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  1. I would fly Manchester to Carcassonne and hire a car via the Ryanair website (which always seems to be the cheapest and I hire down there around 6 times a year). If you don' want to hire a car a bus meets the flight at Carcassonne you could bus it into Carcassonne and stay a night there and then train to Toulouse and bus out to the ground. If its an afternoon KO you could get back to carcassonne the same night or even have a night in Toulouse. I wouldn't go to Narbonne if you are there for a weekend as its roughly an hour the opposite way than Toulouse. There is a great lake on the edge of Carcassonne for the Sunday, you can do the huge castle or take a canal ride or walk on the Canal Du Midi which runs through the centre of Carcassonne. There are Liverpool to Toulouse flights with Easyjet too
  2. RS

    Toulouse Beef Up

    They do have the pick of the French part timers of course
  3. RS

    Toulouse Beef Up

    I thought James Bell was the best player on the park in the recent France v Scotland game he was tireles.
  4. RS

    Elite 1 live streams

    Carcassonne game on now on the Carcassonne xiii Facebook page
  5. RS

    Beaumont leaves Leigh

    Anyone that buys a RL club must be crazy he’s obviously put hundreds of thousands in that he will never see again and then getd hounded out if town. He’s a marmite character but he does’nt deserve all the abuse he gets for giving it a go
  6. RS


    I don’t think that was the point made really- the point made still stands
  7. 409k would that equate to 2,000 adult season tickets at £200 impressive for fans who thought they may not have a club.
  8. RS

    Travelling to Perpignan

    East Midlands to Carcassonne may be handier for Hull if not Manchester to Carcassonne then train or hire car
  9. I like you strongly suspect he knew it was £200k. I do believe he thought it highly highly likely. There is a lot of competion for players and two/three year deals are often what it takes to get over the finishing line therefore given the perceived low risk the two year deals were are a reasonable business decision. If Leigh had finished fourth the players would have been no doubt unreasonably highly paid for overall medioce performances.
  10. I am no fan of DBs personal style by a long way but stand in line those who thought Leigh were houng to miss the 8s and lose 500k of funding. in all businesses limited risk needs to be taken to move the business forward. I’m sure it didn’t enter the players nor DBs head that funding for 2019 would be 200k. To question DBs honesty in this basis is the very reason anyone backing a RL club must be crazy because sooner or later rather than be lauded you will be slaughtered by the ill informed.
  11. RS

    Milner yesterday

    Shortly after he came on, to be fair that was a given due to the short legnth of time he was on the field.
  12. I’d guess around 3,000 crowd. Soeaking to the Scottish lads they pretty pleased with themselves for putting up such stern opposition. When you think it was 4 tries to 2 it was an even better performance. If you took Escare out they were evenly matched. Very dissapointing by France and whilst I am usually a fan of taking the two on last nights overall French performance I thought it typified their unambitious play throughout. Thought the young ref had a decent game.
  13. Scotland have had a few significant drop outs. I can only see a big French win. Kavanagh, Brooks, Tierney and Oakes unavailable. The Bentleys younger brother apparently drafted in