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#3162044 Scottish 'league' format 2015

Posted by bowes on 21 July 2015 - 05:01 PM

Without Aberdeen Warriors there'd be no Scottish rugby league

#3160922 Wigan and Warrington want to bring back the reserves

Posted by bowes on 19 July 2015 - 08:36 PM

So do St.Helens and so do HKR.


The veiled move to create an elite eight was followed by a move to create eight super academies which Hull & HKR actually kicked off, and now clubs with ambition to be or stay Elite clubs are bringing back reserves.


Again, the change to the structure, according to the public relations garbage the RFL put out was supposed to create interest, enthusiasm and increased attendances across all the divisions, which was laughable. 


It's an eight club Superleague, you'll bump into it in a couple of weeks time, but this won't stop people puzzling how Wakefield are going to afford an academy, a reserve side and a first team.


Based on playing standards the following 8 academies would make sense:



St Helens





City of Hull



This fits with the current top 8 sides. The biggest concern with this would be the lack of a London side, so you may want 10 academy sides (I guess you'd split Widnes and Warrington in that scenario). Cumbria could play in North West premier division at U16s and U18s and North East and South Yorkshire sides could play in the equivalent leagues east of the Pennines.


This is where it gets tricky as you would clearly want midlands/south west/Welsh players at Under 19s in the Conference League South but you'd need to set up a new equivalent league at Under 16s. Likewise London and south east would need a reshuffle


There's a case to be made for going to

#3159410 Labour leadership contest

Posted by bowes on 17 July 2015 - 07:58 AM

The thing about Jeremy Corbyn is he takes extremist positions on a lot of issues that no normal working class person would share. I have no issue with someone wanting to nationalise trains or raise the top rate of tax but do Labour really need a candidate who is sympathetic to Islamic extremists and anti-Semites, who wants to hand back Northern Ireland in it's entirety to Ireland (triggering a civil war) and allow open border immigration

#3157827 £12bn in welfare cuts

Posted by bowes on 13 July 2015 - 09:06 PM

Good god you are scraping the barrel with that

I'll show them 30-40 families locally to me who are professional scroungers,2 of the families went to Las Vegas last year.

Not bad when you've never worked a day in your life

I think the only people who do well out of benefits are either the small percentage who work illegally and sign on, plus the people who have lots of children and then spend the money on themselves rather than properly looking after their children with it. If you don't have children or a disability then benefits are not much money at all

#3157812 £12bn in welfare cuts

Posted by bowes on 13 July 2015 - 08:25 PM

The benefits for the working poor as you phrase it were introduced in 2003 or 2004 so they are not exactly fundamental to the benefits system given that a whole raft of people functioned perfectly well before tax credits were introduced. Their loss will be felt by some but not others but they were brought in under the false premise that their cost would be £600 million per year when in fact last year the cost to the taxpayer for tax credits was £3 billion.

Which would you prefer to have: someone's wage being topped up by a handout or someone earning a higher wage for the same job?

Tax credits don't cost £3billion, it's £30billion. £500 per person and despite earning a low salary I don't get a penny whilst middle class people often do

#3154484 £12bn in welfare cuts

Posted by bowes on 07 July 2015 - 09:50 PM

How are we defining teenage? There were probably more married 18 and 19 year olds having children in the 1970s

#3151068 Hull FC and Hull KR to merge...

Posted by bowes on 02 July 2015 - 12:12 PM

This is very good news as the youth game in the city has been decimated by having to fund two academies

#3142530 Who has the Biggest Brush?

Posted by bowes on 17 June 2015 - 08:42 PM

In these days of increasing participation (RFL statement) why do we have to call games off for a tour, you say the top clubs players were involved, Sharleston and Illingworth put a team out, same as the scholarship you are depriving the rest of the team for 2-3 players from each team, it does not in my opinion send out the right signal to the rest of the players.
No disrespect but again tours and scholarship in the middle of the season to country's where the game will struggle to take off, I think Ukraine have other things on its mind they are fighting a war. Should we not try to get the game stronger in our own country before we even try expansion we did tour years ago when we had a strong BARLA and the game has struggled to expand, please look at the results from this week it does not make good reading.

