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  1. Coarse, yew fule.
  2. Option one. "Bonjour, monsieur. Deux billets gratuits pour mes enfants, s'il vous plaits." If that fails... Option two (speaking loudly and slowly). "Listen pal, two... free... tickets... kids."
  3. Don't be a silly billy, Coolie, or else the nanny state will be after you. I'm expecting a few gruff comments about this, but hopefully no trolls. I'll fetch my coat.
  4. If there's at least one decent bid within the four received (realistic business plan, with sufficient financial backing) then a good thing.
  5. Could have been worse. The French farmers might have burnt the lot.
  6. No harm in talking to JC, although I'm not sure he'd get in ahead of Reittie, Hitchcox, Ainscough, Scott and (from what I saw of him on Boxing Day) young Hayward. His try per game ratio in his last season for us was pretty poor.
  7. ... other teams may go into administration if they can't afford the increased wage bill / win bonuses... Not an easy equation to solve!
  8. C'mon, Nick. Everybody knows that, even Coolie. As for any cast-offs you mentioned, didn't somebody say there was a little money left in the Rams' playing budget to cover the possibility of a suitable player coming free?
  9. I think it's too late in the day for Bradford to be 'changing places' with a team from League 1. Fixtures have been set, and travel arrangements (to Toronto) will have been made. From a pragmatic viewpoint, the two options are for Bradford to either fold (hopefully re-forming in 2018 in League 1), or to continue in the Championship with an 'appropriate' points deduction (12 points in my view, though others may disagree). Given the implications for Bradford not playing in the 2017 Championship, I don't think there'll be many stones left unturned.
  10. Yes, much better, Roger. The children will be able to sleep without nightmares now. Happy new year to you, too.
  11. You could have chosen to spread your good wishes with a more suitable colour scheme, Roger! However, I suppose even our ovine chums deserve our best wishes for 2017. Like finishing a comfortable 10th.
  12. Two other positives for you lot - Potts and Kudangirana (if that's how it's spelt). No Kain?
  13. No problem, DD. The season hasn't started yet. (Mind you, I'd rather they were playing for us on Monday!)
  14. Admission prices for Boxing Day not currently on website, but probably safe to assume they'll be the same as league fixtures: - ADULT: £17.00 CONCESSION: £12.00 KIDS (under 16): £3.00.
  15. post deleted