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    This is all just ######, small town, small game, small mind ######, we don’t deserve this game of ours.
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    To watch Oldham walk out at Wembley in the challenge cup final
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    I know a few GOD-believing folk who are absolutely not weak minded; some of the toughest, most mentally robust people you’ll ever come across. Belief in another high purpose or being doesn’t mean you are weak-minded.
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    For the team-Win the Law Cup, have a successful season in League 1,avoid a crippling injury list and enjoy another season of Rugby following our team all over the country meeting friends from all other clubs.Sammy Gee to come out of retirement . From the club front, i dont wish for anything cause it wont happen lol. Always proud to be a Yed no matter what the politics are, those lads in Red and White doing their best for the club and town will do for me, thats what makes me proud to be a small part of ORLFC no matter who runs the ship.
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    White European Christianity has caused millions of deaths; as has Islam, Buddhism and other religions. But non-religious individuals and groups have done exactly the same. Religion isn’t the issue; it’s power and how that corrupts people’s behaviour in the quest for more of it.
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    Just to help you out a bit, Leigh have been very supportive of Canadian RL - Toronto/Scarborough Centurions used our old kit and Leigh lad Stuart Donlan coached your national team. Perez tried to buy us in 2014 I believe. Lot of not nice stuff went on in 2016, which will leave a bad taste and a very hostile reception will await for the 2018 opener at LSV - not against CRL or TWP but individuals who caused a lot of the events in 2016 will be given some verbals, any TWP fans making the journey will have a great time, trust me. Talking to our travel company it looks like we will be bringing about 1000 over in June for the return fixture RL is a religion in the old manufacturing and pit towns of Northern England, real passion and community. We have been shat on since 1895 by the establishment, banned as a sport in the armed forces and at universities for most of that time. A RU player who tried RL as an amateur would be banned for life in RU until not long ago, the French Hitler supporting Vichy government even seized RL's assets and gave them to RU in the 40's RL is the toughest sport on the planet, enjoy it and take it to the next level. NAM pro league would be great for the sport I love
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    7 posts deleted. Getting personal now, behave please. I know it's the off-season and you're having to spend time with your family but no need to take it out on the forum...
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    As a Toronto Season Ticket holder, as much as I initially thought this move by Leigh was small minded, and just another shot in the foot, upon reflection, I actually think it's fair. The Premier TV deal should be with league, or at minimum some funds should be payed to the home team if it''s strictly a Wolfpack deal. However, the way Beaumont announced his desire by a threatening tweet, was kind of lame, and 'dickish". It should have been done quietly, rather than trying to stir up the fanbase. It kind of seems like Donald Trump style BS.
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    Tom went from villain to hero today, and showed that he wanted to be involved and not frightened of taking on a fairly resolute Dewsbury defensive line. He has quite obviously been training on the muscle, and what he offers us on today's display is an impact player who can change the course of a game. Additionally, he gives us quality cover as a decent place kicker. I hope he continues to progress within our squad, and wish the lad all the best for the forthcoming campaign.
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    Carcassonne/Aude, and Villeneuve/Aquitaine don't have the concentrated population centres nor the financial resources to support a Super League club. There has been something stated about this from prominent Aude rugby league figures a few years ago, but I cannot recall by whom and where. After Catalans, Toulouse, and Avignon have laid down a southern base for rugby league, the smart idea would be to go to Paris and create a more national footprint into France's centre of finance and media. Rugby league will never get much media attention or serious government or private funding until it is present in Paris. After Paris should come Lyon (where there is already an admittedly weak Elite club) because it is the second/third biggest city (depending on whether you include metropolitan area) in France. Finally we should have a club in the other second/third biggest city, Marseille -- preferably ahead of Bordeaux or Montpellier or Nantes, all of which have the minimum population and a legitimate claim. I would leave the three Aude teams and Villeneuve to base the remnants of French playing talent, along with the Catalans and Toulouse reserves, and hopefully Nantes, Montpellier and Bordeaux. If Paris and three other southern teams are in Super League, with nationwide TV coverage (at least BeIN is likely), the national interest will be such that it will be much easier to recruit sponsors and players for Super League teams in Lyon and Marseille, as well as Elite standard sponsors, playing talent and supporters from places like Nantes, Montpellier, and Bordeaux.
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    For the Wolfpack, it will be known as the "Pillage in the Sports Village"?
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    Does anyone have that Qatari guy's number?.. I'll give him a call.
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    What about Ainscough? I also heard that Batley have offered Tom Hemingway a 5yr extension on his contract after his display today..
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    I hated Sunday pub hours. Thank God they're more relaxed these days Often go into town for brekkie at the local Weatherspoons on a sunday morning. I'm guessing I'm of a similar mindset to Phil. I'd love to see a complete separation of Church and State. I'd go further as well. Start taxing Religion and get rid of all religious exemptions including ritual slaughter. Get rid of all taxpayer funded faith schools and bring the hammer down on all the illegal faith schools that are known to exist. Give children their childhood back and allow them to make an informed choice at a later age. But.... I don't see that happening so I just go with the flow. No point getting worked up over it. I'm a member of the NSS and hopefully the money they raise helps to fight the excess of religion when needed. At the end of the day though we are supposed to live in a secular society so at least lets all try to get along no matter what we do or don't believe in.
