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Whitehaven V Batley Bulldogs MOM thread only

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Difficult decision this; I think most fans expected a 'cut loose' in the second half with someone driving it but it didn't happen. So it comes down to who was prominent in certain areas;

1. Kear, although playing on the wing he covered a lot of the field prompting, carrying, generally using his experience and getting his first Dogs try.

2. Morton, again for fielding high balls, usual strong carries and a couple if great tackles on their big no8. Filled in as a 3rd second rower as I thought the normal encumbents were strangely quiet.

3. Has to be Brown, our strongest forward today, head and shoulders above.

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I didn't expect either team to cut loose at half time, but at 6-18 up l thought we might close it out more comfortably than we did. But......

Agreevon your first two.

1. Kear

2. Morton

3. Hodson

All for the same reasons, defensively very strong.

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voting closed


1) Lucas Walshaw 9 pts

2)James Brown 6 pts

2) Elliot Kear 6 pts

4) Dale Morton 4 pts

5) James Meadows 3 pts

6) Nial Flynn 1 pt

6) Josh Hodson 1 pt

pts for player of the season

1) Lucas Walshaw 3 pts

2)James Brown 2 pts

2) Elliot Kear 2 pts


Stoopid Cup Winner 2012

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