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  1. Does anyone have the address of the new Carcassonne head office?
  2. Boots n all SL Superstars I know but they have gone nonetheless
  3. Just hope he sorts out the Middle 8's and comes up with a proper season format
  4. Looks like they have changed the date for the next round of the cup at three weeks notice which is pretty disappointing
  5. Bigger issue that he did very little of note when he was on the field last season.
  6. Thanks it was a whimsical witticism
  7. Think this is him
  8. Hope this link will work
  9. Can anyone tell me when France wore a yellow Puma shirt with Rampart as main sponsor?
  10. I went to Limoux v Albi and it was a smasge contest if a little low on quality. No rain in sight and mid teens in temperature. Thought the Albi six was their best and the numbers 8 and 11 went well for Limoux. Bit larger crowd than I expected say around 700.
  11. You can pay for the bus on the bus itself.
  13. The Arkle near the Anfield Rd/Centenary Stand corner.