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  1. They have now produced a number of SL players. What is it with RL fans that they think another 1,000 on the gate is the difference between being a viable asset to the game as oppossed to being a liability. Clubs like Widnes, Wakefield and Leigh have existed as proffesional sports club for over a 100 years with RL being a major thing in their communaties are they to be compared to clubs who often only have the crowds they have due to a single man throwing in huge amounts? What happens when the bline behind Toronto walks away who will be next to fund the loss making exercise. Progress is required but lets not knock away foundation stones of the game that have stood the test of time for gold baubles of clubs.
  2. Thanks for the update
  3. Glad you enjoyed it. I have messaged you re progs.
  4. The Rugby Football League have confirmed that all 12 Super League clubs have unanimously voted in favour of keeping the current structure in place for 2018.All 12 clubs met earlier this month to discuss the success of the current 2017 season and possible plans for the future of the competition.And the RFL said: “The clubs were unanimous in their view that the 2017 Super League season has provided great entertainment and excitement and that whilst the plan is still to review the merits of the current structure from 2019 onwards, it was in the best interests of the competition that there were no major changes made for the start of the 2018 season.Rugby Football League Chief Commercial Officer and Super League Executive Director, Roger Draper, said: “The 2017 Betfred Super League season is one of the most exciting in recent years and Castleford’s victory earlier this month, crowning them League Leaders for the first time in their 91-year history, was a fantastic occasion for all involved with the club.“Following a brilliant Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Final, we now go into the final four rounds of the season looking forward to seeing who will join Castleford in the semi-finals, with any one of the seven other teams in the Super 8s still in with a chance of making the top four. The fact that Castleford are the sixth different club to top the league in six seasons is testament to the tremendous competition that exists in Super League.“The meeting held earlier this month was another positive one and all clubs were fully engaged and excited about the issues we discussed. The Rugby Football League and every Super League club is determined that we work together to grow this great game and we now have clarity for the 2018 season and time to consider a variety of options for future years.”Source: Official SL website.
  5. Do Bein Sports give any money for televising Catalans? In regards to visiting fans to Perpignan I reckon the average club takes around 400 with more than half staying in Loret and are bussed in therefore spending very little in Perpignan.
  6. 14 Team SL Bottom 2 in SL and top 2 in Championship play off for 2 SL spots 13 V 14 and 1 v 2 Semis. Top 5 play off
  7. Can you letvus know the dates if it comes off please. Out at end of September
  8. Kevin Larroyer Banned

    Didn't Nick Scrotum get banned for something similar?
  9. Jamie Acton

    My oh my some of this is quite ridiculous. Bird had his arms wrapped round Reynolds body so no intent to injure, the heads clashed and Bird was obviously dazed how anyone can see it differently is mind boggling.
  10. Devastating news may he RIP
  11. Wakefield - ground news

    What so this was another empty threat to leave Belle Vue oh and a new plan for a stadium
  12. With Widnes V Leigh next up its not unreasonable to expect Catalans to finish in the bottom two
  13. Is there any meghod of recording this on a planner given its on the red button
  14. Incidentally Bird looked like he picked up a nasty knee injury