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  1. The only calls I can remember worthy of debate were the ball steals and the video replays showed a very high percentage of those were correct.
  2. Fair scoreline ref had a pretty good game nothing to see here
  3. Sounded a cracking game Karma in the result?
  4. Again it was a good show and whilst the agent had all the traits of a caricature of an agent he was nonetheless very interesting. Missed Dave Woods input but this edition showed the value of having non journalists. How about a young player at some stage.
  5. I've got one and have messaged you
  6. Maybe the Summer Bash works on the level that it gives the players and fans of Championship clubs a day in the Sun. Any wider promotion of the game may be some consequential benefit but not a necessity. When you think the CC Final, the biggest event by far over the history of RL in the UK, has done little or nothing for RL development in the huge city of London its hardly fair to expext the SB to have any effect. In short why not enjoy it for what it is.
  7. Elite 1

    Just seen the Lord Derby Final is in Perpignan on Sunday June 10th the day after the Widnes game
  8. I found it really anoying and it was almost constant, pretty unreasonable I thought.
  9. Has Delbert Walked Out on Leigh? A week old but an indicator all the same
  10. Eddie Hearn’s six?

    I think the need to be a top drawer player is important, the "star" needs to have some sustainability and a profile - difficult to do without significant playing credibility and appearing in internationals and finals keeping "the star" in regular public view. Question of Sport would be a first and easily obtainable step as would being the face of any RL marketing for tests, finals and coaching material. Creating plenty of material about the player to generate general media and trade press interest. Oh and a nickname (Said slightly tongue in cheek) but the two biggest sells of modern RL have probably been Cougarmania and the Bulls both centred on new nicknames. Even if we need to dig old ones out of the past and dust them off (new one's would of course be preferable). Trouble is they sound corny when they are first aired you have just got to hope they stick and grow in a similar fashion to the Black Pearl. Some don't of course like Open Rugby's Des Foy Wonderboy but hey if you don't buy a ticket...... Incidentally I'm sure this issue is one of the causes Harry Edgar championed - Oh to get Harry in a RL role doing anything
  11. With Eddie Hearn's plan to make six RL players with raised profiles maybe this show could promote the profile of players by having a player appear on a regular basis, preaching to the converted but small steps and media training being advantages.
  12. Eddie Hearn’s six?

    Players need to be top drawer on the field for this to work. In all honesty of all the names mentioned I can only see Tomkins and Watkins (and possibly McGillvary) being of sufficient playing and personality level for it to have some decent chance of working. Graham, Widdop and Burgess would be good candidates but of course are not UK based. Of the ones bubbling under Johnstone, Currie and Grace have some promise but need to do more on the field.
  13. Huge game for Leigh so early in the season a loss would put them under huge pressure. In reality whilst making anywhere in the four is the aim finishing third or fourth gives you a really tough set of middle 8 fixtures.
  14. I really enjoyed the show and the input of all three
  15. Looks like they have corrected it