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  1. Bulldogs v Toulouse MOM thread

    All 17 magic but if pushed Browny- unplayable Dom- captains display Farrell bros equally as good plus a mention for Brad Day and Crookesy
  2. Toronto predictions and team :

    Good luck Rams difference last week for us was OBrien he was a class act and needs marking tight
  3. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Good luck hope you turn them over
  4. Next up Toulouse , Saturday

    Fabulous performance and great to see the team out together celebrating #teamspirit
  5. Problems out wide

    Think we need Cowling back this weekend for Toulouse. Crookes and Smeaton on wing, Cowling and Galbraith as centres
  6. Batley v Toronto

    Yeah I’ve seen that dramatic twitter account doesnt give the full picture
  7. Batley v Toronto

    Rowley was pushed in the back don’t think he was hit
  8. Batley v Toronto

    Ref was pants but tonight I’m mighty proud of our boys who fronted up a super league/ nrl team and had a right go Ashton Sims and Chase Stanley got battered every time they tried to take it to us Brilliant well played lads and I hope Rettie makes a quick recovery Not sure what went on with Rowley but for sure he was giving plenty of verbal prior
  9. Onto Fev

    Think we should all move on, we got mullered end of i
  10. Onto Fev

    Last from me Robin too but I’ve just seen a photo from first half of our disallowed offside try clearly onside , more points we should have been in front but hey ho can’t blame ref eh
  11. Onto Fev

    Fair post pal not sure though about yr diasallowed tries I saw a bounced ball a huge knock on in the first half by your lads but well played can’t blame ref for everything and certainly we weren’t the best side
  12. Love to see the Mitch Clark incident I’m pretty sure he should have been red carded however I might be wrong
  13. Yes Les my point exactly Robin has said we are blaming the ref, no maybe one or two fans We were well beat second half but one or two things upset us re the ref however the result was not in doubt
  14. Robin did you hear the Fev fans at half time absolutely abusing the ref as he came in ????