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  1. usain bolt

    Vote for the World XIII

    Surprised to see Sculthorpe and Morley only appearing once each, modern day greats of the game .
  2. usain bolt

    New NCL Teams

    Sure Celtic rooster will know more about their predicament. Hopefully all clubs are good to go next season, even the most established have struggles on some weeks to get a competitive 17.
  3. usain bolt

    New NCL Teams

    Any teams more favourable than others? Who's likely to be pulled out, how many places are up for grabs, do they all fulfil the criteria? Division 3 could be very different from last season, with a bit of a shuffle of teams in leagues above too if any pull out from the higher divisions.
  4. usain bolt

    Milner yesterday

    Will Milner back up hodgson at 9, or will hodgson play the 80mins there.
  5. usain bolt

    New NCL Teams A little about the selection dilemma
  6. usain bolt

    Golden Boot 2018 (Merged Threads)

    Tommy makinson, winner of golden boot
  7. usain bolt

    Who Do We Select?

    The tour to PNG, will have benefited a great group of younger players coming through the system. How they've coped with being in camp, away from their comfortable surroundings, and seeing what is required to match established test/ nrl standard players will be very important in their development and the benefit of England to come. Oliver Holmes had a great game v France, Matty Lee's has shown great potential and others like Robbie mulhern, Jack walker and Tom Davies are quality super league players now, that with the right opportunities and progression will step up eventually providing even more competition for places. International rugby league for England at the moment is certainly bright, let's hope the progression continues and everyone concerned takes the opportunities available. Australia certainly needs to let the international game flourish by being a part rather than an obstacle
  8. usain bolt

    Team For Second Test

    Can't see there being much change, obviously oloughlin is a doubt so an enforced change would need to be made. Stability is key, chopping and changing doesn't enable progression, especially in halves, 9,and 1, so I wouldn't be surprised if nothing changes other than the oloughlin scenario. Bringing Greenwood into the 17 looks the obvious choice but anything could happen the way Bennett thinks.
  9. usain bolt

    BARLA GB - England Lions

    Ideal fit for the gb barla post then
  10. Does this surprise anyone?
  11. People keep referring to super league. It isnt super league rules, its international rules, if there is a difference. Games at international, state of origin etc, always seem to be refereed differently for some reason. How many high tackles for instance have gone unpunished and niggle at every tackle.
  12. usain bolt

    BARLA GB - England Lions

    The gb community lions coach is the current thatto heath ncl coach, Richard Owen, so he obviously sees the ncl premier players regularly. The barla gb coach is a Cumbrian, Gary Hewer, but doesn't coach at any of the ncl teams, not sure but might be distington who he coaches, or did coach.
  13. usain bolt

    London Signings

    Definitely need some depth, but quality rather than quantity is the key. Survival is the first priority, then build steadily to move up the league.
  14. usain bolt

    London Signings

    Any players in mind that you'd want or are in the pipeline.