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  1. IMO Farrell out Gledhill ? so ...... 1 Scott 2 Rettie 3. Smeaton 4. Hallet 5. Ainscough/Hitchcox 6. Holmes 7. Dom 8. Maher 9. Davey 10. Rowe 11. Manners 12. Brad Day 12. Patch Subs Brown, Leak ,Hill, Breth. Have to say though I've been impressed with O'Sullivan and Hayward,
  2. Gutted for us and the Bulls fans This match would have given us a good hit up and for them a bit of belief Very worried for the Bulls now rumours of more players leaving
  3. The centre/second rower Tyson, is it George Tyson , he impressed me at the mount
  4. agreed penalty at the most 1 game for that is a joke
  5. surely if its a 1 game ban its a bad one, yellow card ???
  6. Just seen he's got a 1 match ban after an early guilty plea for a dangerous throw against us? Can anyone say they saw this I cant remember it at all
  7. Batley v Fev, best game in the 8s for me, both sets of fans having a party.
  8. Haha who'd have thought Batley 3 rd Rovers 4th fab result for you guys chuffed for you Fax and Bulls in the bottom eights get in !!!!!
  9. Cheers Rob, Hope so too Good luck against the bulls
  10. Superb Fev outplayed in every dept yes ref poor but for both sides Do us a massive favour and beat fax next week Had a good laugh with the Fev fans today mainly out our expense Good luck
  11. Cumbrian commentators so biased Cranie ex coach kept saying how poor Batley are What a prat didn't give us any positive comments complete tool
  12. Ref

    Very disappointed with the ref Tom scored a perfectly good try in front of me grounding the ball and because the ref was in poor position he didn't get round to see the grounding Ref needs to do a lot better than that
  13. Great result that Rams cheers for the help as well
  14. I'd have Faz at th Bulldogs tomorrow if he could sort his discipline out Another Rams player who concedes a lot is Crookes constantly ripping the ball out
  15. Mariano not in tomorrow's Cas squad so he ll be available prob to us