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  1. It could work in Greater Manchester. I’ve helped with GMRL - trying to get development clubs up and running for a short summer season in areas such Stockport, Bolton, Bury, Trafford, Tameside etc. we took 250 parents and players into Salford v Wigan earlier this year. Be great to attach these youngsters to existing junior teams…
  2. Watkins been class this season, maybe not quite as quick but so skilled and in great form. We need his expertise…
  3. Salford did themselves proud this year. Amazing rugby - we need a strong Salford and they look like they’ve turned a significant corner. Fingers and toes crossed re stadium…
  4. Wow, just wow. I’ve reflected on this since it was announced- re watched it on TV. Agree Salford lad milked it, but the intent was there - he was rightly binned. Deserved at least a one match ban…in my humble opinion
  5. Two take aways: 1. IMG know their stuff 2. Dodged a bullet with private equity (RU has not)
  6. Cardiff is 80k stadium, this is 25k.. plus everything cheaper up north !
  7. Yep seems that way. Very poor, but hardly a surprise. Many RFL fans could compete at the Olympics for moaning. Given how badly RFU seems to be running its sport: asset hiding, covid loans, HMRC not being paid - this is the time to get behind this project. Makes you realise how badly the RFU has been run - and how RFL has protected itself.
  8. Yep. If everyone wrote to their MP, Lindsay Hoyle and the Minister of Sport - plus of course our PM - rather than doing nothing then perhaps they'd realise this would make a difference...
  9. Big bid for funds to re develop Odsal which would transform the sport - and the city. About time too. Our sport punches well above its weight doing untold good for our communities. We don’t fight hard enough. If the government is serious about levelling up - there surely can be not better cause than RL and Bradford. We need - as a sport - to be in the governments face over this. No negative posts please about Bradford. This would be a huge shot in the arm for the sport. We are owed this… https://apple.news/ANvkgT-UxQCG-SzEsy3JcgQ
  10. Knowles has to be banned. What he did has no place in our sport. Leave Welsby to those who know best - though no intent with his tackle, other than to legit muller him…
  11. Yes agree. Not certain until the whistle goes. Our biggest biggest draw as a sport yet they never seen over here anymore - such an utter waste…
  12. It’s going to be utterly brilliant- plus we get to see the most rarest of things - Kangarooooos !!
  13. Went today. Credit to both sets of fans - fabulous advert for the (greatest) game. Just watched game back - think ref got all the big calls right. It was an amazing game. I pity those who are NOT rugby league fans
  14. No. Just got to suck it up, world has rightly move on re injuries
  15. C4 been breath of fresh air. Will help keep Sky on their toes. C4 need weekly game, same time, amazing potential as broadcast partners…
  16. Tricky game to ref, amazing game which many seem to have missed. Other than referring everything upstairs thought ref got all the calls right. Chicken wing tackle was stupid and could easily have been red - if there’s justice and consistency he should be banned for the final Salford should have taken two after the 2nd sin binning.
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