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  1. I love Phil but they are all better players. He'll still get plenty of games over the season.
  2. Halves look pretty good to me. Leatherbarrow is a really good player who just has a bad debut. Hewitt is young but has a lot of potential. He's very quick and has an excellent left foot kick. Grimmer will play plenty of games in a multitude of positions and is excellent cover for the halves. We are definitely short in the back row. Chappell and Langtree seem first choice with Thommo likely to move there if they get an injury and move Spencer/Grimmer to Loose. Would like a proper back rower like Middlehurst but they dont exactly grow on trees at this level. Desperate for a winger with pace who can cover Full back if Turner gets injured but i could see this being filled by a dual reg. At the min this would be my team to face Sheffield. Turner, Clay, Tyson, Gill, Chisholm, Leatherbarrow, Hewitt, Burke, Owen, Neal, Chappell, Langtree, Thompson. subs: Hughes,Ward,Spencer,Davies.
  3. Seems a bit odd to have no players with numbers between 14-17. Are we saving them for some new recruits or dual regs?
  4. Yeah we look way off being ready for the start of the season. Swinton looked good, really well coached and drilled whereas we didn't. Gore and Murphy look like cracking signings for them. Hope Langers is right for the start for the season as he looked to pull his calf in the very first min. I dont think anybody really stood out at all and we seemed to lack intensity right from the off as Swinton made a break in the very first set. Turner actually looked pretty decent playing first receiver a lot of the time.
  5. It's strange I never considered Gaz as captain material but the more I think about it the more it makes perfect sense. Oldham lad and key player in the middle of the park.
  6. I seem to be missing a few thousand of my posts? Been here since 07 and I think I had around 2000 posts
  7. Well i'm surprised. Thought Neal or Langtree would get it as leaders of the pack. Sammy Gee and Leatherbarrow as vice captains as well. Will be interesting as Owen seems a very different sort of leader compared to Palfrey. Good luck Gaz.
  8. Hull KR London Batley Fev Bradford Halifax Toulouse Oldham Dewsbury Swinton Sheffield Rochdale Confident Oldham will stay up. We improved tremendously as the season went on and have signed six new players.
  9. I dont really care if Bower Fold is out of the borough. Its fantastic to watch rugby at. Wish we could get 1500 to 2000 in there every week as we'd really take some beating. Get to the games and get behind the lads. Whitebank will never be good enough for the championship.
  10. Surprised about this. We didn't get much from Hudds last year aside from Dickinson who was steady rather than spectacular. I thought with Anderson leaving we'd go on our own and maybe loan a couple of players as the season started. If we could get a decent winger out of Hudds for the season i'd be pretty happy as we are short there and maybe someone like Olly Roberts in the pack would be good.
  11. We need a winger who can play full back in case Turner gets injured. I reckon Grimshaw might end up playing all over next year in the halves, Centre and at Loose as a really important utility. Six props is plenty especially as Burke,Spencer and Neal can play huge minutes. Would still like another back rower as we dont know if Chappell can play the full 80 like Middlehurst.
  12. Any word on Callum re-signing or do you think he's waiting til after the internationals. Would love him at Oldham,
  13. We have a much better team than last year. Tyson is a cracking signing and really fills what was a very problematic position from last year at centre. Would like another winger and then maybe a utility forward but we are not far away now.
  14. Turner looked a class above Lippy to me. Was sensational for us really apart from against Halifax.
  15. Feel sorry for Adam. Was brilliant in 2013 then did his knee twice in 2014. Looked off the pace throughout 2015 and 2016. Could have been a brilliant player for us but he never seemed to get his power back after his knee. Hope works hard but I can see why he's leaving. Shame for Lippy as he's been quality for us.