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  1. Ward was one of the players the Aussies respected. I'd be surprised if he wasn't up there with manlys best ever prop forwards, so certainly a chance of being in their best 17
  2. I think he would for sure, definitely widnes and Wigan and also gb. Can't think of many wingers better than him who played for London, although he wasn't there very long.
  3. Would Ellery Hanley be in each top 17 of each club he played for, Bradford, Wigan, Leeds. I think he would. I'd add Yorkshire and gb to that list too. I think Paul Newlove would make the 17s for Fev, Bradford and St Helens aswell, maybe cas but didn't spend long enough there I think to make there best 17? Would certainly have a look in for Yorkshire and gb 17s too. Anyone else come to mind that played for 3 or more teams, and are probably rated in their best 17s?
  4. Wigan 84/85 to present 1 Kris Radlinski 2 Jason Robinson 3 Gary Connolly 4 Gene Miles 5 Martin Offiah 6 Brett Kenny 7 Andy Gregory 8 Kel Skerrett 9 Terry Newton 10 Andy Platt 11 Andy Farrell 12 Andy Goodway 13 Ellery Hanley 14 Shaun Edwards 15 Dean Bell 16 Sean Oloughlin 17 Quentin Pongia
  5. Warrington 84/85 to present 1Johnathan Davies 2 Des Drummond 3 Martin Gleeson 4 Ryan Atkins 5 Mark Forster 6 Ken Kelly 7 Lee Briers 8 Les Boyd 9 Micky Higham 10 Bob Jackson 11 Gary Sanderson 12 Ben Westwood 13 Mike Gregory 14 Allan Langer 15 Adrian Morley 16 Sid Domic 17 Kevin Tamiti
  6. Alternative St. Helens 84/85 to present 1 Steve Prescott 2 Alan Hunte 3 Scott Gibbs 4 Paul Loughlin 5 Les Quirk 6 Leon Pryce 7 Neil Holding 8 Maurie Faasavalu 9 Bernard Dwyer 10 George Mann 11 Derek Mcvey 12 Lee Gilmour 13 Harry Pinner 14 Kevin Iro 15 Shane Cooper 16 Andy Platt 17 Chris Arkwright
  7. St. Helens team 84/85 to present 1 Paul Wellens 2 Darren Albert 3 Jamie Lyon 4 Paul Newlove 5 Anthony Sullivan 6 Tommy Martyn 7 Sean Long 8 Kevin Ward 9 Kieron Cunningham 10 David Fairleigh 11 Chris Joynt 12 Roy Haggerty 13 Paul Sculthorpe 14 James Roby 15 Mal Meninga 16 James Graham 17 Apollo Perilini
  8. Who's signed at Thatto? Siddal still the team to beat, biggest and best squad.
  9. Thatto Heath would surely welcome you down. Like bobbruce says, give it a try, see if you like it, nothing to lose really.
  10. Where in St helens are you from? Thatto heath and pilks recs have 2 teams, blackbrook, Haydock, clock face and Eccleston lions all have 1 team I think. Sure you'd be welcome at them all.
  11. Hope you do well, ncl 1 is a tough league, sure you'll have a great season and be knocking on the prem door come seasons end. The 2 rowses are quality names to add to your group, plus pettman will add strength and size to your already huge team. which teams do you expect to be in competition with for top spot, lock lane losing rowse will probably weaken them but also add a bit of spice to the tie with the connections, plus dockers are a strong outfit along with Fev lions and normanton who are usually very strong at home.
  12. Still strengthens the squad up, the dockers weren't strong enough over the season to stay up but still had a few good quality players, with prem rugby experience. i agree, wouldn't bet against siddal, they'll be there about a again.
  13. Some top quality recruitment there, and a great result against pro opposition. It'll be interesting how rowse senior goes, he ventured over to Hunslet Warriors the other year, which didn't last too long.
  14. West hull will push siddal this year again, they'll miss windley who has signed pro, but the 5 players from dockers will strengthen them up
  15. Considering there was 3 teams in York, heworth, York acorn and new earswick all in the ncl, only being able to field one club in the ncl league is a big drop back. Any particular reasons for this or just finances of traveling and player commitments being the main reasons. Always enjoyed trips to York, a very difficult place to get the 2 points, and agree would be great to see established clubs back in the ncl fold, i.e. Heworth, walney central, ovenden etc