn’t it? The ones I’ve seen highlights of have mainly been in Narbonne I think. 

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Carcassonne line-up for this afternoons semi-final against Avignon.On Thursday they did a promotion in the centre of town. Club President Francis Camel leading the way here along with the town halls sports & leisure officer in support. The clubs off the field activities- impressive.



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"It involves matters much greater than drafting the new rules...the original and existing games have their own powerful appeal to their players and public and have the sentiments which history inspires"  - Harold 'Jersey' Flegg 1933

"Just as we had been Cathars, we were treizistes, men apart."  - Jean Roque, Calendrier-revue du Racing-Club Albigeois, 1958-1959

Si tu( Remi Casty) devais envoyer un fax au Président Guasch? " Un grand bravo pour ce que vous avez fait,et merci de m 'avoir embarqué dans cette aventure"


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