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    Hahahaha. So in summary your team lost.
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    We lost that game ourselves Sweaty, don't go putting the blame at anywhere other than bad game management and unhelpful substitution's when we were 14 points up.
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    3:30pm (UK Time) French Elite 2 - Grand Final Lescure-Arthes v Villegailhenc No offence to the Rochdale & Swinton, but I might watch a bit of this. Two teams I haven't seen before, and a look at the playing standards of Elite 2.
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    Ref pulled them back into the game and was embarrassed so gave Leigh a pen to save his harris, Leigh not making the 4 will have serious repercussions and this ref may have cost many a person their job.
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    Agreed, though when they get annoying, the ignore button is your friend. I use it sparingly but have two Fev posters on it due to exactly this kind of behaviour! Daft thing is, we really could have done with you beating them as overhauling fax was our best chance of a top six finish - for me, don't count yourselves out, all teams have a dip in form. You will be up there come the business end of the season.
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    Glad you recognise that EEP, but please explain to me why all those who hated Leigh, Rowley and his players who write on these pages, suddenly developed an affinity for Rowley and his players many of whom previously wore the Cherry and White of Leigh when they moved over to Toronto, I suspect that had it been another UK club they would have carried the same mantle of hatred.
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    Not an option unfortunately, presumably as the different camera angles create more doubt if nothing else as has been the case in the past. The video ref yesterday could only be used to check the grounding which I think is the future but that’s another topic. We were sat in the corner so were initially reliant on the reaction of the crowd. Odd for so many people to think it’s gone over if that wasn’t the case, but similarly there was one in the first half then people thought had missed but was given. When it comes down to it, the touch judges are all very experienced in their field and you’ve got to go with their judgement, although I will say they weren’t helped in their job by what look to be some VERY short goalposts compared to other stadiums. Very entertaining game played with tremendous intensity and it looks like it’ll be a real cracker when the two teams meet in Toronto at the end of June. Could be a scenario where we’ll be going over there desperate for a win depending on how we fare away to Toulouse a fortnight earlier.
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    Yes watching on Sky, and being someone who watches a lot of Rugby of both codes, Ive seen Kicks missed and given and vice versa , made but not given. (Pat Richards for Catalans put a conversion over in 2016, but it wasn't given in a home game, when it would have made in 34-34 with a few min left) For Me Reynolds got that, and surely it should have been TMO. I was gutted for Leigh. On the basis of this game, and seeing how SL is shaping up I can see these two doing well in the Middle 8s, and fighting to be 3-5 and either get the Magic 3rd place and up or end up in the MPG. I feel whoever of Cats/Hudds/Wakey/Hull KR ends up in the 8s is fine for top 2. Salford look MPG game material or worse. Widnes might find a little form in the 8s, and end up in the MPG or somehow scrape 3rd. Basically 6 strong teams in the 8s, the last 2 will take a few hammerings once the squad depth hits. Hope TO can make it for the 8s, along with London.
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    Thankfully a voice of reason. Leigh will still be in the qualifiers, their only potential loss for the rest of the season is the Toronto away game. They may well even be be the first team to win in Toronto. In the qualifiers, it will be another nail-bitter between the teams that could go either way. A tough loss today for sure, but when the 8s start, everyone is on zero points.
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    Whatever it is he has should be siezed upon by the military, nothing has ever got under the radar better than he has, the man eaens a fortune and is totally invisible.
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    Does a win in the RL Challenge Cup really affect the SL table?
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    Last time I checked 28 doesn't go into 19 so with Maudling,Akehurst,Hambley injured as per the website ,Leatherbarrow,Tansey,Rooke Ryan and Patrick may be just not selected. There doesn't have to be a story behind everytime a player isn't picked. Good luck today Town 30-22
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    We lost. We've done ok til may. Now we've lost a few some from other clubs like the kick back they get from a wind up. I don't know why the human race has a small percentage that find a need to behave that way.... i just accept it happens. I've seen enough to suggest top four is too optimistic this season.
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    Give it a go, you’ll be great
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    I watched that obstruction try a few times and still can’t see it . Just totally bemusing folk , and even the comms , with all this . I think the refs boss really needs to come out and get with the coaches to sort this and simplify it . Really ridiculous forensic robotic interpretations without any common sense at all and it’s got out of hand . You just know now every time
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    Im happy to answer that Harry. Leigh unfortunately had a section of fans on this board and others who didnt endear themselves to many others. Plenty of us enjoyed watching Leigh earn their promotoin over those two years, but dont forget that there are instilled rivalries and bitterness already there that arent for Toronto.
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    There are loads of people who want Toronto to succeed. Every single rugby league fan should want Toronto to succeed, even if they don't like the guy who is coaching them right now. I think that desire to have a Canadian team do well and for an expansion gamble to pay off well makes people more forgiving of the way Rowley gets his team to play. It shouldn't though. The behaviour of the Toronto players in the Challenge Cup game, particularly their captain, was an absolute embarrassment that only shows the game in a negative light. Not that there aren't people who hate Toronto simply because they are an expansion club and want to blame them for the slow death of their own team despite the two things being entirely unrelated. However, Toronto should be called out when the behaviour of their players isn't acceptable, including those within the club who seem to encourage it (and seem to have encouraged such behaviour with their previous club too). At the moment it seems like they get a free pass because they're a bit of novelty.
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    Great goal by Bale , horror show by the goalie , and usual disgraceful cheating by Ramos . I love the WC but that’s the kind of cheatfest it also is to often . Anything to win now
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    Against a confident and nearly fully fit Catalans, it was always going to be a hard task. Not sure if Ward is playing injured but he had a shocker. You only have to look at the rest of our pack in that game to see how we can get steamrolled at times. There’s been some poor signings in the past couple of years. Leeds need to replace Galloway ASAP. They’re in a hole but it can be turned around. Myler was the one player to standout and had a very good return to Perpignan
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    I agree with sweaty for a neutral that game was handed to Toronto then a guilty pen at the end. On rowley he is a disgusting human being who wants expunging from our game. He works with clubs with money then try’s to make them thugs. He is limited and if he played as hard as his pathetic rant today he might have been a SL great. He needs ousting quickly he’s vermin and a parasite. I’m no leigh can either I’m just sick of his teams playing the same and today showed him and Toronto up again
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    Somewhere in between I guess. Catalans are taking steps forward. Leeds have been rubbish for a couple of months. Although their injuries are certainly a mitigating factor.
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    This int the refs fault..... we're simply sheeite!
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    Yeah he has changed nothing. I don't think I've really heard from him since his first couple of days when he constantly rambled on about his little black book and how him and his contacts were going to transform things. Well nothing has changed.
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    Think they must have a recruiting agent in every Sydney police station.

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