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  1. Widnes North Stand (Which is the full length of the touchline) is £22 The South Stand tickets are also £22 and far that price you can sit in the lower centre of the stand if you wish. I can only assume the £36.50 and the Gold seats which are padded and act as VIP seats Pretty unfair and poor research for me
  2. 10m rule is really biting with lack of variety of play is also an issue for me.
  3. Biggest issue for me is the ticket prices and in particular at lower league level. In the 70’s I would watch my time and then catch another game however at £20 for even Championship 1 and the fact the wife watches the game with a bit if fuel its £50. Wish they would bring in a scheme fir £10 entry fir season ticket holders of other clubs.
  4. League Restructure 2019

    Is the maths correct there?
  5. Thoughts on BT Sports?

    Not when we are getting stuffed we don’t
  6. I'm not a fan of Beaumont in the slightest but I do have some sympathy with Leigh on this one. It is a very very expensive hobby running a RL Club and I can't see why Leigh would want to lose any gate money to those that will choose to watch the game on TV. Coupled with the above Toronto have obviously lured away a good number of personnel from Leigh so again I'm not sure why they should want to be flexible to suit a bitter rival. I have Premier Sports so will miss the chance to watch the game myself but if I were a Leigh fan I would not be happy about giving away TV rights in these circumstances.
  7. Playing in the snow

    Seem to remember seeing Leigh play in constant snow. With the touchlines being constantly uncovered by brush yielding groundstaff. Worst conditions I have ever watched a game in was HKR v Widnes in the cup 4-4with driving snow and sleet throughout the game.
  8. In an answer to a reply to his tweet he states it is a new board to run SL
  9. I don’t know either turned it off due to the constant drone of the crowd singing Yakshire Yakshire
  10. Lo & Behold!

    Where did I say he should fund it himself? In fact you stated ‘Cas had to pay it’ infering that was what was scandalous. For clarity in order I think it should be paid by the RLWC, PNG and if not Cas.
  11. Lo & Behold!

    Hardly scandalous. I suspect they are a very poor body and that money could fund a fsir bit in PNG. I agree it should have beem covered but I would like to see the RLWC pay those expenses.
  12. I have exactly the same concerns as Evil H for what it is worth. Some throw away round figures and jumping from Hayne to reserve grade untried coaches hardly inspires fine grain detail in the bid. When I have seen the guy at Catalan games he does appear to have a minor role and to jump from that to heading up an organisation that will lose massive money in the furst few years in the hope that RL catches the N American sports publics imagination does sound fancifull.
  13. They got shafted royally in the first half today,didn’t help themselves but boy did the ref influence the game. He reffed it down the middle in the second half but the ladies were left with too much to do.
  14. Can England beat Tonga? The bookies clearly think so