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  1. Those nice tories

    He really is just Nigel Farage's plumby voiced cousin isn't he?
  2. Blood Pressure

    You're talking utter ######. Regards, someone who's only still here to write this reply due to the skills of my oncologist.
  3. Our new position in the EU

    JRM once again proving that speaking with a plumby voice and having a smattering of Latin at your disposal doesn't automatically make you intelligent:
  4. I re-watched the game this morning and I can honestly say I can't see what all the fuss is about with the refereeing. Yes, there were a couple of loose carries/strips that I thought went the wrong way, but I think that every game I watch. I've always thought it a virtually impossible rule to police and personality I'd scrap it. It really is a toss of a coin job as to which way the decision goes.
  5. Those nice tories

    A little more from Ian Dale: Is the worm on the turn?
  6. Those nice tories

    The buck really does stop with Theresa May with the Windrush affair. Here she is in 2013; "we can deport first and hear appeals later". There was a time, not so long ago, when this sort of thing resulted in the person responsible tendering their resignation.
  7. Playing his natural position of second row helps. You really get very little time on the ball at centre with high expectation on you to do something with it. IMO center is one of the toughest positions in RL to master.
  8. No charges against OAP

    A similar thing happened here a few years ago. Scumbags broke into a house, terrifying the family including young children. They nicked the keys to the families car. Un fortunately the thieves crashed the car making their escape killing themselves. In the days after a similar "tribute" was erected at the crah site. It was destroyed within hours. It reappeared the following day only to be destroyed again. The police then stepped in to let the people erecting the tribute to stop or face charges of criminal damage. It seems that the local police in this case haven't got the same level of common sense; a senior police officer has defended their "rights" to carry on.
  9. I'd have Dan Jarvis as leader of the Labour party over Jeremy Corbyn in a heartbeat. I'm sure I'm not alone.
  10. Happy Easter!

    I've never really got the chocolate egg thing, even when I was a kid. I'd have uneaten eggs knocking around well after whit. I think my family gave up buying me them when I was about 8. Not that I'm a complete missery, I don't mind an excuse for time off work and spending time with loved ones.
  11. Those nice tories

    I'm not so sure; they're being handed this stuff on a plate on a daily basis and all they have to do is run with it and wait for the next one. All too simple for Labour's opponents at the moment.
  12. Our new position in the EU

    Like I've said before, just one job lost is proof of a negative impact and one job too many.
  13. I doubt that they'd be able to attract enough big name retailers who seem to gravitate to the larger city centre sites to attract any one demographic.
  14. Our new position in the EU

    So mad Mad Dorres wants us to leave the EU because she's too thick to understand how the customs union works. So long and thanks for all the fish.
  15. Same here. Seems to be going (gone?) out of fashion these days though.