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  1. chiefgeneral

    Top, top, top, top, top of the league.

    Look at West Wales points difference 😮
  2. chiefgeneral

    York away

    York > Oldham
  3. chiefgeneral

    Doncaster Away

    I think we got crook a year too late and Hewitt shouldn't have been resigned (Not good enough). Fact of the matter though is they are the only out and out half backs on the books. Probably nobody available and too late to get someone in. We're stuck until season end
  4. chiefgeneral

    Doncaster Away

    Bradford and York by far deserve to go up. Didn't expect to go up at start of season. Our half backs are average at best. This area needs to get better for us to stand a chance of promotion
  5. chiefgeneral

    Workington Town

    Where's Beharell gone?
  6. chiefgeneral

    Workington Town

    I'd try and get Yates from Rochdale if possible. Best mates with Gaz Owen I think too
  7. chiefgeneral

    Workington away

    Seemed to work though. Great result
  8. chiefgeneral

    Workington away

    Here we go again. Back to three hookers
  9. chiefgeneral


    We were a lot better 2nd half. Might have been different had we not had that try disallowed
  10. chiefgeneral


    Just watched first half. Very sloppy and indisciplined. Lucky to only be 12 down. Don't look like scoring and bombed an overlap
  11. chiefgeneral

    York City Knights

    Are the highlights available online?
  12. chiefgeneral

    York City Knights

    York are a good side and have recruited really well
  13. chiefgeneral

    Gene Ormsby

    When do we expect a decision on the trialists?
  14. chiefgeneral

    Josh crowley

    Think he' packed in. Not retained by Rochdale
  15. chiefgeneral

    Law cup week 😁

    Wonder if lepori is staying put