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  1. My oh my some of this is quite ridiculous. Bird had his arms wrapped round Reynolds body so no intent to injure, the heads clashed and Bird was obviously dazed how anyone can see it differently is mind boggling.
  2. Devastating news may he RIP
  3. What so this was another empty threat to leave Belle Vue oh and a new plan for a stadium
  4. With Widnes V Leigh next up its not unreasonable to expect Catalans to finish in the bottom two
  5. Is there any meghod of recording this on a planner given its on the red button
  6. Incidentally Bird looked like he picked up a nasty knee injury
  7. Am I right in thinking that you have to buy the Perth tickets on a different system to the Melbourne and Brisban games i.e. you can't have them on the same order?
  8. Its screaming out for a 14 team comp I just don't get why we shouldn't go for it. A 12 team top league is hardly indicative of a thrieving sport.
  9. Furthermore by the time the fixture is played one or other of the teams may well not be able to go up or down a place and therefore put the kids out enabling the other team to have an easy two points.
  10. Not sure if the point has been made but this change will mean all the Super League top 8 and Middle 8s games having to wait another week before they can be announced giving even less time to promote the games and for fans to organise travel to France etc. Also that bit more difficult to get match sponsors etc in on time. I always ask myself would the Premier League allow this to happen and the answer on this one is a resounding no but the RFL do and we end up looking like a mickey mouse sport.
  11. Whilst one swallow....etc stands it was the nature of the performance that would lead Widnes supporters to be quietly confident of staying up. I didn't think it was a case of Leeds playing badly more a case of a very solid committed SL performance by Widnes. Of course it could all backfire next week V Catalans at Widnes but another win (Highly possible given Catalans injuries, bans, squabbles, coaching issue) then some of that dreaded momentum might come into play.
  12. I spoke to a Board Member yesterday and he stated whilst they had offers they had no intention of selling as they got involved in the first place to support the town it wasn't something they would consider.
  13. Got Ashes tickets for Brisbane and Adelaide. Going to RL at Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane SF and Final
  14. Agreed hardly a balanced comment but hey ho
  15. Thank you I don't suppose there is a venue for E V W?