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  1. Rambo

    Great initiative

    It would be nice if the final side of the ground could be finished. I know it’s unlikely to be used very much but it would be nice to complete the ground as it should have been when first built some 25? Odd years ago
  2. Rambo

    Players For 2019

    Hooley played for us on loan in 2017. Had a great game for us in a must win at Oldham if I remember right. He would be a good signing.
  3. Rambo

    Fev £1.2m in debt

    It’s still an awful lot of money for a part time RL club.
  4. Rambo

    Fev £1.2m in debt

    Sounds as though Fev’s spending has caught up with them with debts of around £1.2m being announced in there most recent accounts.
  5. Rambo

    Players For 2019

    We’ve signed the winger Andy Gabriel from the Cougars according to the LE.
  6. Rambo

    Wish list

    Lee Greenwood?
  7. Rambo

    Leigh home

    It was announced in the bar that Daniel Igbdnedion has signed on for next year. Disapointing to hear that some players are leaving to play at Sheffield next year. Especially when rumoured players are relatively local and going for an extra £50 a game. Travelling to training midweek in Sheffield won’t be much fun.
  8. Rambo

    Ned to step down..

    From what I understand the rugby side definitely doesn’t make a profit. i would of thought that the bars, Carboot,Sports pitch hire and other commercial activities at the ground would show a profit of some sort? I thought Mark was a relatively successful businessman?
  9. Rambo

    Wish list

    Two of my favourite players. Shayne was a better player than Darren Fleary who went on to play for GB (just too fond of a pie and a pint) and Maloney was one of the best halfbacks at Dewsbury that I can remember. Even at 34/35 years of age
  10. Rambo

    Ned to step down..

    I think a statement of intent (or non intent) as the case maybe is needed from the chairman and not just a pretty bland club statement which I’ve seen has just been released regarding Ned’s departure. I can remember a few years ago that he stated that he wanted Dewsbury to be the best club outside of the SL. Is this objective still the same? If it isn’t what is? Survival in the Championship? or operating in L1 with profits from car boots,5 aside and the bars going to the shareholder(s) and supporting a near amateur team?
  11. Rambo

    Ned to step down..

    I maybe wide of the mark but it seems like the club desperately needs new Directors alongside MS to take the club forward. I’m not too sure how many people are willing to sink money into rugby league clubs these days though? However with the facilities at the club and what I’d imagine is not insignificant off field income (for a champ club) we should be at least capable of competing with the likes of Sheffield and Batley for players. The club has upwards of £100k in the coffers for future projects and no mention of how this money will be spent?? A statement from MS would be interesting regarding his future plans for the club?
  12. Rambo

    Ned to step down..

  13. Rambo

    Rochdale away

    Several players looked as though they were even less interested in playing for the club today than they had done for most of this season (and that is saying something). Maybe that is why we have not signed a large proportion of them again for next season?
  14. Rambo

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    In that case getting some cans and bottles across wouldn’t be a bad option.
  15. I think this has been discussed before but why can’t the club sell a better choice of beers and lagers in the South stand? Carlsberg on Sunday was rank.