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  1. usain bolt

    9s, more marquee players, From 2 to 3 marquee player suggestion
  2. usain bolt

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads) Sean oloughlin talks about his future, including the possibility of playing for gb at seasons end
  3. usain bolt

    Yorkshire cup

    Any scores from today in the Yorkshire cup
  4. usain bolt

    Balls (Merged Threads)

    Rhino balls used in ncl leagues
  5. usain bolt

    Millom Vs Red Star live on the Beeb

    Fantastic that the amateur teams get a bit of limelight on the tv, great experience for both clubs involved.
  6. usain bolt

    Challenge cup 2019

    Just saw that it's millom v belgrade
  7. usain bolt

    Challenge cup 2019

    Any news on which game is going to be televised in the first round this year by the BBC?
  8. usain bolt

    NCL Premier 2019

    Really, west hull are getting paid, and didn't win the grand final or top the league.
  9. Cheers, looked on BBC results but nothing on. Any other results or are they played Sunday.
  10. How did it go v York, haven't seen the score anywhere, in the Yorkshire cup
  11. usain bolt

    NCL Premier 2019

    Heresay or fact
  12. usain bolt

    NCL Premier 2019

    Hopefully as competitive as ever, honest unpaid players travelling around northern england giving their all for their clubs.
  13. usain bolt

    Barla cup 2019

    "The only rule they need to bear in mind is that no postponements for cup games will be allowed and that failing a league game will have severe consequencies". There's the answer to the obstacles involved for those people questioning, therefore clubs have to choose their priority at the time. The consequences to the league, ie points differences then come into the equations due to weakened teams and large scoreline.
  14. usain bolt

    honours list....

    Exactly my point 'establishment' and rugby league doesn't get a look in That being the reason I compared the new years honours list to the BBC sports personality. Not the individual achievements from the selected few which I agree were world class on their own merits.