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  1. Got a score of 236, but there is a guy called Dan Nutter who's got a score of 313! Crazy.
  2. Managed to get a score 123!
  3. That is strange! My top score is 114, very addicting
  4. The game is now available to iPhone and Android users for free, check out the full information here. Download Links
  5. It looks like an 8 bit rugby (both codes) game, in which you drag a player to score as many tries as possible until time runs out. Each level gets more difficult with more defenders.
  6. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post on, is there a sub section I should? (please move if required) However, I have seen that there is a a new mobile app being launched on both Android and Apple called Retro Rugby. It is a free game and is being launched on the 11th of September. Sounds quite interesting, with it being on 8 bit format! Anyway, the link to the facebook page is here for you all to see:
  7. Can we start a donation for the fev photography team?
  8. Suggy, remember that article very well. Still got it somewhere. Be nice for the journo, to be invited back, wined and dined and then a fresh piece going alive stating the transformation of the club.
  9. Tony Tonks and most of the Halifax team are attempting to raise money for Heartbeat of Sport tomorrow by challenging themselves to do the Yorkshire 3 Peaks. I'm not sure how much they have raised so far, but so far they have managed to help improve many amateur sports clubs in the area by providing them with defibrillators, etc. Good luck to the team doing it and you can donate here. I understand that Outdoor company, Great Outdoors Superstore have helped provide some of the walking equipment and outdoor clothing for tomorrows massive task. Good luck Tonka
  10. As part of the 6 month testimonial for the current Featherstone Rovers & Ireland Captain,Liam Finn a 2014 edition calendar has been released. The calendar features member of the 2013 Featherstone team exposed in various locations around the stadium. For a preview of September and for further details, please view this post: Please note, that the images contain indecent images. Thanks, Chris Liam Finn Testimonial Committee Member
  11. First of, massive congratulations to you. The second half term performance was incredible. I hope you all enjoy next weeks match. No pressure, who knows what happens! Finally, here are the match photos from yesterdays game - they are focused around Featherstone, but I think the end photos you'll enjoy.
  12. Thanks Chris, I try my best. Although I'm a snapper at Featherstone, this past year I've tried to learn more about landscapes, portraits, etc. Here's a few on Flickr. 1. 2. & 3. are from Newmillerdam in Wakefield - Lovely place to relax and an unwind. 4. & 5. Wintersett, Wakefield I really would like to get out more with the camera, so if anybody wants to meet up and do some location photography, get in touch.
  13. Great photo, really enjoyed looking at your pictures.
  14. I know we are in a food & drink section, but I thought i'd bring home the bad side of Christmas and drink driving. I saw this campaign today on my Twitter feed and thought i'd share some of the scary facts with you. See: What do you think? What scares you the most?
  15. Well done to Mark Selby for winning this years UK Snooker Championship after beating Shaun Murphy 10 frames to 6. See here.