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could fans run a club

19 July 2014 - 09:57 AM

Could fans run a club? help spread the game . I was interested in response Bradford got when in crisis . Lets say if something was set up to help run and fund a club like south wales scorpions for example ( Ive selected this team as there bottom of the league and based in an area where RL are desperate to get established) OK  so here goes as a member you pay a monthly fee say £20 for 12 months which equals £240 a year .Imagine if you could get 10,000 members world wide . In return as a member you would get a members pass to all home games ie season ticket . An exclusive members badge . Every home match day programme sent to you . A new shirt every season of your choice either home or away . A members monthly prize draw with cash prizes .Any other ideas ?

Could this be done ?