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Salford granted elite academy license from 2025

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Salford are in a unique position with being situated within a stones throw of 1 of the UK’s largest cities in Manchester in which they could develop the game long-term within the Manchester schools system.

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1 hour ago, Stanley30 said:

Think we lost 6 from salford roosters to warringron academy recently

How many clubs are there in Salford? Are they doing any development work in Manchester?

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1 hour ago, Click said:

If it costs anywhere close to London's Elite Academy, how could they even afford it?

A lot of the activities are run through the charitable foundation which can gain access to external funding/grants easier

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2 hours ago, Harry Stottle said:

Well done Salford along with Leigh, can only be good for both clubs albeit can't imagine Wigan, Wire and Saints are over the moon it could deplete their attraction.


That will only help even out the spread.

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