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  1. There’s some free sport on Sunday, at Mount Pleasant!
  2. I take it you're treating Mrs Johnny to a holiday in Canada. And then "accidentally" discover Dewsbury are playing down the road whilst you're there... I like your style.
  3. No, you're right, Bi11: more in common... Many Dewsbury fans would like to kick us over the crossbar as well. But if we all agree to leave our boots at home I'm sure all RL fans will enjoy watching the match.
  4. Out of interest, who do you reckon were the five players that tried? From what I've seen of your lot this season, I'm guessing Iggy, Ryder, Morton, Walshaw & Trout?
  5. Thanks for your work on these stats, Roger. Just a thought for next season - how about recording the number of goal attempts as well as successes?
  6. He was playing second row for Batley when I started supporting them in the 1981-2 season. As noted above, good in defence. I recall five consecutive tackles he made in a set, to great roars of approval from the old Long Stand.
  7. You were wasting your prayer time, Your Reverence. We all know your Boss has a soft spot for Batley. (Refer to the Sermon on Mount Pleasant...)
  8. Ever thought about refereeing? Half-blind and thick-skinned you have the attributes
  9. Well, three sin-binnings and a sending off in the last three matches doesn't look like a terribly disciplined team, does it? Whether the Disciplinary Panel deems "Sending off / sin-binning sufficient" is a different matter. I was wondering if there were any financial disincentives for these misdemeanours. A 12.5% reduction in a player's match fee (to be shared out amongst team-mates) might be appropriate for a sin-binning, as he's been unavailable for an eighth of the match... I don't think we're a 'dirty' team, by the way. But many of the penalties that are needlessly given away are pretty infuriating!
  10. Do I detect an element of despondency in your remarks, BSJ? Stiffen the upper lip and try to look on the bright side.
  11. In the last three matches we've had three sin-binnings, a sending off and I hate to think how many stupid penalties that have cost us yards (and occasionally tries against). Does anybody know if the club sanctions players guilty of these misdemeanours? And on a related topic, what happened in the incident that led to the Swinton Scrum-half having to leave the pitch? The referee awarded a penalty (but what for is anybody's guess - I never saw signal) and put the incident on report - suggesting he was unsighted, yet saw enough to award a penalty. A more cynical observer may suspect a referee unwilling to fill out additional paperwork at the end of the match to justify another sending off/sin-binning.
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