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  1. Second choice. Kevin wouldn't sell.
  2. Can't argue with any of the above. There were a lot of excellent performances this afternoon. However, I thought our back three were superb. So 1= Reittie 1= Scott 1= Ainscough
  3. He graduated top of his class.
  4. Thanks for the compassion and pitiable approach your lot showed in the second half. Much appreciated. If only they'd shown such levels of fitness discipline and application in the first three games. I'd be a much happier bunny. I'd like to show my gratitude by sending a box full of dummies for Mr Hallett to replace those he's lost this season over the side of his pram.
  5. 1. Brown 2. Reittie 3= Walker 3= Manning
  6. Can't see anything but a home win here. 26-10. I'd love to be wrong.
  7. ... and didn't Dave Scott kick goals in a previous life in Doncaster?
  8. The only prediction you'll get from me is that you'll need a good book to while away the hours when the game has stopped to allow the Rochdale physio / waterboys carry out their duties on the pitch. If you're not too fast a reader (being a Dewsbury supporter I assume this will be the case), War and Peace would be a good choice.
  9. Yes, very entertaining, Tyrone. But even I can run for eighty minutes if I stop for a breather every hundred yards.
  10. Any news on Danny Cowling's injury? Or Brev's from last week?
  11. I haven't laughed as much since leaving the Mount on 9th April.
  12. The first nomination for the champagne moment for me was Smeaton dancing around Yere to create the overlap for Reittie's first try. Plenty of others after that...
  13. 1= Brambani 1= Walker 3= Scott 3=Reittie And a special bonus point for Battler and the guy in the chicken suit - it must have been hard work running around in a fur coat in that heat.
  14. I thought it was to stop him back-chatting to the ref... If he played on yesterday I can't see why he shouldn't play against the Seagulls.
  15. Bretherton and ...?