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  1. They got shafted royally in the first half today,didn’t help themselves but boy did the ref influence the game. He reffed it down the middle in the second half but the ladies were left with too much to do.
  2. The bookies clearly think so
  3. Start with Skyscanner and work from there. I have a spare final ticket if anyone decides to make the trip
  4. Whilst England are obvious huge favourites the hot weather here would be better suited to France.
  5. RLWC 2017

    I have a spare semi and final ticket both for Brisbane if a lone traveller wants to hook up. Just message me thanks.
  6. Heard this from a good source
  7. Serbia, Czech Rebublic, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, IOM, France - done around 18 grounds Perpignan - Pia, St Esteve, Gilbert B, Amie Giral. Limoux, Carcassonne, Lezignan, Albi, Carpentras, Toulouse x 3, Narbonne Limoux Flassian Prexian Ferrals Villegailhenc Villeneuve Minervois Small stadium in Carcassonne - youth tournament Soon to be Australia
  8. crowd for opener Here is the link that shows the lowest price adult tickets are 45 dollars
  9. crowd for opener

    One quick look shows there are tickets for sale for adults at 45 dollars and a further upgrade is 85 dollars. £25 for a World Cup ticket jeepers what do people want.
  10. I'm in favour of the Dragons and at push Toulouse too but with the dearth of French players and both teams relying on a number of overseas players any more teams would dilute the French talent at this stage and also reduce Elite 1 to 9 teams which is a joke league, each team in Elite One at the moment should be treasured.
  11. Elite 1 has ten clubs as it is, losing Villeneuve would weaken it still further and add little or nothing to the UK set up.
  12. Widnes had Fabien Devechi but that was in the 90s
  13. I don't agree with the dropping down the number of clubs to increase standards argument. At what point do you reduce the number until you are satisfied? If you are lookung for mid table NRL then you may have to cut to two clubs (or less). If you look at Wakefield this year most of their players would ve deemed to be the type that were dumbing down the playing standards but that hasn't proved to be the case. I think a top division in a sport should have as many clubs as reasonably possible and to my mind that would be 14 moving forward.
  14. As the game draws nearer Im starting to fancy Catalans with their big game experience players. Think Bird could swing it bringing more focus on the disgraceful decision to reduce his ban for this very eventuality i.e. Cats being in the MPG if he did Leigh would rightfully be fuming.
  15. I like that other than I'm a fan of the top 5 format. For more detail I would have no relegation in 2018 have at least one genuine promotion spot for the Championship GF winner and if Toronto were to waive their Sky money gaurantee them 14th spot. 26 games home and away classy and simple.