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    To watch Oldham walk out at Wembley in the challenge cup final
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    I know a few GOD-believing folk who are absolutely not weak minded; some of the toughest, most mentally robust people you’ll ever come across. Belief in another high purpose or being doesn’t mean you are weak-minded.
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    Just to help you out a bit, Leigh have been very supportive of Canadian RL - Toronto/Scarborough Centurions used our old kit and Leigh lad Stuart Donlan coached your national team. Perez tried to buy us in 2014 I believe. Lot of not nice stuff went on in 2016, which will leave a bad taste and a very hostile reception will await for the 2018 opener at LSV - not against CRL or TWP but individuals who caused a lot of the events in 2016 will be given some verbals, any TWP fans making the journey will have a great time, trust me. Talking to our travel company it looks like we will be bringing about 1000 over in June for the return fixture RL is a religion in the old manufacturing and pit towns of Northern England, real passion and community. We have been shat on since 1895 by the establishment, banned as a sport in the armed forces and at universities for most of that time. A RU player who tried RL as an amateur would be banned for life in RU until not long ago, the French Hitler supporting Vichy government even seized RL's assets and gave them to RU in the 40's RL is the toughest sport on the planet, enjoy it and take it to the next level. NAM pro league would be great for the sport I love
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    And some Batley fans............
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    I know it's oft-repeated but it is 100% true: you can judge a person by how they treat the people who 'serve' them whether that's in a restaurant, a bar or a shop.
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    I saw a comic last week, that I now can't find, that suggested that everyone should spend time in a service industry like waiting tables as a compulsory national service when they're young. Just to see it from that side for a while. Might make people a whole lot nicer to those who are providing service to them.
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    Considering the types of nations who are trying to get into the ENWC, either to help them prepare for the 2021 Qualifiers or to help expose their respective national teams to a higher level, should we as a code be looking at holding the ENWC every 2 years moving forward? Considering the 2021 participants would be known in 2019, 2020 would be a great time to schedule the next event, allowing those who have missed out plus the next group of India's, etc to play in a major event?
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    What Perez did 5-7 years ago in RL broadcasting in Canada showed how he understood the importance of broadcasting for the Canadian market. Showing Super League Highlights with a Canadian host, highlights of the Ontario League and the Canadian national team was crucial to introduce the game to Canadians and to prepare the networks for a future Canadian team. We had major TV exposure last year at League One level. I'm sure that Perez was actively involved in broadcasting negotiation. Not sure where he is now, and what he is working on, but I hope he is still involved, otherwise I am not optimistic. Now at Championship level, it's a different ballgame. I've expressed many concerns last month about the broadcasting conflict between Sky and Premier. Now it appears that some clubs will want money out of TV exposure. Fair enough... if we make money out of broadcasting. Because the main objective here is to show away games in Canada for a simple reason: not a single Wolfpack fan can travel every weekend across the pond. And let's be honest here. Except Summer Bash and Qualifiers, the Championship doesn't deserve to be broadcast in the UK market. UK stadiums are way too empty for that. Premier is just a mean to get the games on a feed for a Canadian network to pick up. If we cannot show our away games on Canadian TV, might as well stop our adventure here and let M62 play their favourite local sport alone, secluded and untelevised. So from a Canadian perspective we don't care about who's going to broadcast (or not) Championship games next season, what we need is an independent broadcaster capable of filming all away games and showing it on Canadian TV. Eric where are you???
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    Looks like he wants to buy the Dragons NRL team but there’s reluctance in some quarters as they fear for their jobs (possibly code for: He will bring in the best of the best and that doesn’t include us) https://wwos.nine.com.au/2017/12/26/07/03/qatar-sheik-wants-to-buy-nrl-st-george-illawarra-dragons-the-mole
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    It'd be great to have someone with the drive and resources to make things happen.
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    A rugby stadium and a team that the town can be proud of.
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    And has been the case since the birth of the sport. This is the 21st Century equivalent of not wanting to travel to Aberavon which lost the game Wales. Small minded people make for a small minded game and is why the game struggles, not because of similarly named inferior products. What other sports do to us we do it to ourselves a hundred fold.
