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  1. From the 'friendlies' so far my team to start the season would be: Hawkyard Jones-bishop McComb Holmes Kershaw Bowman Brook Joy Greenwood Law Calland whittel Bent Subs: Wilkinson, Nelmes, Spencer, Johnson
  2. I'd definately offer Maders a contract
  3. We've an artificial pitch so it shouldn't be a problem on that front
  4. Who is it? I think I might have an idea but don't want to commit and look stupid if I'm wrong
  5. Hopefully that means McComb will sign as well
  6. Don't know much about him to be honest. Obvs know of his brother
  7. I'm pretty sure he played in the halves when he started at swinton. Give him a try there His brother would be a good signing as well
  8. It looks as if we'll just have two hookers on the match day squad. Was silly playing with three. Should have more balance. Hope we can keep Wilkinson
  9. I'm pretty sure we'll playing him at 6. I bet that's why we brought him back
  10. Are any players half way through 2 year deals?
  11. We were struggling in the forwards. Why play 2 hookers on the bench. Should have put in rasool who can cover centre or second row
  12. That's what I mean. It's there for all to see we need to strengthen the halves
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