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  1. Does anyone know if Ned works full time at the club or does he have a job away from the game?
  2. How are the 5-aside and 4g pitches working out? Looked busy last Saturday.
  3. Played very well for Dewsbury in all the games he's played for us. Very raw, but a good athlete and has all the attributes to do well in the game.
  4. More brinkmanship from Mr Carter then and Mark has told him where to go, presumably?. Hopefully Nigel Wood will do the same and drop them from SL until they invest some money in ground improvements.
  5. Just reading League Weekly and it reports of a fall out behind the scenes between the 2 clubs and that the groundshare with Wakey maybe off. It is in the Nosey Parker section so could be b#llocks though
  6. When Toulouse took the lead mid-way through the first half, I heard a Female voice from the South stand shout "bloody foreigners" as the Toulouse team were walking back to their own half. I did find this mildly amusing, is that wrong?
  7. Great performance, thought Sheriffe was excellent today.
  8. Walshaw doesn't strike me as been a dirty player. In all honesty he could do with a bit more aggression and not less.
  9. Will Toby be following him?
  10. Swindon or Swinton it's still ###### poor!
  11. Not giving the sellers enough tickets is poor and it happens most games. Same happened when we played Swindon.
  12. From the clubs point of view, what would of been a better tie than Wakey other than maybe Leeds?
  13. Has Donald been before the beak yet?
  14. Would Mark Sawyer have paid for the building of the new terracing if he was profiteering?? unlikely What I would like to know is why we signed so many below par players this season - was the playing budget cut from previous seasons? Why did we sign Alex Brown in the last couple of weeks of GM's reign when it was obvious to everyone that we needed a scrum half? Would the appointment of a Director of rugby be a good appointment alongside (a young Jack Addy if you like) to stop us going down the same route of keeping future coaches past their sell by dates??
  15. Did he play on the wing for Leeds?