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    I think the reason the Cenk example is interesting is for the following reason. You can have been a fundamentalist preacher but renounce it and be a high profile atheist. You can have been a creationist yet become a top biologist. You can have been an aristocrat but give it up and become a leading socialist. You can have been a communist but renounce it and become a conservative. You can have fought in an unjust war but become an anti-war campaigner. You can have been a radical terrorist but become a leading voice in the fight against terrorism. In many instances it is seen as a positive thing. However Cenk's example demonstrates you cannot have held offensive views about women and be rehabilitated. It's worth pointing out he removed the said posts 12 years ago without prompting because he had disavowed them. This wouldn't be the only case of this (there's little way back from being a top ranking Nazi) but it is very telling about the atmosphere we find ourselves in.
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    One point against him is that he was not that young, he was in his early 30s. There are two different types of comments which are drawing criticism. The first are the type where he has made stupid comments about women like their being genetically inferior. I think there is an argument that he was being ironic but it is pretty indefensible. This of course has never been ok. The second is where he talks about women in a sexualised way. I would argue that this was more acceptable 18 years ago. The idea that men found hot women sexually attractive and checked them out wasn't seen as a problem. Now it would be seen as objectification. A good example would be attitudes to pornography which is again quite taboo in certain circles after a period of being progressive. Also, his comment where he says Mardi Gras was one of the best nights of his life because he kissed 23 women and felt countless breasts wouldn't have been viewed through the prism of consent like it is now. This would have been presumed and at most seen as a bit sleazy. People are using comments from 2013 where he was saying how hot the women in Miami were as proof that he hasn't changed. This is where I suspect we'll see a new form of sexual puritanism coming in. I have no doubt in my mind that Uygur (and the vast majority of heterosexual men) still finds hot woman sexually attractive and is checking them out in his head. However, this is becoming socially unacceptable. It won't change matters it will just mean that people pretend that they don't.
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    He's good enough for League 1 no doubt about that, taking a step down.
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    Well that's up to you. Personally I just get on with mine and try not to overthink things. Is there a God? In all probability there isn't. Doesn't stop people believing in one though. Just be good without God. That's how I try to be. This board at times though.... wow.
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    It's called enjoying yourself at the game. Give it a go.
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    Perez is the one who brought his dream to reality but he's not the one actually running the team people know that right? His plan was always to get more teams going in NA and he's onto the next ones, but the team that made us a success is still there and we have more sponsors, better players and are opening up the Magic Weekend as a Championship team...I guess things are all down hill eh? We're still his baby and he's a Torontonian so TWP will always be his team but he's here for RL to proper not just one team. Things some of the UK owners don't seem to be able to do.
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    There are a few players who could have played scrum half or standoff, e.g. Doug Flutie and Tim Tebow, but they are certainly exceptions.
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    The US has always had an amoral attitude towards arms sales, they’d happily supply both sides in a genocidal war as long as it made them money.
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    That will begin this season. Some of us (dozens, perhaps hundreds? not thousands) will be coming to see games in the UK, with a probable surge around Magic Weekend and/or the Summer Bash. Too bad everyone there will be boycotting the Magic Weekend curtain-raiser; maybe Wolfpack fans will be in the majority for that game! How much money do I need to spend on my trip to make you happy? Oh wait, you don't like Toronto just pouring money into the game.
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    I supported Manly once as a young guy. One day I bumped into some team mates while I was holding a bucket of Holy Water. I spilt some on them and they burst into flames, turned into some kind of demonic smoke form and flew off into the night howling a demonic howl. I supported Nth QLD after that.
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    All of the players you have mentioned have been Wingers, Centres , Fullbacks or Stand offs at some point in their careers. The Australian philosophy is to put the best players into the team, fullbacks are normally the best all round players that have often started in another role in the backs. Wingers often become centres, wingers and centres often become fullbacks as they develop. Jarryd Hayne at the 2013 World Cup is a classic example. Look at where he had played prior to that competition. He was the equal leading try scorer. What they do not do is play Backrowers in the Centres, that just says we have no outside backs we are comfortable playing there at Test level. It may have been the turning point in this World Cup or it may have kept the game closer than what it could have been. Who knows.

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