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  1. I feel it is disrespectful towards McDermott playing the blame game
  2. Not normally bothered if my team is involved but the article below really makes me hope Wakefield win in a canter
  3. Sad to see the main stand at Lezignan well ablaze and collapsed - hopefully the ville will stump upnfor a new stand
  4. RS

    Widnes sign Gelling

    There's always one
  5. I don’t think its as simple as RL fans stopping their subscription if they didn’t show RL. Take League out of the schedules and they would look that much thiner. I quite like boxing but I don’t subsribe because of it but if Sky were to pull all boxing I would certainly consider my subscription. We pay around £70 and thats without any movies or add on channels other than Sky Sports, if they only had RL on as a sport I follow I would be tempted to go down the snide box route for two games of UK league a week. Incidentally I have spoken to numerous colleagues/friends round the UK who have said they stick a game on when there is nothing else on and enjoy the game. I think the effect of pulling League might be larger than we may think.
  6. Williams visited Perpignan when he had a weekend off from Wigan a couple of weeks ago. He was with Sam Tomkins and Sam's partner.
  7. I wasn't impressed with Campbell for a bloke that is running a decent sized pro sports club but surprisingly I was impressed with Degsy who came across as measured and reasoned. I usually don't mind Schofield but on this show he appeared to lose his temper and failed to talk reasonably.
  8. Agred Charnley is on fire at the moment
  9. RS

    championsip predictions

    The above scenario would prove for a very juicy fixture should the teams meet the following season
  10. RS


    The tone of your reply sort of proves his point
  11. Limoux council hang out a full strip across the historic town square