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  1. Rambo

    1895 Trophy

    As a curtain raiser to the main event it’s a great idea. If it’s played after the challenge cup final then that’s crazy.
  2. Rambo

    Widnes Game

    Well done to the die hards who were in attendance today. Disappointed I didn’t go today as these type of wins are what makes it all worthwhile as a Dewsbury supporter. Especially after the performance against Batley on Good Friday.
  3. West Hull played really well and for the full 80. I thought we’d score a few points in the second half but West Hull defended really well throughout.
  4. Rambo

    Rampage club

    It’s fantastic to see the young lads from various amateur clubs coming to the ground. Brilliant work by Kyle Trout and Martyn Reilley training these guys. Long may it continue! If only a small proportion become supporters then it is still well worth it. Tbe club needs to forge long lasting links with the Amateur clubs in the area which it has neglected in the past. I remember going to Wembley with the club to see GB beat the Aussies at Wembley for a fiver it was fantastic and I still remember it 25 odd years later.
  5. We handled similar poor conditions much better last week against Toronto. Halifax seemed more up for it today and handled the conditions better.
  6. Absolutely shocking. They should have been absolutely certain that this happened to send him off. Not only did this take away a good chance for us to win the game. The game was on Sky TV and affects Annakins reputation. A public apology from the RFL? - I won’t hold my breath!
  7. Can anyone think of an older halfback pairing than Sykes and Finn? I thought Sykes wouldn’t do another year but he has been great so far this year. Hopefully Finn will do a good job for us too. He wasn’t half bad last time he was with us but that was when when you could buy a pint for £1.20!!
  8. Signed for 2 seasons
  9. Great performance by the lads for the vast majority of the game. Leading by 13 with 10-15mins to go I thought we had them.
  10. Rambo

    York Game

    Does anyone know if the Annakin signing is on loan or permananent deal???
  11. It would be nice if the final side of the ground could be finished. I know it’s unlikely to be used very much but it would be nice to complete the ground as it should have been when first built some 25? Odd years ago
  12. Hooley played for us on loan in 2017. Had a great game for us in a must win at Oldham if I remember right. He would be a good signing.
  13. It’s still an awful lot of money for a part time RL club.
  14. Sounds as though Fev’s spending has caught up with them with debts of around £1.2m being announced in there most recent accounts.
  15. We’ve signed the winger Andy Gabriel from the Cougars according to the LE.
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