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Pie tries

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#3254693 Syrian refugees in Bradford: opportunity for Bulls?

Posted by Pie tries on 05 January 2016 - 11:22 PM

Yes it's an opportunity. However the points re Bradford are true of all minorities in the UK - get them all to a game.

Let's start with the Chelsea owner...

#3249356 Kevin Sinfield

Posted by Pie tries on 20 December 2015 - 10:51 PM

Well done Sir Kevin. Thank you for representing my / our sport so magnificently.

You are a credit to our game.

Proud to be a 13 tonight.

Thank you.

#3238033 Rugby League or Union ?

Posted by Pie tries on 22 November 2015 - 10:40 PM

Would that be South Trafford Raiders? The same South Trafford Raiders that were involved in this years NWC Competition at U13's, were accomodated into the league in late June, played 4 fixtures then folded due to all their players going back to RU and at no point then or since have officially notified the league of their intention to withdraw and duly conceded all of their remaining fixtures?
Bury Broncos 13's entered the league at the start of the season and were allocated fixtures yet never fulfilled a single one, Wrexham Bradley Raiders and North Trafford Titans did the same, as a consequence you can imagine the impact that had on the rest of the teams and their fixtures in the division.
So whilst its ok to continually bang the drum of developing the game in new areas via a methodology that revolves around enticing RU players into said clubs, we have to apply some reality to the issues created as a result of such a strategy and if indeed it really is best practice.
Merit leagues I believe are a viable option and are a necessary requirement if the all to frequent instances such as the ones above are going to be the ultimate outcome of such a cast iron developmental approach to Junior RL in what can in some instances be described as RU/Football monopolised areas.
The example I have used in relation to South Trafford U13's above is unfortunately only one of a growing number that we have seen occur throughout the age groups this season.

Yes this is the same Trafford Raiders.

A club two years ago that had seven at training. And last season hit a high point of seventy.

For the record when I pull the u14 team from the last three games (the Aug break is a killer) I informed the league in the league communication that was for both teams. This obviously wasn't sufficient and I apologise for that. However, when I thanked the league for their help with the 14s i informed them that the 13s - in their first season - could not go on. They should not have been in the league With hindsight.

A merit league will be a huge success for our new u12s and u13s. The 14s are established and can probably run the full season. Interesting that we had several teams fold games against us or request we move fixture as no players. I tried to play games mid week but only Blackpool would accommodate.

I've obviously got to learn the politics of this league, seems simply trying to promote TGG in an outpost region is not good enough for some. I need people trying to help not score points.

The u14 have achieved a huge amount. We won the Blackpool 9s. We had our first presentation evening last week and 120 paid to attend. I ran the team almost single handed. Now I have more parents involved and we can grow.

It's also most like people want us to fail - must an RL thing - I'll keep going until it's too hard or too much trouble. The heartland can then be smug and say they were right.

#3231909 Refereeing Controversy

Posted by Pie tries on 10 November 2015 - 11:24 PM

Why fly a convict ref over for one game ?

#3231236 Stop buying Time and Sunday times

Posted by Pie tries on 09 November 2015 - 11:24 PM

Complain. I've written numerous times - especially on one memorable occasion that stcum jones compare d RL to the 'murderous South African police force'. I got a personal apology from the editor - but not the luddite himself.

#3228624 Burgess leaves Bath

Posted by Pie tries on 05 November 2015 - 11:29 PM

Indeed . SBW had the talent around him and they play a game based on some league ideals . Yes , our team looked woeful and penalty strewn

Our team? Not my team.

#3223382 Rugby League or Union ?

