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  1. Griffin

    Sounds like trouble at Feb as it seems he had permission to play from duffy his coach. Would be a good signing for us if we can afford him and if he wanted to come.
  2. Season Ticket still not arrived

    Thanks for confirming. Did he mention where that investment maybe made?
  3. Season Ticket still not arrived

    You only have to look at the list of staff the club has listed in the programme. It is very short indeed. I maybe wrong but we don’t have 1 single full time employee. All, including the coach are part time and volunteers ( who do a great job). Several seasons ago we had upwards of 4 or 5 full time employees with players who double as development officers and office staff. Are we not meant to be in reasonable health financially and with the new developments?we now have something to sell/market - hire of pitches, bars and rooms for events, boxes, sponsorship, car boot, what happened to the work in schools and study centre ??. Surely a full time person (to do marketing/sales and an an administrator is within our means and is a must?? Has the club got plans for the £100k it has had donated? Maybe some of that money could be allocated to this?
  4. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    What was your knowledge of rugby/rugby league before the Wolfpack Mr Kayakman? What got you into watching?
  5. Season Ticket still not arrived

    Did anybody replace Angela in the office?
  6. 2018 Squad confirmed

    All this talk of Ned getting the Bradford job won’t have done his negotiating position with Mark Sawyer any harm!
  7. New Website

    Just seen the new website. Looks great. Obviously a lot of hard work has gone into it. Well done to all concerned!
  8. Pre - Season Friendly Games 2018

    It's a great shame the club doesn't have a full time Marketing/Sales Person or even a small community dept like we had with Frank Watene and Kane Epati a few years back. They did a lot to get the club noticed in local schools and the local community. With our ageing support base we need to be attracting new support and users of the new facilities.
  9. Squires released

    Just seen that Shaun Squires has been released. in the few games he played he looked good and scored some good tries. I was hoping he would sign but not to be.
  10. 100k

    It does seem more difficult to contact the club than it should. Has Angela's position not been replaced since she left? I've supported the club for a number of years and whilst I already contribute purchasing season tickets, Raffles's, half time draw, buying 2 or 3 pints a game, etc. I thought it time to join the squad builder. With the recent passing away of two stalwart older supporters it's time for the younger supporters to step up and do what they can and contribute otherwise we won't have a club to support in a few years. All that said the club needs to market itself better and it's pleasing to see the reinvention of the club logo. Hopefully this will coincide with a longer term marketing effort to raise the club's profile and gain more supporters and users of the new facilities.
  11. 100k

    Ok thanks.
  12. 100k

    Please could the club also confirm receipt of my email?
  13. 100k

  14. 100k

    No trouble, will send now.
  15. 100k

    Did anyone see the story about the supporter who left 100k to the club in her will? what a great gesture. Hopefully this will get spent on improving the ground further and finishing behind the other set of posts with a terrace. On another note does anyone know the best email address to contact the club? I sent 2 x Squadbuilder application forms last month to info@dewsburyrams.co.uk and had no response or direct debits set up?