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  1. Agreed. Rochdale were better and deserved the win. With Langtree, Davies, Chappell, Gill and Grimshaw we'll be better
  2. GT confirmed. Is that the signing everyone was talking about? Good signing and young still Does everyone think he's an improvement on middlehurst?
  3. Ideal world with them i'd have turner wing and lepori full back. Both their natural positions
  4. Shayne McMenemy haha
  5. I thought tyson got a better deal elsewhere?
  6. If the second rower is sorted then surely you can give us a clue CCR? Lol
  7. Richard Marshall is the coach at Halifax. Do you mean Richard Moore?
  8. Looks like Massam chose Rochdale over us. Rochdale are building a decent side
  9. So can you give a clue now thebull13? Haha
  10. So is it confirmed but just waiting to be announced CCR?
  11. I don't think we need hemingway now
  12. Thanks thebull13. Any clues? Ha
  13. Im intrigued who the big signing for us that thebull13 mentioned
  14. Rochdale have signed miles greenwood as well. Looks like they're putting together a decent side
  15. So are we saying hemingway and Neal?