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  1. Perhaps the Times could balance the article with one highlighting rah rash ban on black players - which only ended late 80s. The RU press never mention this and RU had got away with that
  2. Make all games vrs Cats 'pride' games. Condemned his views but let him play. If he messes up again then ban him
  3. Late to the party......great coverage of TGG - thought HRHH was brilliant too. Hope he takes Mega to the final !
  4. I must be blind but cant a thread on WC draw....thought Prince H fab at the launch - which looked pretty amazing on TV. Hope hevhands over the trophy, to England at the final
  5. I’m afraid I now believe WB must go. GB Lions is not a project for future sides. Iconic brand treated with no respect. Next coach must be English: Powell or Wane - or both. Embarrassing- though I’m pleased for PNG - actually delighted for them; what a fabulous boost for this little nation! international rugby league given a huge shake up
  6. When is Tonga’s next fixture in 2020. We don’t know there is the problem
  7. Didn’t hear him moaning after the GF - where saints got absolutely every decision learn to lose with dignity
  8. Those pictures are fabulous. The PDRL and LDRL is simply outstanding chuffed strides made in women’s RL too
  9. When asked about the poor ref decisions he said something like ‘I’m not going to bag the ref, look at the scoreboard...best team won’ Eamon McMoanus take note
  10. Terrible news that a player died during a game for the RAF Rare but tragic news RIP Scott Stevenson
  11. Sad news but hopefully some good can come from increased awareness
  12. Yep well said - enjoy your success. im a pie but would be great to see SRD at OT and set that club alight
  13. Good news top sponsor - top bloke who runs it northern and proud !
  14. Good. move out of the dump that is Sale and go to the MR stadium. manchester lions - you have better future ahead of you than the current flow death
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