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  1. 100k

    It does seem more difficult to contact the club than it should. Has Angela's position not been replaced since she left? I've supported the club for a number of years and whilst I already contribute purchasing season tickets, Raffles's, half time draw, buying 2 or 3 pints a game, etc. I thought it time to join the squad builder. With the recent passing away of two stalwart older supporters it's time for the younger supporters to step up and do what they can and contribute otherwise we won't have a club to support in a few years. All that said the club needs to market itself better and it's pleasing to see the reinvention of the club logo. Hopefully this will coincide with a longer term marketing effort to raise the club's profile and gain more supporters and users of the new facilities.
  2. 100k

    Ok thanks.
  3. 100k

    Please could the club also confirm receipt of my email?
  4. 100k

  5. 100k

    No trouble, will send now.
  6. 100k

    Did anyone see the story about the supporter who left 100k to the club in her will? what a great gesture. Hopefully this will get spent on improving the ground further and finishing behind the other set of posts with a terrace. On another note does anyone know the best email address to contact the club? I sent 2 x Squadbuilder application forms last month to info@dewsburyrams.co.uk and had no response or direct debits set up?
  7. Squadbuilder vs warchest

    Call it what you like a box next to the bar that says Squadbuilder or Warchest contributions would give the club the ability to collect ad-hoc donations for the use of improving the squad for those not wanting to set up a standing order.
  8. Squadbuilder vs warchest

    I'm not keen on numerous direct debits coming out of my account each month, would much rather throw a few quid in the Amber Ribbon raffle or south stand jar when feeling a bit flush rather than be tied into a Direct Debit each month. I would do the same with the war chest initiative should it get off the ground.
  9. Wakefield Stadium News

    I had the misfortune of sitting next to Mr Box on a train from Kings Cross to Wakey. He played Pac-man and bubble witch (a kids computer game) on his iPad for the entire journey.
  10. Six out of ten ????

    Does anyone know if Ned works full time at the club or does he have a job away from the game?
  11. Six out of ten ????

    How are the 5-aside and 4g pitches working out? Looked busy last Saturday.
  12. Team strengthening

    Played very well for Dewsbury in all the games he's played for us. Very raw, but a good athlete and has all the attributes to do well in the game.
  13. Fall out with Wakey

    More brinkmanship from Mr Carter then and Mark has told him where to go, presumably?. Hopefully Nigel Wood will do the same and drop them from SL until they invest some money in ground improvements.
  14. Fall out with Wakey

    Just reading League Weekly and it reports of a fall out behind the scenes between the 2 clubs and that the groundshare with Wakey maybe off. It is in the Nosey Parker section so could be b#llocks though
  15. Shameful South Stand behaviour......

    When Toulouse took the lead mid-way through the first half, I heard a Female voice from the South stand shout "bloody foreigners" as the Toulouse team were walking back to their own half. I did find this mildly amusing, is that wrong?