Posted by Pie tries on 30 October 2015 - 09:54 AM

A player of an RU background is growing rugby league by playing rugby league and if the sport has any ambition to grow outside it's traditional areas it must actively provide flexibility for new people to join the game. Any hard a fast criteria as suggested severely impacts on development.
Specific case study:
3 years ago NWC Youth insisted Bury Broncos commit to a full season, and register a minimum number of players ready for March for a NEW U16 team.
we asked for a months grace - we had 1 (yes, ONE) rugby league player. we had a bunch of novices who'd been part of a schools comp the year before, and we had 6/7 RU lads. All were training on a Monday avoiding the clash with the RU training on other nights.
Eventually, NW Youth relented on the initial ask after we rang round the clubs who would have been our early season fixtures to explain our situation. As it happened, quite a few of the clubs in question were in the same position (e.g. Blackpool, Heysham) and were very welcoming to what we were doing.
The side conceded the first few games, then played a few games with 9, then 10, then 11 players - each game was a loss but momentum was being built up.
The RU season finished and we had 13 every week, and up to 20 occasionally.  The side went on to play week, week out - we played local sides in Rochdale mid-week, and we made sure we finished in August so not to interfere with the RU seasons tarting in September. That side won 13 of 17 games and the Bury RU coach actually sent players down to try RL because we worked with, not against the, and had the common objective of getting more lads playing rugby. As a result, Rugby League had 20+ new participants...we also had some new contacts that we could use in years ahead. 
Most of the lads were actually U15 qualified at the time.
The older lads progressed to be U18s with a few additions who had actually been RU lads playing open age as 16year olds.  They won their U18 division, completing full season, and were unbeaten. One lad joined Salford's scholarship having only ever playing RU before.  The rest of the lads formed a U16 team for another year joined by some younger lads from RU again. So the 20 new players became 30 or so...
A number of those lads were part of the Broncos open age teams this year - alongside a lot of other RU converts. Bury fielded two open age sides weekly even when the RU season was going and added a third team when the RU season ended.  The son of the Bury RU chairman now commits to RL fixtures ahead of any RU fixtures...
In 2014, Bury ran a U14s side. Putting it simply - it was the Bury RU side as their coach approached us + a few stragglers from when we had school comps. Every player was a new participant to RL...the coach was a new participant too as he played open age.
In a town of 177,000 people, a history dominated by football, and two strong RU clubs and a 'start-up' RL effort with no ground, few coaches (because no-one locally has any experience) and no contacts, every single every contact with RL matters and flexibility should be offered. There are huge opportunities for RU lads coming to RL - we have seen the latter happen in Bury...as a sport we need the confidence in our product and not a parochialism to 'defend' the way we've always done things.
Up top I just said IF the sport wants to grow. of course, it might be happy as it is.

Cracking response. I'm at Trafford Raiders and were Ina virtually identical position. We can put roots down but need to work with RU not against the. Every boy who has played league absolutely loves it ! We're tacking c150 to the Eng v NZ at Wigan and our u13s are flag bearers. All good news !

#3216876 Dinner with Billy

Posted by Pie tries on 18 October 2015 - 07:17 PM

Nice contribution 33k - though an odd amount ! Hope he rounds it up to a hundred !

#3214030 Oldham 2016

Posted by Pie tries on 13 October 2015 - 10:54 PM

if whitebank is the one on a housing estate , with no terracing , and a 1 in 10 slope......move please......anywhere !

I agree it's a dump - buts its a home - their home. Swinton would love such a dump.

Oldham not big enough for two stadiums.

#3208521 SkyBet close market on 'Burgess to Leeds' bets (merged threads)

Posted by Pie tries on 05 October 2015 - 08:08 PM

Like a rembrandt hung in the loo !

I think he fancies a go at the Olympics, then back to league

#3201113 Low Grand Final Ticket Sales?

Posted by Pie tries on 26 September 2015 - 08:32 PM

I'd be very surprised if it hasn't. 
With only one England game in the North, they could be playing Nepal RU and it would sellout. It'll be a procession and a mismatch but many won't care and many won't be aware. 
Edit: It appears it hasn't yet but it almost certainly will. Also, if tickets are freely available rather than being hard to come by this might make it more likely that some have opted for the RU instead of the RL.

Nope loads left - £125 a pop to watch eng rah rah smash the amateurs

#3177918 First Professional RL Player Comes Out

Posted by Pie tries on 17 August 2015 - 10:52 AM

I'm glad he's done this - bloody good luck to him. I'm also glad our sport lead the way with stonewall several years ago. We've lost the flat cap image - we are a progressive inclusive sport. If you don't like like I'm sorry it's not the sport for you.
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#3170994 South Trafford Raiders - some food news !

Posted by Pie tries on 04 August 2015 - 05:30 PM

My son plays for South Trafford Raiders and I'm pleased to report the club is goings from strength to strength.

At the start of last season - our first in the NWC league we had 7 training and didn't score in our first four league games.

This season we touched a high point of 70 training one Thursday evening and have added an u13 team to the existing u14 team - which has done well in division three. Last Sunday the u14s won the Blackpool 9s and we've had enquiries from SL clubs about no less than 11 different players.

We're taking 135 parents and children to the Eng v NZ game at Wigan!! Yep most of our players double up and play RU - but believe me - and the parents - love this game !

Thanks to Salford for their ongoing support (be great to see Marwen at our awards night in Sept) with increased parent participation the club will continue to grow (we need parent coaches and more helpers in general). Also thanks to the NW counties for their patience and help - and also to the vast majority of clubs we've played who have treated us with respect for what we are trying to achieve.

Still a long way to go but I thought I'd share some love!

#3117085 Danny Jones

Posted by Pie tries on 04 May 2015 - 08:23 PM

RL family looking after its own. Goodstuff to all involved. We truly have some great people involved in our game

Thoughts with the family.

#3111471 Sol Mokdad / UAE Rugby League (merged threads)

Posted by Pie tries on 24 April 2015 - 11:00 PM

Hmm don't take a backward step...ever....no name change because so this.

Make a stand..grow a pair...we are right they are wrong wrong wrong.

We are Rugby League