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  1. Season starts at Leigh

    C'mon, Kayakman. You can't behave like a huffing Big Bad Wolf threatening to 'shake the neck of a scrawny bulldog' one minute, then in the next plead for a 'wee bit of slack' like a Little Pig cowering in his house of straw! Consistency, please!
  2. SKALP

    ... only invitations to join Mensa here...
  3. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    If my memory is correct, that crowd of 10500 was against Batley. The travelling Bulldog supporters made all the difference.
  4. Rochdale match thread

    And I've heard you've been spotted over the border in Lancashire doing a rain dance!
  5. Rochdale match thread

    But don't forget the teams we'd have to play at the weekends either side of the Wednesday night - we'd be at a disadvantage against them...
  6. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Halve your cost - leave her (or him - we mustn't make assumptions these days) at home. Simple. What you find when you get home may be more difficult...
  7. Toronto

    In his youth, GOR tried going down Batley Beck in a barrel.
  8. V The Giants

    I know it's a few yeas since my Physics A-level (and possibly even longer since yours, BSJ), but can we get this terminology nailed? Momentum = mass x velocity (which comprises speed and direction) What's getting people's knickers in a twist is whether a ball is passed backwards relative to the passer or in absolute terms (relative to the half-way line, say, which isn't moving - if we ignore the motion of the earth). If a player running forward at 5 metres/ second passes the ball with a backward component of velocity (relative to him) of 2 metres per second. Under current rules this is a legitimate pass because it went backwards relative to the passer, even though in absolute terms (as experienced by the static half way line and spectators) the ball actually would have travelled forwards at 3m/s. It all stokes up controversy between opposing fans - one of the passes leading to Walshaw's try on Boxing Day springs to mind. Hope this helps.
  9. Stadium naming rights

    Nay, RPH. He's wondering whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them. Southstanders are a cultured lot, don't you know?
  10. Crowther

    I'd be amazed if there isn't a call-back clause in the loan deal. We had three "season-long" deals with Cas in 2017. Only one went the distance (and I think he had a handful of games with Cas, too).
  11. 2018 Player Stats

    It was clear Farrell had talent when he was at Dewsbury, but also clear that he needed to calm down and improve his discipline, so I was pleased with his signing, but also a little worried, if you see what I mean. But I was pleasantly surprised overall with his attitude - he generally kept his nose clean in spite of some pretty blatant provocation at times from the opposition. His reputation went before him. Just a pity about that final incident. Let's hope he learns his lesson. There's a wealth of talent in the squad now - others can take his place if ill-discipline hurts the team.
  12. Good News

    Graham is a supporter of the Rams and in that respect has every right to be silly and bitter. Please don't pick on the less fortunate members of our society.
  13. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Is this inside information or wishful thinking, Equalizer?
  14. Hock

    Is that the chippy where there was a fight last week? Two fish got battered.
  15. Shop

    Sounds about right. It's too cold to watch rugby in winter wearing shorts. They ought to be selling Fev long-johns right now...