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    You win! 121 year head start on most of us at learning to love the game, but still the win is important! The idea as guests your doing your hosts a favour is preposterous, you have the advantage of a full time squad and your hosts are good enough to take the beatings and shake hands and smile afterwards. ...and covering their flights and accomodation, but you’re right of course, it’s preposterous to consider that as any sort of a favour that makes it possible for part-time players to enjoy what is for many the experience of a lifetime. Actually I just realized I misread your comment there, and that you were mocking my suggestion that the WP were helping other teams by bring more fans on the road. It’s hard to understand how those teams wouldn’t appreciate the extra revenue. That’s independent of the issue of competetive imbalance resulting from the RFL’s insistance on starting us in League 1. It is kind of ridiculous to mix part-time teams with fully-professional ones in the same league, though York City and Keighley both proved nothing is impossible. I believe most other teams enjoyed the challenge and played some of their best games against us. We’re making the best of the path we must take to get to Super League, and I’m sorry that you will be upset when we earn our spot there,
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    And preseason results don't mean much as we found out last year.
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    Parky, your distant assessment of rugby in Canada leaves a lot to be desired, sure it has a good small grassroots community presence. It has been at this same level for decades and failed to produce a successful Canadian team. There is too big a jump between amateur local level and modern professional RU. The Canadian players have to go abroad to play, in attempt to get near the level they need to be. Even with that, the Canada National team is in dire straights, as recent results show. If anything, it is a case study in how grassroots development does not necessarily lead to a successful professional sport. As for MLR, that has the look of failure written all over it. Seven teams spread across the South and West of the USA, with massive travel costs and tiny stadiums, it doesn't look any more sustainable than PRO rugby. The Ontario Arrows, and their couple of hundred twitter followers (if that is a gauge of interest), will be lucky to get a few hundred attending a game. Also they seem to be playing most of their exhibition games away, as they haven't confirmed a venue in Toronto (sounds familiar?).
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    A couple of decent ladders from a local store would sort any ticketing issues, 700 already booked on
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    I’m pretty sure that I’m like most on here who don’t give a monkeys whether you worship Odin, Jehovah, Allah or a multiplicity of gods. What I do object to is when a state sponsored religion tells me what I can and can’t do on a specific day, what I can and can’t eat, wear, say, read etc.
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    And some Batley fans............
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    I know it's oft-repeated but it is 100% true: you can judge a person by how they treat the people who 'serve' them whether that's in a restaurant, a bar or a shop.
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    I saw a comic last week, that I now can't find, that suggested that everyone should spend time in a service industry like waiting tables as a compulsory national service when they're young. Just to see it from that side for a while. Might make people a whole lot nicer to those who are providing service to them.
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    Considering the types of nations who are trying to get into the ENWC, either to help them prepare for the 2021 Qualifiers or to help expose their respective national teams to a higher level, should we as a code be looking at holding the ENWC every 2 years moving forward? Considering the 2021 participants would be known in 2019, 2020 would be a great time to schedule the next event, allowing those who have missed out plus the next group of India's, etc to play in a major event?
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    What Perez did 5-7 years ago in RL broadcasting in Canada showed how he understood the importance of broadcasting for the Canadian market. Showing Super League Highlights with a Canadian host, highlights of the Ontario League and the Canadian national team was crucial to introduce the game to Canadians and to prepare the networks for a future Canadian team. We had major TV exposure last year at League One level. I'm sure that Perez was actively involved in broadcasting negotiation. Not sure where he is now, and what he is working on, but I hope he is still involved, otherwise I am not optimistic. Now at Championship level, it's a different ballgame. I've expressed many concerns last month about the broadcasting conflict between Sky and Premier. Now it appears that some clubs will want money out of TV exposure. Fair enough... if we make money out of broadcasting. Because the main objective here is to show away games in Canada for a simple reason: not a single Wolfpack fan can travel every weekend across the pond. And let's be honest here. Except Summer Bash and Qualifiers, the Championship doesn't deserve to be broadcast in the UK market. UK stadiums are way too empty for that. Premier is just a mean to get the games on a feed for a Canadian network to pick up. If we cannot show our away games on Canadian TV, might as well stop our adventure here and let M62 play their favourite local sport alone, secluded and untelevised. So from a Canadian perspective we don't care about who's going to broadcast (or not) Championship games next season, what we need is an independent broadcaster capable of filming all away games and showing it on Canadian TV. Eric where are you???
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    Looks like he wants to buy the Dragons NRL team but there’s reluctance in some quarters as they fear for their jobs (possibly code for: He will bring in the best of the best and that doesn’t include us) https://wwos.nine.com.au/2017/12/26/07/03/qatar-sheik-wants-to-buy-nrl-st-george-illawarra-dragons-the-mole
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    It'd be great to have someone with the drive and resources to make things happen.
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    A rugby stadium and a team that the town can be proud of.