Are we just papering over the cracks or did David Gent leave too soon and his legacy is now starting to come to land 😉😉

I tend to agree actually. There's a case for tours in the off season but the league has to be top priority

#3133281 French Update

Posted by bowes on 01 June 2015 - 02:45 PM

Audois is a federal club the same as a local community amateur club?

Yeah. There's four divisions. Elite 1, Elite 2, National 1 then Federale. All except Elite 1 are regionalised.

Elite 2 and National 1 are split west/east and Federale is split into about 5 or 6 divisions

#3131726 French Update

Posted by bowes on 30 May 2015 - 08:22 AM

I quite like the idea of splitting Champ one into North and South. Elite clubs could play in South until game becomes strong enough for their own stand alone conference. Toulouse, Carcassonne, Avignon could possibly play in this.

I support regionalising League 1 but that would be the worst of all possible scenarios. Every northern club in league 1 is better than every southern club so you'd be simultaneously putting the French clubs in a league weaker than Elite 1 and be bankrupting fragile southern clubs with unnecessary travel costs

#3128589 The European Union Referendum

Posted by bowes on 24 May 2015 - 09:32 PM

So that is perhaps where the compromise is coming from?

Labour planned to take a step towards a German welfare model by increasing contribution based JSA whilst making the long term unemployed take mandatory, guaranteed jobs.


The Conservatives actually want to move in the other direction and completely scrap contribution based benefits

#3128530 The European Union Referendum

Posted by bowes on 24 May 2015 - 08:05 PM

The thing about welfare is most European countries run a system whereby if you've worked long enough and lose your job you get time limited benefits that are often linked to your salary but if you haven't worked long enough or the time limit ends you either get nothing or (more likely) get the real bare minimum, worse than here (there are a few exceptions mainly in Scandinavia). Clearly an immigrant that has worked for a long time then lost their job getting benefits is less controversial than someone getting them from day one of moving to a country as would happen with our welfare system which doesn't distinguish between someone who's never worked and someone who's been made redundant after working for 15 years

#3127949 Clues on Yorkshire Mens League set up 2015?

Posted by bowes on 23 May 2015 - 06:53 PM

Heworth and York Acorn A would be about the right playing standard and York Lokomotive have improved a lot so would probably be up for it. Obviously depending on numbers etc whether it's a Hull league or a Yorkshire Men's League (East) division, but I definitely think that would be a good idea and may attract some more Hull sides

#3126361 Ghosts etc

Posted by bowes on 21 May 2015 - 11:48 AM

I was doing a tour round a haunted former pub once (now it's some kind of health shop) and it was getting towards the end and whilst some people were getting excited by small noises etc I'd got to the point where I was bored as hadn't seen anything. As we went into the last room they said this is the most haunted room and even the caretaker won't go in after dark as he's heard voices and things moving round. I went in expecting to see nothing but in the corner there was a ghost of a girl or young woman sat down that vanished pretty quickly after I saw it. The weird thing was I wasn't scared it just felt like a perfectly natural thing to see until about five minutes afterwards when it clicked

The other freaky thing I saw once was when I was watching a trainee medium (I'm interested in looking into psychic phenomena) and she completely freaked out and lost control and suddenly the handle on the door came down and the door swung open and I heard footsteps down the stairs and a big slam coming from the outer door. The strange thing being the outer door was securely locked, the door had nothing attached to it (strings etc) and I actually saw the door moving with noone there. Suffice to say we never saw her again. To me this wasn't a dead spirit it was poltergeist activity unconsciously caused by a living person

#3126216 Is it time to plan and establish a Pan Pacific League?

Posted by bowes on 21 May 2015 - 06:47 AM

I agree with having a regular international tournament for those sides but not a league. The local league in PNG and Fiji would be a higher standard than a league with teams from Vanuatu, Japan, Hawaii etc and them having top sides in Australian state leagues give them a far better standard anyway. What I do agree strongly with is the NZ domestic league idea above