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  1. Who's signed at Thatto? Siddal still the team to beat, biggest and best squad.
  2. Thatto Heath would surely welcome you down. Like bobbruce says, give it a try, see if you like it, nothing to lose really.
  3. Where in St helens are you from? Thatto heath and pilks recs have 2 teams, blackbrook, Haydock, clock face and Eccleston lions all have 1 team I think. Sure you'd be welcome at them all.
  4. Hope you do well, ncl 1 is a tough league, sure you'll have a great season and be knocking on the prem door come seasons end. The 2 rowses are quality names to add to your group, plus pettman will add strength and size to your already huge team. which teams do you expect to be in competition with for top spot, lock lane losing rowse will probably weaken them but also add a bit of spice to the tie with the connections, plus dockers are a strong outfit along with Fev lions and normanton who are usually very strong at home.
  5. Still strengthens the squad up, the dockers weren't strong enough over the season to stay up but still had a few good quality players, with prem rugby experience. i agree, wouldn't bet against siddal, they'll be there about a again.
  6. Some top quality recruitment there, and a great result against pro opposition. It'll be interesting how rowse senior goes, he ventured over to Hunslet Warriors the other year, which didn't last too long.
  7. West hull will push siddal this year again, they'll miss windley who has signed pro, but the 5 players from dockers will strengthen them up
  8. Considering there was 3 teams in York, heworth, York acorn and new earswick all in the ncl, only being able to field one club in the ncl league is a big drop back. Any particular reasons for this or just finances of traveling and player commitments being the main reasons. Always enjoyed trips to York, a very difficult place to get the 2 points, and agree would be great to see established clubs back in the ncl fold, i.e. Heworth, walney central, ovenden etc
  9. It'll be interesting how many ncl teams have entered their own cup competition this season. Wouldn't be surprised if nearly half the 50 teams don't enter. Why do teams choose not to enter cup competitions, it's not as though we're over run with them like years gone by. Basically ncl cup, Barla cup and maybe a local town cup max, yet some teams don't enter any.
  10. Is the ncl likely to expand any more in the future? Larger leagues or even an additional league added, ncl league 4, creating a fifth league. Overall standards to be accepted do seem to have been relaxed which could result in more teams being accepted in the future. Which teams applied this year but weren't accepted, anyone know?, and also know the reasons for not being accepted this time round?
  11. 82 teams, 81 places ranked. Ryland sharks and Wibsey warriors on same line?
  12. 82 teams there, great work marklaspalmas
  13. From the above 32 teams not currently in the ncl, who's likely to make it back in any time. Sure some have gone upwards into the semi pro game, but some teams there are still established teams. Would any want to make the step back into the ncl or are teams happy where they are now?
  14. Greetland
  15. I'd just thought of keighley Albion and the Huddersfield team, wasn't sure if they were same team as underbank.