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  1. Stat from the Featherstone game: 'Hewitt-13 tackles. one miss. No carries'
  2. Completely agree and thought the same for a while. Hewitt has got the traits and speed to burn but never takes on the line. If you look at brooksys stats he never makes more than 3 metres per game If we were to do anything different it has to be grimshaw at 6, which is his natural position anyway.
  3. Not many teams will win over there this year
  4. Hewitt doesn't take the line on hardly ever and never seems to offer much. I'd play leatherbarrow at 7 and grimshaw at 6
  5. Think glassie was playing wing at that time
  6. Fev

    With him having no carries does that mean he didn't take on the line or maybe got rid before contact? Almost seems like he didn't attempt to make a break. I wouldn't mind seeing grimshaw at 6 and gill at centre. More natural positions for both of them. Then move Turner to wing and lepori to full back
  7. Fev

    Not good reading for Hewitt
  8. Fev

    The fev commentators said Leatherbarrow. They said he controlled the game for us
  9. Just read this on love Rugby league: 'Punch on We hear a woman was at the heart of a recent heated moment in a pre-season game in the UK that saw two players come to blows. A source tells us that the partner of one player had been fraternising with a player from another team, hence the bad blood. The moment of madness was a matter of the heart, but it still didn't stop the player getting a fair suspension.' Could this have been what provoked George?
  10. Are the highlights going to be on roughyeds tv?
  11. Lepori fullback and Turner to wing for me
  12. Agreed. Rochdale were better and deserved the win. With Langtree, Davies, Chappell, Gill and Grimshaw we'll be better
  13. GT confirmed. Is that the signing everyone was talking about? Good signing and young still Does everyone think he's an improvement on middlehurst?
  14. Ideal world with them i'd have turner wing and lepori full back. Both their natural positions
  15. Shayne McMenemy haha