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  1. New season - it's finally here!

    Is siddal v Hunslet Parkside on
  2. Blackbrook ARLFC

    Ncl email states their openage team has pulled out the ncl leagues
  3. WatchNrl.Com

    How good has the coverage been, has the stream been adequate?
  4. Games Off Saturday 3rd March

    Nobody was forced last weekend because of the weather, health and safety and player welfare. Not because the tv want a fixture shown.
  5. Games Off Saturday 3rd March

    And because it's been blank, players/coaches have pre planned/booked holidays. There's still plenty free backlog dates available, the two bank holidays in May plus a couple of others, for the postponed games, so forcing teams to play if no one volunteers is unacceptable. It's been left free for a reason, just like the super league grand final date, millennium magic weekend and Wembley date. People have other things on, and have already planned. Like you say, see how it transpires, but it looks like teams will be forced to play whether they like it or not if a fixture isn't agreed by "both" teams to play.
  6. Games Off Saturday 3rd March

    We'll see, he clearly states a game will be put in if no one volunteers. Easter weekend is massive to families, with most probably already having booked holidays. I'd be surprised if a team volunteers as most will be understrength that weekend. I get teams will want to be shown on tv, but they'd want to be at their best, not forced to play with half a team available.
  7. Games Off Saturday 3rd March

    Unless the new tv show want to show a certain fixture maybe ?
  8. Games Off Saturday 3rd March

    Regarding the fixture that's trying to be arranged for Easter saturday for tv schedules "unfortunately if we don't get volunteers we will have to schedule a match that tv wish to cover" . That sounds pretty much that 2 teams will be forced to play on an Easter weekend, free from being a backlog date, if teams don't volunteer to play that weekend. Interesting times ahead for amateur players, not being paid, having to do as they're told by tv scheduling.
  9. Games Off Saturday 3rd March

    Be surprised if there's any games on this weekend
  10. Pats and Thatto to highlight NCL Premier launch

    Will need to be a ground with suitable flood lighting, rules quite a lot of teams out. Pity because brow v kells would have been a fantastic fixture to show.
  11. New season - it's finally here!

    Hope wigan st pats get the fixture on v thatto heath on saturday with the tv cameras there. It'd be very disappointing for all concerned if the fixture succumbs to the weather.
  12. Pats and Thatto to highlight NCL Premier launch

    Will st pats v thatto heath be on. How disappointing would it be if postponed due to the weather.
  13. Barla National Cup

    Any results from the fixtures played 3rd feb, heard Osset got beat by thatto 10-6, and queens got beat at home but not saw anything official yet confirming any results.
  14. Barla National Cup

    Any games off with all this rain/ sleet/ snow over last week or two