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  1. BISSA Social Evening & AGM

    So what's the current going rate for a decent half back winger centre prop hooker 2nd row LF?
  2. Dewsbury Ram's Xmas Party

    How about a compromise? Play Sheffield on the Friday night in the Royal Suite.
  3. New Website

    We haven't had pound notes for about thirty years, Coolie. Please keep up.
  4. One for the old folk

    And here he is, discussing a contretemps with the referee and a Batley prop forward opposite the old Long Stand at Mount Pleasant, c 1983. Interestingly, someone nicked the toupees from both Geoff and the ref before the game. It was round about the time Alan Craven moved from Dewsbury to Batley, if I correctly recall... PS I refute the implication that I can be classed as an "old one" in my contribution to this topic.
  5. Team for next year

    You'll be sorry to learn that he's re-signed for Swinton for another two years.
  6. Pre - Season Friendly Games 2018

    A bit of snow and ice won't matter, Phil. There's plenty of hot air in the South Stand.
  7. Pre - Season Friendly Games 2018

    I can tell you're a Rams fan...
  8. League fixtures/Summer Bash 2018

    I do hope you're correct. There could be an extra week between the 'regular' Championship games and the 'eights'. Give the players more time off mid-season for a family holiday, and clubs and supporters more time to plan for their next seven games.
  9. Who is this???

    Not who I'd have said... Think about it: - Fuzzy around the edges - probably the effects of a few bottles of San Miguel... Slumped in a semi-comatose attitude (usual posture of the average north stander)... In full sun (and so on he north side of the ground (southern hemisphere))... Clutching a half empty (definitely NOT half full) bottle... We've not heard much from Grumpyoldram recently.... Do I have to go any further?
  10. League fixtures/Summer Bash 2018

    For once you're talking sense, BSJ. It seems Coolie's influence is finally beginning to rub off. I couldn't have expressed it better myself.
  11. League Express this week

    Have to disagree with you there. Griffin certainly started as average that season, but (in my opinion) was our most improved player by the end.
  12. League Express this week

    Griffin (J) and Brown (A) did OK for us in 2010 as well.
  13. New season shirts

    That was when Phildog was a 'Fax fan.
  14. He is back

    Sorry Billy, I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. If people didn't 'butt into' these forum conversations there wouldn't be much point in having a forum.
  15. Shirts

    Hasn't the player you sponsor left for pastures new, BSJ? A possible alternative home for your dosh beckons. The Blind Side Johnny Championship has a certain ring to it, don't you think? Failing that, the Sir Jekyll Stocking Home for Impoverished Engineers will gladly welcome any contribution....