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  1. Premier League Predictions

    1 thatto heath 2 mayfield 3 siddal 4 wath brow 5 Hunslet parkside 6 west hull 7 kells 8 underbank 9 egremont 10 myton 11 st pats 12 normanton looking forward to a fantastic season ahead
  2. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    Not much imagination in that choice, mayfield v crosfields. I guess it's the proximity to salford media city that swung it
  3. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    Saddleworth v thatto Heath has always provided great fixtures, 2 great established clubs that I'm sure will treat the challenge cup with the respect it deserves and provide a good game for the paying spectators. Just hope the weather holds up, could be April before the temperatures warm up in oldham.
  4. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    Saddleworth away for any team is a tough contest, especially in deepest January climate. I'm sure Saddleworth Will be up for the fixture against the current ncl champions.
  5. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    Whether the match is on tv or not I'm sure people who regularly go and support their local team will still venture to the ground and watch the live fixture. I for one will be going to a game, I'm sure plenty more will be. For interest who's going watching a live fixture, and who will you be supporting. I can't wait, whether the fixture is shown or not on tv to start watching rugby league again in 2018.
  6. Challenge Cup First Round tie live on BBC

    I'm sure miners v pats and siddal at pilks last season didn't suffer on the crowd front. In fact the crowds looked increased watching the matches on the bbci. Added exposure through being on the television should be used to gain added sponsors and support for the club.
  7. 2018 ncl

    If underbank have ground criteria problems I'm sure it's nothing to do with being promoted to the prem. The criteria for being admitted to the ncl is the same for all leagues in the ncl as far as I'm aware.
  8. 2018 ncl

    Didn't know there was a difference between ncl prem facility criteria and the other Ncl divisions. Surely if their facilities were adequate on their initial application to the ncl then their facilities woulld be adequate now that they've climbed the leagues. Also why would underbank want to switch venue for their challenge cup tie, unless their ground is unavailable to play at.
  9. Challenge cup 2018

    I think Leigh miners will upset Myton, but probably won't really be thought as as an upset even though it's now division 1 v premier division. Miners home advantage and experience in this competition I feel will just about get them through.
  10. Challenge cup 2018

    Thoughts on upsets, who's likely to slip up against a lower ranked team?
  11. Thatto Heath crusaders first team ncl premier division, second team nwml premier division pilks recs first team ncl first division , second team nwml division one blackbrook first team ncl third division, second team nwml division 5 clock face first team ncl third division, second team nwml division 4 haydock first team nwml premier division eccleston lions first team nwml division 3/4 haresfinch first team nwml division 1 all teams would welcome you with open arms, that's how rugby league is, always looking for new players to join, and always have a friendly welcome and good environments to make new friends. dependant on where you live might be the deciding factor but I'd definately give it a try, certainly nothing to lose. Some teams might just be starting pre season, some might start in early January. I'm sure if you email any of the clubs they'll give you the training times and venues. Email addresses are usually found on the teams lists on the nwml or ncl websites via
  12. Sx Nations with England Knights

    So a tournament without England knights is stronger than a tournament with them entered. All eligible players for France, Scotland, Ireland , Wales and Italy will be available to play because England knights aren't entered, but if they are entered along side those sides then players will deem the tournament a waste of time.
  13. Sx Nations with England Knights

    How is it a friendly match, England 'a' Knights , are part of a tournament, certainly not a friendly match. I don't get the difference of naming a 40 man squad and playing as 2 teams, one v New Zealand as England and one in the 6 nations as England, the development team as you suggest. Than picking 2 20 man squads, calling one England v New Zealand and calling one England knights in the six nations. Why does the second scenario class as a friendly but the first scenario doesn't. It's just a team name that distinguishes between the first 20 players and the second 20 players.
  14. Sx Nations with England Knights

    Can't call them just England, because just England will be playing New Zealand in a 3 match test series at the same time
  15. Why no mention of Ryan Atkins

    How old is Watkins now, seems to have been around ages. He surely did come of age on this tour, was really good with his partnership with mcgilvary. He has natural talent, hopefully he pushes on and becomes a 'great' centre for England in the tournaments to come over the next years. He sure has the ability and temperament to do so.