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  1. I like you strongly suspect he knew it was £200k. I do believe he thought it highly highly likely. There is a lot of competion for players and two/three year deals are often what it takes to get over the finishing line therefore given the perceived low risk the two year deals were are a reasonable business decision. If Leigh had finished fourth the players would have been no doubt unreasonably highly paid for overall medioce performances.
  2. I am no fan of DBs personal style by a long way but stand in line those who thought Leigh were houng to miss the 8s and lose 500k of funding. in all businesses limited risk needs to be taken to move the business forward. I’m sure it didn’t enter the players nor DBs head that funding for 2019 would be 200k. To question DBs honesty in this basis is the very reason anyone backing a RL club must be crazy because sooner or later rather than be lauded you will be slaughtered by the ill informed.
  3. RS

    Milner yesterday

    Shortly after he came on, to be fair that was a given due to the short legnth of time he was on the field.
  4. I’d guess around 3,000 crowd. Soeaking to the Scottish lads they pretty pleased with themselves for putting up such stern opposition. When you think it was 4 tries to 2 it was an even better performance. If you took Escare out they were evenly matched. Very dissapointing by France and whilst I am usually a fan of taking the two on last nights overall French performance I thought it typified their unambitious play throughout. Thought the young ref had a decent game.
  5. Scotland have had a few significant drop outs. I can only see a big French win. Kavanagh, Brooks, Tierney and Oakes unavailable. The Bentleys younger brother apparently drafted in
  6. Does anyone know what players they have left that have not moved on? I did hear they were down to 2 senior players
  7. RS

    Who Do We Select?

    Same again unless there are injuries - I think International sides should be hard to break into hence the spots being even more coverted
  8. RS

    Milner yesterday

    Looked like he was blood binned was holding his nose as he went off and it looked like a blood bin card was held up as he was replaced
  9. RS

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Sorry - It was a quote from a post at the top of this page
  10. RS

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    2 hours ago, JohnM said: 6. Yesterday's organisation was great, except no one selling tickets for next week, no club booths, just one selling England stuff, and a strange booth cutting hair. I think you mean the one with the large Rugby League Cares posters and handing out leaflets for mental health and displaying the World Cup and the trophy that was being played for that day?
  11. Whilst the action itself is undoubtably dispicable Jim himself is genuinely embarrassed and sorry for it. He has met up with the victim John Greengrass several times and the two get on very well. In regards to his other sendings off many ex players laugh and joke about past misdemeanours. Every time I saw JM sent off he was having a battle with the opposing teams tough guys for example Mike Nicolas.
  12. RS

    Anfield parking

    I have they are running the soccerbus from 12.30
  13. RS

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Just mailed them and they said they will be sent First class up to 3pm tomorrow and if there are problems after that they can be collected on match day
  14. RS

    Anfield parking

    The soccerbus is a great system which ran for the last RL game. Park near Sandhills train station then buses take you to around 300 yards ftom the ground. Loads of free street parking near Sandhills. About £1.50 each way and you can get a real flier when you get back into your car.