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  1. The pat forward was a clear knock on and the one at the death was a knock on too. Not sure how he missed the high shot right in front of him.
  2. In what way is Anfield not user friendly? 50 odd thousand manage once a fortnight.
  3. Stupid RL kick off rule where the scoring team gets it back. I really don’t think Donny have had possession while Catalans have scored their last five tries 62/6 and 44/0 in 33 second half mins
  4. At the Catalans game 48/6 and scoring at will now after a close first half. Poor crowd looks under 2,000 despite 15 Euros all areas.
  5. Around 600 Widnes fans expected based on pre match sales of 400. Which York players are unavailable?
  6. Any idea where I can find this weekends fixtures with match days please (I have the full year calendar but that does not give match days) Thank you
  7. Mens venues: Manchester (Old Trafford – Final) London (Emirates – SF) Leeds (Elland Road - SF) Liverpool (Anfield - QF) Hull (FC - QF) Huddersfield (QF) Bolton (QF) Newcastle - England game (Opening match) Sheffield Bramall Lane - England game Bolton - England game Other venues for group games Warrington x 3 Group games Leigh x 3 Group games St Helens x 3 Group games Leeds (Headingley) x 3 Group games Doncaster x 3 Group games Workington (New Stadium) x 3 Group games Middlesbrough Coventry Any advance on the above?
  8. Am I right in Newcastle, Sheffield and Bolton for England group games?
  9. I get that but those circumstances don’t happen often it is unusual for a team to give several of those successively as one penalty allows a team to set the defence.
  10. I hate the whole team warning thing. A game can be won or lost on a sin binning and often the penalty that causes the sin bin punishment is a ball stealing which are very often guess work by a ref when the ball comes out. Not standing square when frequently the ball carrier moves to one side to play it is another penalty causing the binning. Surely the series of penalties itself is punishment enough. Its a draconian soloution to a problem that doesn’t exist.
  11. That is a ridiculous comment in regards to the hey day of Widnes. In SL terms yes as they have had a losing team in their time there.
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