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#3170794 Calais: what to do.

Posted by gingerjon on Today, 11:38 AM

Did you put on your snide pants today, Jon?




But I am reading a thread about a desperate group of people that no one has a clue what to do with nor how to prevent a recurrence of this situation and thinking, "Fine, you may not believe they have any right to come to Europe or the UK but the very least you could is recognise that their day to day suffering is far in excess of anything you will ever face. (Unless, that is, your life has been so reduced that you will give all you have to be smuggled, with a high risk of death, across continents, leaving everything behind in the hope that one day you might qualify for a few free meals until you are sent back to start all over again.)"


Like I say: nobody has answers.  But I will judge those who lose their humanity.

#3170472 Calais: what to do.

Posted by gingerjon on Yesterday, 06:37 PM

No problem with them doing that just so long as they apply for the appropriate visa along with everyone else who is not an EU resident.


How does one do that in, say, Syria?


(I know you neither know nor care.  It's charming, really.)

#3170120 Why Private is Always Better Than Public.

Posted by gingerjon on Yesterday, 09:09 AM

So you're happy to squander millions of pounds a year purely in pursuit of Tory ideology?


You're going to get called a lefty and have something posted in italics in the minute.


I'm of the rather radical opinion that as transport is essential to the country (like, say, utilities, health and education) that it should be under the direct control of the elected government.  Whether that is full nationalisation or not I'm ambivalent on but it's my opinion that, right now, we have pretty much the worst of all worlds with a fragmented system that doesn't benefit anyone and is inconsistent across the network.

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#3170087 Calais: what to do.

Posted by gingerjon on Yesterday, 08:16 AM

It's about time the French police increased their numbers.  The illegals are in France, not the UK, therefore it is primarily the responsibility of the French to deal with them on their territory.  They let them into their country in the first place and they let them remain.  But why you're complaining about the British government and its funding contribution I don't know because the British government has been spending £millions on security.  They're rebuilding fences, providing money towards policing, providing sniffer dogs and the like.  They have also told Eurotunnel to get its act together as that company has primary responsibility to protect its own assets.  There is not much more the UK government can do when the problem is arising in another country with a government that wants to pass the buck.


Jesus would let them in.

#3168226 Wigan-Catalans in London

Posted by gingerjon on 31 July 2015 - 06:46 AM

Very poor choice of stadium which ignores that London Bridge station is being redeveloped and so the SouthEastern train service there is suspended until August 2016. Also there is only one access road from the car park which leads to congested narrow streets. Even a moderate crowd will make getting out of Salford seem a doddle. I have no good memories of the New Den.
Geographically it is close to both The City and Canary Wharf, but doubt that the venue chosen will be attractive to corporate types. We will see how it goes, but I do not think that the game will be of interest to many new fans or potential sponsors.


You have a point but London Bridge isn't completely cut off from Southeastern (and not at all from Southern).  Trains that go to Canon Street are still stopping there - it's only those that terminate at Charing Cross that aren't, and they all stop at Waterloo East which has Southwark Jubilee Line station.

#3152785 Football

Posted by gingerjon on 05 July 2015 - 09:45 AM

I love that all the comments under the articles about women's football are full of the 'no histrionics, no nastiness, no diving' mantra.  Were you not watching - or were you so enrapt by the sight of Louise Necib that you forgot to concentrate?


Great that the two teams took the play off game seriously.  Some properly tasty challenges and both teams had chances away from the penalty.  Cool as you like to bury it though - and a great feeling to finally emerge from a game like this (in all sports and both genders) with the honours.  Third place isn't the title but it's so far ahead of where England were in the Hope Powell wildnerness years.

#3138049 The Photography Thread

Posted by gingerjon on 10 June 2015 - 09:06 AM

18426595968_796d4cd76e_c.jpgFish and chips by Jon Smalldon, on Flickr

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#3130395 Corruption arrests at FIFA

Posted by gingerjon on 27 May 2015 - 04:42 PM

If the "election" goes ahead on Fri, Blatter will be re elected for four more years, voted in by representatives from those countries where bribery and corruption is endemic, part of every day life.

About time the most powerful soccer countries declared UDI., anf ###### FIFA


Interesting comment I just read via Simon Brotherton was to compare it to cycling which was corrupt in both leadership and participants for more than a decade until it all went US legal.


Soccer is big enough that a breakaway is possible.  I don't believe that was ever an option for cycling.

#3130318 Corruption arrests at FIFA

Posted by gingerjon on 27 May 2015 - 01:22 PM

On today's journey to deepest Deabyshire I was able to listen to the FIFA press conference in full. I bet you didn't know that this is all part of Fifas plan to clean things up, and that they initiated the action by giving the Garcia report to the Swiss police!


Yes, I heard that too.  What a magnificently selfless bunch.


Still, the IOC are their equal in many ways!

#3130074 The Human Rights Act

Posted by gingerjon on 27 May 2015 - 09:58 AM

Conservative Manifesto 2015, page 58, bold headline text: "Our commitment to you: scrap the Human Rights Act"


They didn't mean it though.


And that's fine.

#3122857 Labour leadership contest

Posted by gingerjon on 15 May 2015 - 02:22 PM

Not to mention the EdStone!


What's happened to that, by the way?


A joke on twitter:


Ed Miliband returns from Ibiza.

New gravel driveway.

"Is... Is that the...?"

"Yes, Ed. It is."

#3122843 Labour leadership contest

Posted by gingerjon on 15 May 2015 - 01:57 PM

Labour could also make a bid to sign Nigel Farage, especially if he could bring four million votes with him.


Ukip could have Ed Miliband and take 9.3m votes instead ...

#3122326 UKIPpery

Posted by gingerjon on 14 May 2015 - 10:27 AM


It comes to something when you end up thinking Patrick O'Flynn is being reasonable.

#3121680 General Election 2015 - Poll & Discussion Thread

Posted by gingerjon on 12 May 2015 - 01:57 PM

I'm looking for a party that shows centre-left leanings.  I'm not convinced with the Lib Dems yet, they're more likely to go that way if Farron is in charge.  Labour have a decision to make though, if they go for Umunna then they're going the way becoming a less-nasty version of the Tory party, if they go for Burnham then they're going centrist and may just create some clear-red water between them and the Tories.


I accept that by delaying I won't get the chance to vote for the party leader but I'm waiting to see who is leader before making my choice between the two.


And JohnM is right, if the SNP had an English party and I could vote for someone down here then I'd vote for them and may even join in the party.


SNP win popular vote in England

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#3121677 Danny Jones

Posted by gingerjon on 12 May 2015 - 01:51 PM

It's fantastic the money that's been raised. Not wanting to be negative but I really hope those other collections are kept off just giving. They’re already making £6,885 out of this!


As said, that's mainly credit card transaction fees.


They're also a lot cheaper than most other sites.


And, of course, the overall amount raised would be much, much, much lower without the ease of people around the world being able to click and donate.