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  1. Chris Taylor

    Can Widnes make the Top 5?

    TBF, they have kept a full time team that would have come top 2 prior to the points deduction. I think they will be there or there abouts.
  2. Conspiracy theory - Ah yes, of course. Refs and the RFL hate us. Dear god.
  3. Chris Taylor


    The problem is most teams had there squad sorted in November, we are 3/4 months behind everybody else (baring Leigh).
  4. Chris Taylor


    Does he know that there's a conspiracy theory about referees are out to get us?
  5. Chris Taylor


    No point in going, we've lost already. 🤣🤣
  6. Chris Taylor

    If we brought back licensing....

    I love these threads. My team should be listed in the licensing, blah blah blah. Why have you criticised my team blah blah - we have better everything than [enter bitter local rivals].
  7. Chris Taylor

    Match Thread Widnes v Featherstone Rovers Sunday March 3rd 2019

    Update >
  8. Chris Taylor

    Match Thread Widnes v Featherstone Rovers Sunday March 3rd 2019

    The game hasn't been confirmed yet according to
  9. Chris Taylor

    The Golden Point

    They had it years ago in the Championship and was scrapped. I hope they sought thoughts of the Championship clubs before implementing.
  10. See where you are at the end of March, it's far too early criticise any team or coach. If you would have won yesterday people round here would be calling for Ryan Carr to be given the boot. Funny old world.
  11. We could still be playing now and Leigh wouldn't have scored.
  12. What else can Halifax achieve? The same can be said about Featherstone. Neither team have the resources to be full time. Richard Marshall has done a very good job with you. This year will be tougher than ever and freak results will happen. You'll win the next two fixtures and rack up in York in confident mood.
  13. Barrow by 8 Batley by 14 Bradford & York - Draw Featherstone by 10 Toronto by 24 Toulouse by 18 Widnes by 26
  14. The whole world is against the club.
  15. Chris Taylor

    Featherstone Rhinos

    I love how angry people get over dual registration and how Featherstone use it. I wish all teams would work so closely together to more teams could be successful. It's not just off the pitch they help it's on. One day Featherstone can dream of being a brilliant club, like Halifax, or Batley or Dewsbury.