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  1. Josh crowley

    Think he' packed in. Not retained by Rochdale
  2. Law cup week 😁

    Wonder if lepori is staying put
  3. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Great signing!!! It would be good if we could get his brother Chris out of retirement that would be lovely ;-). He'd fill in nicely at centre
  4. Nathan Chappell

    Hunsket are putting a decent side together. I think the coach may hold them back. Personally I don't rate him, just my opinion. League 1 will be the most competitive yet. Bradford, us, hunslet, Doncaster, York, Keighley, Whitehaven and worky
  5. 2018 Fixtures

    Tough division this
  6. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Terrific signing. Spoilt for choce with 2nd rowers Definitely need more backs which Scott has already eluded to
  7. Adam Jones

    Signed for Oldham. Any good?
  8. 2018 Squad and signings.

    If we get any injuries we're f**ked lol
  9. 2018 Squad and signings.

    So what have we got at the moment: 1 Nield 2 Ecclestone 3 Rasool 4 Reid 5 Johnson 6 Crook 7 Hewitt 8 Joy 9 Owen 10 Neal 11 Briscoe 12 Langtree 13 Spencer Wilkinson Hughes Nelmes Davies This squad is a lot better than I expected it to be at this stage. Need more depth especially in the backs. Anybody heard any rumours?
  10. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Batley fans will also tell you the same
  11. 2018 Squad and signings.

    The way we play we don't need backs ;-)
  12. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Ben Morris has just signed a new deal at saints. Maybe they'll let us borrow him for a season
  13. 2018 Squad and signings.

    That's not really our game though lol
  14. 2018 Squad and signings.

    I think Naylor was coming round to the idea at the end
  15. 2018 Squad and signings.

    I like Scott and he's done fantastic with what he's had to work with. Hoping they'll be lessons learnt and he'll play with a bit more expansive style. Could do with resigning grimshaw and playing him 6 all season