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Women's WC History

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I didn't know that the women's version has been around since the year 2000 and this will be it's sixth event. I guess I heard things on the news but didn't take much notice. 

So I did a bit of historical digging and came up with this. I allocated three points for each win, two for a draw and one for a loss. I was surprised NZ has only lost twice, the last two finals to Australia. I was also not expecting to find Australia's win rate is only 65%. Mind you, it gets better for them each tournament and they will probably win the 2021 one. If so, NZ and Australia will have three WC titles each. 

Some of the tournaments had play off games for the less successful sides, giving the likes of Samoa a better statistical result than if they were eliminated after the group stage. 

Nation W D L Pt
1 NZ 22 0 2 68
2 Australia 15 0 8 53
3 GB / England 10 1 11 43
4 Samoa 6 0 5 23
5 Cook Is 3 1 5 16
6 NZ Maori 4 0 2 14
7 France 1 0 8 11
8 Tonga 0 1 9 11
9 Tokelau 2 0 4 10
10 Russia 2 0 3 9
10 Pacific 2 0 3 9
12 Niue 1 1 3 8
13 Canada 1 0 3 6
14 PNG 0 0 3 3

My blog: https://rugbyl.blogspot.co.nz/

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Looking forward to the start of Women`s RLWC tomorrow. Have been since catching every game of the 2017 tournament on some (possibly dubious) Aussie livestreaming site. All the group games were at Shark Park on a hard track in warm sunny weather. Conditions will be rather different this time.

That was the year I came to a snap judgement that women and girls RL was central to the future of the game and the intervening 5 years haven`t altered my view. Sadly, the Tuesday 2:30 kick-off indicates that not everyone is on board.

Female RL is quasi-revolutionary. Haven`t yet seen the BBC`s documentary, but I think it covers the theme of body image. RL can attract all shapes and sizes. Don`t think blokes realize the potential advantage this carries in relation to women and girls. And additionally, League Tag in terms of health and fitness.

Don`t really care that much how England go, should be a landmark in an onwards and upwards trajectory for them come what may. 

Don`t care about blowouts either. People need to understand how to watch games, and games within games.

I do hope there aren`t too many injuries and none are serious.

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Lisa McIntosh was an unexpected but welcome interviewee at around 8:30am on Radio 4's Today programme this morning.

"We are easily breakable, by illness or falling, or a million other ways of leaving this earthly life. We are just so much mashed potato."  Don Estelle

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A few thoughts prompted by today`s final -

Brianna Clark was pushing her luck all tournament with slow peels, often late in the tackle count. Did it again today and conceded a repeat set on tackle 5 of the jillaroos` first set. If you wanted to test the ref early on, why in heaven`s name would you risk it on fifth tackle?

The brain fades of RL players never cease to amaze. How is it that coaches fail to avert such imbecility against Australia? It`s almost as though they`ve conceded defeat before kick-off and just want the refereeing rub of the green as a straw to clutch at. That moment set the tone. The Kiwi Ferns never gave themselves a chance.

The Jillaroos predictably hit their peak in the final. England would have gone down by a wider margin than the Ferns. Listen to the BBC commentary team and a partial explanation should be clear. These are supposed to be experts. All through a game they miss things, misread things, misinterpret things. Imagine that level of ignorance and banality in the form of our coaching. We cannot compete with the Aussies until our players acquire the mental resilience that comes from a more intelligent understanding of RL.

The 2025 organizers are apparently planning for a 16-team WC. Eight again is more realistic. France will be there as hosts. Tonga, Samoa, Fiji will be knocking on the door and would probably qualify on merit ahead of Cook Islands, Canada, Brazil. Maybe a 12-team tournament is the answer. Will that be affordable? Will anything be affordable?

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