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For those who are unaware, the two groups are: 

Group A: Wales, Ireland, Netherlands
Group B: France, Greece Serbia

1st place in each group (almost certain to be Wales and France) go directly to the World Cup.

2nd place in each group play against in each other in October.  Winner progresses to the World Series, which is a playoff between the remaining nations across confederations for the last WC spot.

3rd place in each group is eliminated.

Results so far: 

Wales 28-10 Ireland
France 58-0 Greece

This weekend:

Greece vs Serbia (Sat)
Ireland vs Netherlands (Sun)


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Netherlands have a few Australia based players whilst Ireland seem to have a few UK based players.   Each adding that touch of experience.

Hopefully makes for a close and competitive game. 


The Rugby League Fan's Mantra for helping the game grow internationally is ten two-letter words - IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME.

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Final score 

Ireland 16

Netherlands 12


Dutch ..to many handling errors but the official didn't help.


But I think you can say Holland are improving with every game and can develop into a major player in the womens game.


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Posted (edited)
21 hours ago, yanto said:

16-12 Ireland.

Strange decision from the referee 🤔 

Dutch winger was tackled. As she got up to play the ball, she lost control of it. Ball spilled forward into the arms of the marker. Ref waved play on, as though he thought it was a one-on-one steal.

Unless the bloke just had a brain fade (along with the touchie, whom it happened right in front of), nobody with even a rudimentary grasp of the RL "Tackle and PTB" rules would make such a call.

Result in yesterday's game was Greece 32 Serbia 4. Very similar to the previous game between the two teams. Greece look the more skilful, Serbia look the more aggressive.

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