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Doncaster lose to Hunslet

Peter Winthorpe

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I wouldn’t put much faith Peter in the RFL doing much to help our division, we are the forgotten clubs. My worry now is that we do a Carlisle Utd, who if I remember correctly were top of League 2 until the virus hit, had a month or more off and then lost all momentum and finished halfway down their division. When you see Keighley’s result today we would have hammered Rochdale last week, and Donny don’t seem too dangerous at the mo, so the only team to be wary of is Barrow, and we would beat them on a level playing field. But when you see the latest league set up suggestion, with 2 SL’s of 10 clubs each and a league 1 of 16 clubs, the best you can say it’s a decent fixture list but no clubs should be excluded ( tho I struggle to put up a defence for W Wales), so I have no faith in the numpties in charge of the RFL to do the right thing.


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