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In Topic: The odsal round 2. predictions

Yesterday, 07:12 PM

Just greenwood and tierney with us on Sunday.

In Topic: Wigan

26 March 2015 - 11:26 PM

Where did the club get its players from prior to DR?, they had an A team during super league ,the game as more money coming into it than ever, before but yet we need super league clubs to loan us players to survive.

wait a second mate, climb down off you high horse and look at the big picture. We do pick locals and give them every chance to succeed, but trying to bring players in and expect them to hit the ground running is very difficult in a high quality league. Your playing at a pretty awful standard of rugby which makes it far easier to bring in young amateurs as the standard isn't much different. How many loans from Leigh have you had over the last season or 2.

In Topic: Training 2night

26 March 2015 - 08:20 PM

Sign him on loan for crying out loud and cut that one off at the knees !

i don't think there's anything to cut off mate. He's not going to haven despite what them lot seem to think.

In Topic: Wigan

26 March 2015 - 08:42 AM

Exactly as they haven't played together !!! Jesus some people !!

Let's bring tierney .. Manfredi .. The young prop up ... Who else... ?

Move jack Murphy from 1 to 3 ... To accommodate tierney ... Drop ritson after playing 2 difficult games... Moves Elliot miller further down from getting game time... Who we dropping out the forwards ? Latu maybe ? Coward close to fitness ? No he will have to wait another week and do some shuttle runs to get fit ...

That will be right as rain then ... Team to beat bradford right there

moves Miller further down the pecking line? Seriously? The lad can't play at present even if pv was desperate for 1 extra body. The moment elliot is cleared to play I'm sure he'll be 1st choice, kris coward still isn't available to play it again I'm sure he would be. As for latu, if it comes to the haven game and he's still as unfit as he is, then damn right get him dropped for greenwood. We need players who are going to win us games, wether there from workington,wigan or Australia, sentiment is great, until your sat rotting away in league 1. Then I'm sure you'll have more to complain about. We should play the best available player in that position, regardless of where there from. If it's 17 town lads fantastic, but until the likes of Miller,coward,callum etc return then that's simply not the case.

In Topic: Training 2night

26 March 2015 - 08:34 AM

Would you play him at fb before your fb ?

no but he can play wing, half back and full back so is good cover.