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Today, 08:48 AM

Love posts like this,theyre so true.

Millions of pounds spent on a shed load of brand new white vans with wigan council emblazened across em just driving round wasting diesel trying to brainwash people.

The next step theyve moved on to is to start to take down street signs and replace them with wigan council court of arms on them.

We really need to get from under there foot


I know what you mean about wasteful councils. Last year our council decided what we really needed was to impose a 20mph speed limit on all but but main arterial routes. Where I live, in Formby, this is all but 5 main roads. To "enforce" this  they erected 20mph sign posts on ALL other roads, even though some are tiny - you would need a rocket powered vehicle to achieve more than 20mph in their length. This cost us, the council tax payer £50k for Formby alone. A complete waste of effort and money as these limits are completely ignored as there is no police presence to enforce them.


However, the new vehicles you take issue with most likely are saving the council money. They will almost certainly be leased, therefore taking their value off balance sheet. New vehicles are more efficient therefore cheaper to tax and run, more reliable therefore reducing maintenance costs, and will come with a warranty covering repairs and service included. This also means the council no longer needs a vehicle service department and additional spare vehicles to cover in the case of breakdowns or loss of time due to old, clapped out vehicles being out of service due to being repaired. This is the model followed by the vast majority of private companies who are not renowned for chucking money about unnecessarily. 

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Yesterday, 07:25 PM

Back to the OP, is it ever ok for companies with connections to serving or former government ministers to compete for government contracts or for serving or former ministers to serve on the boards of companies applying for government contracts?

In Topic: NHS and Privatisation

Yesterday, 06:44 PM

Milburn is the man to look into I think.




Fair enough, but not quite the same as he's no longer a serving MP so has no direct influence. However I'm still not comfortable about it, but you have to draw the line somewhere and I don't think ex MPs can be excluded.

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Yesterday, 05:12 PM

My point is about the message Labour are trying to send.  The key point is 'the Tories will privatise the NHS, it's only safe in our hands'  but if you fluster when someone says 'you privatised X% of the NHS' or that 'the tories have privatised less than you did'. then your clear message is in trouble.


It's then further mudded by ex labour health ministers weighing in (though he is also taking the private healthcare coin).


Which ex Labour health minister? I've checked Andy Burnham Alan Johnson and Frank Dobson's register of members interests  and none of those have any connections with private health companies. (can't think of any others right now off the top of my head)

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Yesterday, 02:06 PM

Certainly not those users of Apple products.


Indeed: Apple posts the biggest quarterly profit in history