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  1. GB wearing Halbro ah the good old days are back
  2. RS

    New league structure revealed

    It's not that much more to find given the Champ 1 clubs were on 90k anyway
  3. RS

    New league structure revealed

    Gareth Walker reporting proposals passed
  4. His behaviour towards the ref yesterday was appalling as was that of ine or two ither Catalan pkayers. Moore looked like he was zig zaging away from the Catalan players sfter the full yime whistle to avoid more stick. He should have binned a couple of players for dissent.
  5. It is that Lake a couple of miles out of Carcassonne with inflatables, a beach area and a Jungle Jims type area.
  6. Sorted a couple of people out. The bulk are going to a young lad this weekend so if anyone wants individual progs at Widnes let me know.
  7. RS

    Framed Widnes Shirt

    I'd love it and can collect
  8. Hearing some sad news about a young man on the tour which has hit the French press - Thoughts to go out to all involved and in particular the family.,4690583.php#xtor=EPR-2-[Newsletter]- 18 -[Zone_info]
  9. I reckon there was around 2,000 at Toulouse v Widnes. One stand had around 300 in it and the main stand 1500 with a few dotted on the ends. I went to TO v Sheffield in 2017 and I reckon there were around 1000 at that game. In terms of the ground they have two decent stands up the touchline, one end has a tiny shed and the other nothing. Overall a better gtound than Wakey and arguably Cas.
  10. There is a book coming out soon by a French RL fanatic about the Vichy ban and it is being published in English.
  11. 2015 that should say
  12. I think someone could get in the MPG with two wins this year however it is unlikely. In effect a mini league with London, Halifax, Toulouse and Halifax. If none beat any of the other four ((Fairly likely). If Toulouse beat London and lose to Widnes and Halifax lose the lot then two wins would put you in 4th.
  13. RS

    RL Backchat - sublime to ridiculous?

    I thought there was a lot of talking over other people in particular by Irvine. Lockeood seemed yo be arguing two different sides of the Super 8 argument at the start of the programme.
  14. Like I said I don’t care for the bloke but it does’nt mean his points aren’t vdlid and that he and other investors end up being hammered when the money runs out. He even suggests he doubts he would be welcome at Leigh’s games, amazing for a bloke who has given £1.9m to the club you’d think they would build a statue of him ( not literally).
  15. I’m no lover of DBs personal style but there are some terribly harsh attacks on him on this thread. I remember the guy at Doncaster a few years ago blowing all his money on Doncaster and then getting slaughtered on social media and this tends to be the norm when an investor stops the flow of cash. What this says is anybody throwing money at a RL club is on a one way ride to derision and humiliation. If you do it the cautious way and help build a financially sustainable business a la Widnes you get slaughtered for not throwing money at players. RL is not in a position to push away investors, we need to be very very carefull in the next few years as a sport with 5 or 6 viable clubs is far more likely than the “pins in a World map” vision for the future SL - the subject of many a fanciful RL forum thread.