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  1. Bat Lad

    First trip to Mount Pleasent yesterday.....

    plans but no brass!!!!
  2. Bat Lad

    2019 Squad

    think you already have for next season ????
  3. Bat Lad

    First trip to Mount Pleasent yesterday.....

    Tim Street eh? Now he was a character. Bit of biff.
  4. Bat Lad

    Leigh &Mr. Beaumont.

    No way Phil, soft spot for Fev, hope alls well for you guys.
  5. Bat Lad


    Virtually every team going over to Toronto suffered the same fate. This needs to be looked at.
  6. Bat Lad

    The Great Rugby League Get Together

    Think that's a fair reflection on the game Coolie. DR is a joke to play a player of Swift's calibre, he was just way too fast for us. We need to see these next few games out of the way then towards the end of the season and the 8s we'll have most of the players back and it'll be alright
  7. Bat Lad

    Rearranged match

    Poor planning we play them at home following Sunday
  8. Bat Lad

    Bulldogs v Toulouse MOM thread

    All 17 magic but if pushed Browny- unplayable Dom- captains display Farrell bros equally as good plus a mention for Brad Day and Crookesy
  9. Bat Lad

    Toronto predictions and team :

    Good luck Rams difference last week for us was OBrien he was a class act and needs marking tight
  10. Bat Lad

    Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Good luck hope you turn them over
  11. Bat Lad

    Next up Toulouse , Saturday

    Fabulous performance and great to see the team out together celebrating #teamspirit
  12. Bat Lad

    Problems out wide

    Think we need Cowling back this weekend for Toulouse. Crookes and Smeaton on wing, Cowling and Galbraith as centres
  13. Bat Lad

    Batley v Toronto

    Yeah I’ve seen that dramatic twitter account doesnt give the full picture
  14. Bat Lad

    Batley v Toronto

    Rowley was pushed in the back don’t think he was hit
  15. Bat Lad

    Batley v Toronto

    Ref was pants but tonight I’m mighty proud of our boys who fronted up a super league/ nrl team and had a right go Ashton Sims and Chase Stanley got battered every time they tried to take it to us Brilliant well played lads and I hope Rettie makes a quick recovery Not sure what went on with Rowley but for sure he was giving plenty of verbal prior