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  1. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Batley v Dewsbury

    We are missing three wingers due to injury and "personal reasons." I doubt we'll get anyone on loan. Dave Scott played for Doncaster on the wing (and occasionally for us), has pace and can defend. So I think he's the best option for us under the current situation. This leaves a vacancy at full back, which I suggest could be filled by Little Farrell. He'd still be able to link into the attack and weave his magic when the opportunity arises. If, however, Dogfather is correct and both Brambani and Walker are unavailable, then I agree with you - Little Farrell should remain in the halves. I'd still have Scott on the wing - not sure who would play fb.
  2. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Batley v Dewsbury

    I'd prefer Scott on the wing and Little Farrell at fb.
  3. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Relegation Seasons

    Just bring back the drum and all will be rosy.
  4. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Summer Bash

    Away on holiday for Spring Bank. And my little sister's getting married on the Sunday. I just hope there's a TV at the evening reception where I can sneak off to watch the 'Dogs.
  5. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Rochdale Hornets

    They could be used as an emergency spinnaker if the engine fails, I suppose.
  6. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Rochdale Hornets

    Humour comes round in cycles. Like 9' oller's flares.
  7. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Rochdale v Batley MOM thread

    With apologies to Redditchbulldog for going off topic... Ward has been a pleasure to watch this season. A great signing for us. If you go onto the Bulldog's website you can see him featuring in a number of tries on the video highlights section. The latest highlights (against Rochdale) may give you even more joy.
  8. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Transformation certainly on hold!

    I didn't detect any lack of effort from the Rochdale lads, and over the first 15-20 minutes deserved to be leading. I thought the introduction of Ward gave the 'Dogs some additional momentum, and soon the floodgates were open. The Rochdale ty in the second half was superb.
  9. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Rochdale v Batley MOM thread

    17 solid performances this afternoon. I could understand others having a completely different set of players this week. Stand-outs for me 1. Ainscough 2. Ward 3= Harrison 3= Little Farrell
  10. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Saturday's match

    No. I'm saying Piggy's Mate has got a mate.
  11. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Saturday's match

    Or could we ask Piggy's Mate to have a word with his mate?
  12. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Players' day jobs

    Enough. You're cracking me up.
  13. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Rochdale away 12/5/18

    They're walking there, aren't they?
  14. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Rearranged match

    Balderdash. Think of all the Rams fans that post on here. And then have a stiff drink to recover.
  15. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Ignore him, Tom. BSJ only resorts to personal abuse when he thinks he's losing the argument. Or his hair.