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In Topic: Half back

Today, 02:54 PM

And there's the missing Tierney . I hope we get the odd one out if possible . We'll see , but I feel either way we will be a different team this week and motivated to get going

well with forber and doran we have 2 half backs that like playing there and is there specialist position. Been a long time since we can say that

In Topic: Half back

Today, 02:12 PM

Powell, williams,smith,tomkins, Mcillorum and hampshire all in the 19. Not all them are getting a game, I would expect one to be up here, and on stand by if the have an illness or unexpected injury.

In Topic: Half back

Today, 02:07 PM

No Hampshire sunday

why not mate?

In Topic: Half back

Today, 12:32 PM

Yep , 15 hours later , same channel , and totally different ! Beyond a few hours is an educated guess , so that could change again !

showers it can cope with it's the downpours of a couple of hours that ruins the old girl. I think we'll be fine sunday.

In Topic: Training 2night

Today, 12:23 PM

Is Mcavoy right to go Barry ? And is that the craic, three more from wigan ?

i think Liam was touch and go for last week but I think he'll be a definate for sunday. How good is it hear Elliot is nearly fit, I like manfredi, and both ritson and forrester seem to be future stars, but Miller is the one youd pick everytime.