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  1. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    2019 Squad

    That's the one. Used to play for Batley before moving to you lot. Mis-remembered his name. Apologies.
  2. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    2019 Squad

    Any relation to Neil?
  3. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Leigh v Batley

    Superb. (Resoundingly average, if any Featherstone Rover scouts are reading this...)
  4. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    1st September

    I'd settle for Alex Walmsley.
  5. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Bulldog inbound Jack Downs

    Seem to be light in the hooking department, too...
  6. Sir Jekyll Stocking


    Don't worry about that, Graham. We were underwhelmed about Keegan when he joined us, too. (Or at least, I was.) He turned out OK once he'd acclimatised to the slope.
  7. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Batley V Rochdale MOM thread shield

    Gledhill Manning Brown
  8. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    BISSA SIGNING ALERT Louis Le Bulldog 2019

  9. Sir Jekyll Stocking


    Let me guess, ND... You watch from the south stand?
  10. Sir Jekyll Stocking


    That's just a little harsh, Graham. Your lads fought back well in the first half. Their inability to score in the second was due to a combination of the slope, a strong wind and an unrelenting tackling stint by the 'Dog's defence. I wasn't aware of any lack of commitment by your lot. Not that I'm complaining. I'll make a generous donation to both BISSA and the Amber Ribbon whenever you, Coolie and BSJ don your boots and cross the whitewash for a game. Double if GOR joins you.
  11. Sir Jekyll Stocking


    Chuffed with this news. He did petty well at centre against the sheep, too!
  12. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    New Structure

    One of Rochdale or Swinton get a lifeline, Your Reverence - the chance to stay up. I don't think they'll be complaining too loudly... Fully agree with the poor timing, though. Clubs should know at the beginning of the season the criteria for promotion/relegation.
  13. Sir Jekyll Stocking


    I've missed three Wembleys (Millennium Stadium / Murrayfield) since 1976. Great atmosphere. Almost as good as in the old Long Stand in the early '80s.
  14. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Weekend off

    I'll look out for you, KTF. My son and I will be wearing the other two Batley shirts you'll see down there.
  15. Sir Jekyll Stocking

    Bulldogs V Rams shield MOM thread part 4 or 5 if you include boxing day

    Tomlinson (I think his try also receives my nomination for the 'champagne moment') Day Brambani And an honourable mention for the slope. The rams had no idea how to play it.