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  1. I guess MD thinks this is the best way of getting six points out of six. Personally I'd have preferred Brambani to be in the team against Dewsbury, but if a rest brings out the best in him on Monday (against a full time team), this may be better. Time will tell.
  2. Can't argue with that, DD. Elsewhere stated Reittie injured. Assume Dom rested. Hopefully that decision won't come back to bite us in the bum.
  3. Bring back Henry Oulton!!
  4. Good one, Roger, but better on a separate thread. And wasn't O'Sullivan in the squad against Rochdale?
  5. OK, for one of the four most important games in the 2017 'regular' season we need our strongest squad on Friday. Personally, if fit, I'd go with Scott, Reittie, Smeaton, Hallett, Ainscough, Holmes, Brambani, Gledhill, Davey, Rowe, Manning, Farrell, Walker Interchanges: Leak, Brown, Lillycrop, Day 18th man: Bretherton I just hope they've been doing lots of tackle practice this week.
  6. Continuing the Sweet theme... Q. How do you make a Swiss Roll? A. Throw him off an Alp.
  7. It's a pity it seems to be permanently stuck on "Dewsbury 6" .😎
  8. As it's a club expense we're all paying for it, one way or another.
  9. Sykes might get off with "No further action" - dissent only a Grade A offence. Grumpy's mate Potts is more likely to miss out: a possible 1-2 match suspension for that shoulder charge, I understand.
  10. If we're forking out for a fancy scoreboard, it might as well be positioned where we can all see it. There's a restricted view (at best) for many of us at the moment.
  11. Thanks, BB Yes, poor angle from the cameraman. But the ref was in a perfect position. You can hear him shout "Back to one! Back to one!" whilst wiping the 'tackle count' clean. The Rochdale man must have played the ball. Great try.
  12. Lillicrop Smeaton Davey
  13. Well, I've seen worse refereeing performances, but this one certainly liked the sound of his whistle. I thought you lot were the better team for the majority of the game and played some delightful rugby at times. Poor discipline cost you that game. Only yourselves to blame.
  14. Yes, you can clearly see Potts was distracted by three blokes arriving late to take their seats in the North Stand clutching their San Miguels and a speeding ticket.
  15. Agreed, Silverback. I always admired him when he played at Batley. Pace to burn and generally very solid in defence. Scored a stonking try at PO Road that helped us get to the 2013 final.