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Today, 04:31 PM

Every home match I drive past Dunmail and every time I grumble out the same thing - "look at all these young people queueing up to go and watch the pictures when they should be going to the Town match". Cars are actually queueing on the main road to get in to Dunmail and they aren't all going shopping!! Sunday afternoon that car park at Dunmail is chocka block and that is what we are competing with for the pounds in peoples pockets. Maybe it's time for Friday evening matches or like Barrow early Saturday evening kick-offs. We wont know until we look in to it!!

if it is anything to do with cinema goers then Friday would be a no go as its premier night. I like the idea of a 5/6 ok on a Saturday. Maybe fans would come straight over from the Reds. Plus you'd maybe get groups of lads off for a night out going to the game before they head up town.

In Topic: Reds

Today, 04:24 PM

I don't know where anyone has read that I would want us to go down because I nor anyone else have ever said that. A few of us were discussing that it certainly wouldn't be the end of the club and could even POSSIBLY boost the gate if we were winning games most weeks. And I would say every single die hard who come on here and have supported the boys week in week out would prefer to watch the standard that we have come accustomed to the last few seasons, but it's not the die hards were discussing it's the floating casual fan.

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Today, 07:44 AM

I have to agree, I've loved watching a higher standard the last couple of seasons but it looks like most non diehards just want to watch a winning team.

all the doom mongers saying it would be the end of town if they went down were way off, as has been said a team winning champ 1 would be more desirable to watch than a team winning half a dozen games against quality championship sides for the floating fan.

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Yesterday, 12:52 PM

elliot will be having a run out with the academy at whitehaven,good to see him having a go and hopefully set gor a return to the 1st team.

cheers mate,

In Topic: DR

Yesterday, 12:48 PM

Any word on Elliot as well, wasn't he supposed to have a run out last week?