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  1. Good News

    chuffed with the Galbraith signing, got real potential this lad.
  2. Kev nic and winner

    yep huge commitment to the club from both families, thank you
  3. Tommy Holland

    looks a big unit
  4. Eagles finally back home

    must admit how Sheffield survive and put out a pretty strong team each year is a mystery
  5. Possible reprieve?

    Hope you guys survive, don't want Catalans to fold but go back to their league will do. However there is the prospect of bullocking Mick Ward coming down the slope at yer for us !!!!!
  6. Batley away

    play like the second half in your next couple of fixtures and youll be safe good luck
  7. Batley away

    well played roughyeds, second half you were excellent.
  8. Today's team

    Smeaton had a dead leg not sure about Rowey
  9. Batley home Sunday

    is this for when Moores shoulder charged Crookes after he scored ???

    hope you stay up Tyrone

    14-34, no failings there pal
  12. £83.33 per month?

    proper fans you lot
  13. Ref for Sunday

    I think the match commissioner entered the field of play to tell the ref what Barlow had been up to off the field
  14. Super 8s

    Home Oldham,Swinton,Dewsbury and Sheffield Away Bradford,Rochdale and Toulouse
  15. Friends and neighbours

    think that's fair Andy, your kicking up the slope was poor, think Moore would have been better, Sykes was poor. James Brown and Wayne Rettie for me were outstanding