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Kevin Nicholas

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Should we  employ a Media person?

Simple answer- No

Should we even mildly criticise our media team?

Simple answer- No

Could we market the Club better?

Simple answer- Maybe but look at our potential audience and what would it cost and what could be our return? So a marketing person says you’ll never know if don’t try which sounds a great response. Tell that same marketing person we are prepared to employ you and pay you on a results basis and they quickly disappear.

The main marketing needs to be done by Rfl for the sport as a whole to be cost effective.

As for Media then the Rfl moniter our performance and some of our money is based on that performance and bearing in mind our crowds and population our media team do pretty well. We have John, Joe & Dan doing their best for zero pay when also having jobs.

Just as an example- our Facebook performance 

In year up to 30/9/20 our Facebook views were  over 294,000 which was the highest in the Championship/ League1. That’s right No.1!!

Our Facebook likes were 5th overall behind Widnes, Bulls, Barrow,& Featherstone .

This year I expect us to be 6th behind Leigh with likes and not sure where we will stand with views.

That may not get us 1st, 5th or 6th best gates but it does get us out there.

Of course there is room for improvement eg. Our website or Instagram and there are other things we could do (other than letting everyone in for free) but with our resources and potential we are not doing too bad and we did finish 4th in League and have signed 26 players without knowing our finances next year and we have kept our best players so there is actually plenty to be positive about until we lose a game at least.

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Thank you Kevin for a full and Frank answer, I wish I had a magic wand to help out and we all want the best for the club even in defeat, it's that boring time again until we can all get back to the club in the mean time I'm sure we will support you and the club in anyway possible.

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