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  1. Chris Taylor

    Sports marketing in a digital world

    How is it going to work next year Mick, when you can't do live streaming of games? Will you go into a subscription model like RoversTV?
  2. Chris Taylor

    2019 Squad

    Most players would find it a privilege playing for the best part-time team, and no doubt would rather receive lesser of a wage their than at weaker teams like Featherstone.
  3. Chris Taylor

    UK SL Attendances 2018

    They've said it's down to the structure of the game as to why their crowds are barely growing. Personally, I doubt it, I bet they don't really push the fixtures in the local area. It's funny when a team does promote a game, there's always a bigger crowd. Awareness is lacking at 95% of clubs in the UK.
  4. Why 50k though? Figure plucked out of thin air? I bet the winner won't even get that. TBF - so they should have ordered them, it will be nothing short of disgraceful if Leigh can't fulfil this fixture. This goes for any team in the professional league.
  5. I bet Kevin wouldn't sniff at some extra money, especially now the wage bill is being cut.
  6. Chris Taylor

    York City Knights

    Who gives two hoots, end of the day YORK were CHAMPIONS, and much deserved champions. As for Bradford, good luck to them - if they get promoted the Championship next season will be even closer. Quite possibly the closest and most exciting Championship to date?
  7. It easily should have gone to Richard Marshall, how could the judges not realise he's made Halifax the best part-time team in the UK. It wouldn't surprise me if he was up for Sports Personality of the year too.
  8. Chris Taylor

    RFL Funding

    Beat me too it. Why not state, 50k of the funding you receive must be spent on an academy, if you don't run an academy you don't get the 50k. That will certainly get teams pushing in the right direction.
  9. Chris Taylor

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    Absolutely. 110% agree with you. How many teams have their own individual channel? If it was mainstream, and all clubs had access to it, the costs of maintaining it would be much less. The value for money would be much worthwhile. You could also run additional videos, such as: Documentary series Season reviews etc You would unfortunately need at least 300k people to pay 7.99 for this to be inline with the current Sky tv. That's without taking out expenses, etc.
  10. Chris Taylor

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    FYI - Tag Rugby was never affiliated with the RFL until 10 years ago. There is SO much opportunity with that to be one of the real "social" aspects of the game.
  11. Chris Taylor

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    For £100 a year, you'd have to have a very good service but it would open up some new commercial opportunities. You'd like to hope that OURLeague will become that service provider. Could you imagine, if there was a basic setup (1 main stand camera position) at each club inc the top amateur clubs that you could watch any game via the app. Whilst also the app would allow archived fixtures. Would be incredible content.
  12. Chris Taylor

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    You will be fine, you are after all the best part-time in the UK.
  13. Something has changed with Jack, he wasn't like this in younger days at Featherstone and I don't believe at London either. On his day, a very good Championship player - so what's gone on?
  14. Chris Taylor

    Haribo to invest in Super League?

    Haribo has in the past sponsored/helped lots of local community rugby league clubs in the area. Whether they would prefer to sponsor a team or league that is above the community game, I'm not too sure.