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    And has been the case since the birth of the sport. This is the 21st Century equivalent of not wanting to travel to Aberavon which lost the game Wales. Small minded people make for a small minded game and is why the game struggles, not because of similarly named inferior products. What other sports do to us we do it to ourselves a hundred fold.
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    Back into the championship please.That's it.
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    I think there are other parts of France that would need to build up before PSG would even consider it. The future is obviously going to be conference based. 6 areas in France is not that hard a prospect to achieve. Catalans, Toulouse, Avignon, Carcassonne/Aude, Villeneuve/Aquitaine and one other would be a huge spread for the game to work off for the future.
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    No, the longest night is 21st December lots of pre Christian religions had a celebration then, the Romans called it Sol invictus the unconquerable sun, the Germans and Norse called it Jol or Yule the festival of the wheel of the year so no, not rubbish
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    Why? are the centurions interested in signing him?
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    Our forwards will be giving out everything for 'free' at Summer Bash...Bussey has been placed in charge of the charity donations file...he will explain it all then, in plain language, that everyone will understand. Coach Rowley, being a man of the highest integrity and morals, has approved everything in advance. Emmitt will also be giving out 'freebies' for the freeloaders.
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    I'm an atheist, but I recognise that God gives succour, relief, and strength during times of pain suffering and hardship to those who do.
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    The Balkan Cup/Championship was reinstated earlier this year. Featured Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria. Bosnia and Herzegovina pulled out last minute from the tournament. Serbia defeated Greece in the final. Arguably off the back of the Balkan Cup, all participating nations in the club competition should also enter a team in the Championship / Cup. Sure Serbia would win it, but at least it ensures that these nations have access to regular competition and can continue to develop.
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    A stadium would be great,not likely unfortunately but we can pray.I'm always proud of the team as they're on the field of play.
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    Hamilton hand our club over to a person or persons that have the drive and ambition to fulfil its potential.
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    Yeah Flutie would have been a rugby great in either code. Steve Nash type athlete. Just had that awareness and a natural leader.
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    Perhaps more to the point, why didn't Premier sports & Toronto speak to DB & the stadium management company before going to the press? That way, when Derek was asked the question on twitter the response would have been different. As others have said (Canadians as well) since perez had taken a back seat at the club the administration of it has taken a bit of a nose dive.
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    You are either blind or...nope...you gotta be stone cold blind!
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    Why is this being billed by some as a grudge match, Leigh will take the field with a team of players that in most probabillity will be made up 90% players new to the club, even the Wolfpack will be fielding over half their team with no Leigh connection, Mr Beaumont says he bears no grudges to the Rowleys, and I assume he paid them both handsomely while in his employ so where are the grudges?
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    Patience is the greatest ingredient. Make a bit water pastry. Melt 125g good lard in 150ml water. Add to 450g flour. Mix well. Don't use supermarket lard. Use a good butcher... if you can get Italian lard it makes very crispy pastry. Lovely. Then set aside. At least 3-4 hours. Some wait overnight. It will cool and as it cools it will stiffen. Then you will need a dolly. I have two... see below. Start using the larger one. It' easier to work. Cut pastry enough for a pie and set aside enough for a lid. For the dough into a stiff 1cm thick paté about 1ckm diameter bigger than the dolly. Then placing your hand around the dough slowly work it up the sides of the dolly until you have the height of your pie. Pie mix 75/25 shoulder/belly mix. I double mince about 25% of the mix to give a variance in texture. 1.6% salt. Pepper... use 50/50 black/white. Pinch mace. Allspice and a few grates of nutmeg. Leave 2 days. To assemble push the meat firmly into your pie she'l to get the air out and ensure a tight pie. Egg wash your lid on. Cook 190 for about 80 mins. Leave to cool before putting your jelly in. For the jelly use pigs feet not gelatin. It' easy and much much better
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    Seriously, how the f do TV rights work over there? In any other league I know of, the league owns the TV rights. The league sells the TV rights, national or international. The league takes that money, and distributes it to the teams. How much more mickey mouse can this get?
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    You do talk some guff at times Parky. Toronto have been a success in attracting a sizeable new audience to a sport about which they knew nothing previously. You won't agree because it doesn't fit your current favourite theme of a doom-laden future; nothing ever will in fact. The "massive support" (I could have used a better adjective admittedly) refers to the British RL clubs who overwhelmingly supported Toronto's application, not to a few RL fanatics like us who spend weekends posting on forums. All the rest comes from an extrapolation of your imagination, which is seldom worth addressing. Have a merry christmas.
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    This is going to be a bit of a political rant with a bit of swearing, so heads up. Why do we keep giving racists things, or let them take away things from us? If I wear red laces in my boots, I have to explain to people that it has NOTHING to do with racism, it is just the colour of my laces Shaved head? Still nothing to do with racism. Fred Perry gold and black polo shirts are the new thing racists are claiming, and I know of so many people who are giving up on that style, and even the brand. Fred Perry has come out against hate time after time, but it doesn't seem to matter. ****racism, ****hate, ****letting racists take things from other people making it theirs. Things that belong to different cultures, different subcultures, different styles, religions and fashions are not theirs to twist and ruin.