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  1. Great win this and hopefully got the monkey off our backs. This will do wonders for confidence and there is no reason why we cannot win the rest of the games this season and take some form in to the 8's
  2. Leatherbarrow off injured as well
  3. Guess this sums up our season. Always in the lead or level till 3 mins from time. Sounds like bottle job case again. Surely must be favourites for relegation now
  4. Agreed having the threat of halves attacking the line draws in the defence. Previously they could just slide and have it covered
  5. That's more like it from the halves
  6. This is so good to read. Really happy for Dave Hewitt got all the attributes, just need confidence I guess
  7. I was thinking more halfbacks from an attacking perspective. Plus our half backs are struggling at present
  8. Surely Naylor has some contacts within the game to do a few attacking sessions with as a favour. Paul Deacon or Henry Paul come to mind
  9. I don't think anyone on this forum would disagree with grimshaw comment. Heck, I think most if not all want him at 6
  10. Why not try and get walne back? He should be back from injury now
  11. It's a psychological thing. Haven't Huddersfield giant's got a sports psychologist we can use as part of dual reg agreement
  12. I used to love Shayne McMenemy even though he wasnt with us that long
  13. Stat from the Featherstone game: 'Hewitt-13 tackles. one miss. No carries'
  14. Completely agree and thought the same for a while. Hewitt has got the traits and speed to burn but never takes on the line. If you look at brooksys stats he never makes more than 3 metres per game If we were to do anything different it has to be grimshaw at 6, which is his natural position anyway.
  15. Not many teams will win over there this year