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  1. 24 points from duel reg Batley had 4 points without yr dr today you'd be lost
  2. Think GF game will be very tough I'm sure Dews will be a up for this and targeting a first win Hope we pick a solid team up there best 17 we have
  3. What a comeback heart in mouth job anhyhow excellent end to the game cant help feeling though he left out too many influential players today
  4. Hoping for a Dogs win, would think i'tll be close, Dogs by 8
  5. Big effort in the second half today Lads had to dig deep to turn this around Tremendous last 15 mins to snatch victory well done to all 17 Conditions at the end were horrendous and I congratulate Swinton for an excellent display
  6. Sorry Maureen, expect you enjoyed your Sunday day out
  7. Spot on Blue Pike, that's how I see it, great victory for you guys, long may it continue, love to see you right up there, but hope we bounce back and are not far behind you
  8. Worrying
  9. Second best all day well played Fev
  10. Blue pikes right it was easy, very easy Sad to see our team taken to the cleaners like that Well played Fev
  11. Looking forward to Sunday Fev lads, hope you come in your droves as usual No predictions from me too tight to call, weather looks set to be 10c and dry. Should be a cracker.
  12. Absolutely FEV4 lets hope a big crowd great match and a worthy winner, hopefully obvs Batley !!
  13. Got to say playing 4 wakey first teamers is a big mistake They don't bust a gut for you like the young players with a point to prove What does it say to your own players who were left out DR misused like this is killing off our league
  14. IMO Farrell out Gledhill ? so ...... 1 Scott 2 Rettie 3. Smeaton 4. Hallet 5. Ainscough/Hitchcox 6. Holmes 7. Dom 8. Maher 9. Davey 10. Rowe 11. Manners 12. Brad Day 12. Patch Subs Brown, Leak ,Hill, Breth. Have to say though I've been impressed with O'Sullivan and Hayward,