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  1. Agreed hardly a balanced comment but hey ho
  2. Thank you I don't suppose there is a venue for E V W?
  3. Has anyone got the dates for the play off rounds please
  4. Widnes Vikings are saddened to hear that former Widnes Captain Mick Adams passed away overnight.Mick made over 400 appearances for the Club, scoring 68 tries during his time with the Club in the 1970s and 80s. Mick also won a number of trophies and played in over 25 finals with the Club including four Challenge Cups, three Premiership finals, five Lancashire Cups, the BBC Floodlit Trophy as well as winning the Championship title with Widnes. In 1992, Mick was inducted into Widnes hall of fame following his time at the Club.Mick also gained international honours with 6 caps for England including the 1975 World Cup and also with Great Britain, going to gain 13 caps.The Club would like to pass on their sincere condolences to Mick's family and friends at this time. Widnes Vikings would like to make supporters aware that a minute's applause will take place prior to the Castleford game as a mark of respect for Mick.
  5. Will be a very emotional one for the Vikings with the loss of the great Mick Adams what a gentleman, what a player
  6. I meant the RFL but I think you knew that all along by your answer
  7. Summer Rugby for the amateurs has been a disaster. In the last season of a Winter North West Counties there must have been around 6 divisions and around 20 NW based Summer Conference clubs. First mistake was to let established clubs play against the fledgling Summer clubs and then to push, and they did push, the Winter clubs to Summer. Most ARL teams only have the bare minimum to turn a team out and once 2 or 3 are missing each week for holidays and BBQs you really are struggling to turn a team out, that in turn means a lad knows he can cry off one week in full knowledge he will get a game the week after. All the RFL staff that were taken on with Government money have gone leaving the game in a mess.
  8. 7pm tonight for the draw
  9. Not clear at all when you compare their words with the video. If Smith doesn't get hurt it wouldn't have been worth a mention. None of the Saints players complain about the tackle and Roby then points out Smith is hurt,
  10. Going to be an awful lot of bans this season based on the above.
  11. The tackle was on the shoulder apparently and the broken leg was an unfortunate by product of the tackle. It was, I am told, marginally late hence the 2 game ban.
  12. I could happily live with that. The state of the balance sheet would have to be a contributing factor to stop clubs overspending the year before the revaluation dates.
  13. I'm a big fan of the 14 team SL concept. HKR are strong enough now and with the two overseas clubs and the reemergence of London with Fax, Fev and the Bulls knocking about a 14 team comp is viable. As it stands we have 11 UK towns or city's dining at the top table and that will reduce if any of the three leading candidates get in the current set up. We could do away with the Mickey Mouse Super 8s and have one up one down therefore presenting a healthy and vibrant image.
  14. Follow Sheffield, low travel costs, they need you. Due to low crowds you will soon get to know other fans on nodding terms and you will have a sense of ownership with any success whatsoever. Club functions will be within easy reach.