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  1. Crowd segregation HKR game

    'chaos' - my gosh.
  2. Rovers beat leigh

    I think Catalans will be in the "million pound game", the game this weekend for them against Leigh is huge.
  3. Team strengthening

    Keep what we have and build for next season. If Toronto get promoted, it will be even harder to get into the top 4.
  4. Championship clubs fear Superleague changes

    That's very true, whilst Toronto get as much coverage as the top Super League teams do. Certainly a lesson for a vast majority of professional teams.
  5. Business end

    Hold my hands up, I was wrong. Fantastic result for Dewsbury, congratulations.
  6. Business end

    I'm sure you will, You'll beat Dewsbury, Oldham and should be too strong for Halifax, by that point you will have qualified for the middle eights.
  7. Business end

    If your injured players come back in time, then you will go in quietly and shock a few.
  8. Business end

    Hull KR will have to significantly improve if they want to get promoted this time round. I can't see anybody getting promoted, if anybody London. I've been really impressed how they've slowly built back up.
  9. Very tough game ahead of us, potential banana skin. Typical Fev would be to lose tomorrow and beat London.
  10. Is Kendall a cheat?

    What were your thoughts on the disallowed try in the 75th minute? I've seen it on a number of occasions and i'm scratching my head.
  11. Retro Rugby

    Got a score of 236, but there is a guy called Dan Nutter who's got a score of 313! Crazy.
  12. Retro Rugby

    Managed to get a score 123!
  13. Retro Rugby

    That is strange! My top score is 114, very addicting
  14. Retro Rugby

    The game is now available to iPhone and Android users for free, check out the full information here. Download Links
  15. Retro Rugby

    It looks like an 8 bit rugby (both codes) game, in which you drag a player to score as many tries as possible until time runs out. Each level gets more difficult with more defenders.