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  1. Look we got beat good and proper, if Fev want to go that way good luck to them, there's nothing in the rules saying they can't We need to dust ourselves down, move forward together and stop the negativity. Up the Doggies.
  2. Bat Lad

    19 fit men

    no 22 Sam Wood on loan for season from Giants.
  3. Browny Manu Dom Noticed on a Barrow post they were mighty impressed with Dickinson.
  4. On behalf of Batley supporters I’d like to apologise for that thats not what were about good luck
  5. I agree jcd both players were very good and a good game plan from barrow not great to watch but effective in getting the win we were naive and really poor attacking onwards nd upwards eh
  6. Bat Lad

    19 fit men

    Agree on the 755 you probably heard the barrow lot cos we were silent Batley were dire nothing from halfback and three of your tries were gifts
  7. Bat Lad

    19 fit men

    Significant percentage????? probably 40 of yer in a crowd of 755 well done you ground out victory there
  8. Well done Raiders, I think you showed us how to grind out a victory by any means possible no complaints other than feigning injury on virtually every tackle in the last 5 mins we were dreadful and I too look forward to a dryer track
  9. 24-12 think an early arm wrestle but the dogs come out on top Cant take anything or anyone for granted this year. Discipline is key.
  10. tom's back in training
  11. Looking forward to it, Bullmania, I was mighty impressed with your defence. Hock's out for them for a while, injured in a boxing match ??
  12. Thought Browny was immense today realpantomine villain some of Everett’s hits today were superb very happy with our performance except the discipline
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