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  1. The only reason I could see where it may be OK to sack him is if he continues to blatantly lie and if offered the chance to retract and set the record straight and refuse to do so. I think LBC would be within their rights to consider his position in those circumstances. Personally I'm more bothered about members of the cabinet being in the pocket of Rupert Murdoch to the tune of £150k pa.
  2. Same here. I don't remember a single issue so decisive, across the political and social spectrum, as brexit. And no, I can't see it being forgotten quickly. I for one will carry it with me till the grave.
  3. There was a piece on the 6 o'clock news on R4 yesterday interviewing some of his supporters. The "love" was far from unanimous; many beginning to feel let down.
  4. They really are making it up as they go along aren't they? Yesterday there were interviews with three different ministers about the immigration situation to which there were three completely different and conflicting answers (although to be fair to Boris in his case there was an awful lot of humming and hawing and harumping before admitting he didn't know what he was talking about, so not an actual answer). Clueless.
  5. US healthcare: Senate 'skinny repeal' bill fails Oh dear.
  6. Recent figures show tax take is declining. Despite heavy cuts in corporation tax etc. the government seemed surprised by this information.
  7. The other thing I got from that is this thought: is it right that a public servant, an MP and a member of the government should be in the pocket of a figure such as Rupert Murdoch to the tune of £150k a year? Personally I find that much more worrying than anything being paid to individuals at the BBC.
  8. The problem is that May is in too weak a position to fire any of the cabinet at the moment as the in-fighting and cliques could result in a leadership challenge if from the remainder of the clique the person belonged to who got the push. May and the rest of the Tories realise that a leadership contest would be disastrous right now, probably leading to another election, one they have a real chance of losing.
  9. Food for thought, Jay Rayner: Michael Gove asked me to a meeting to share my expertise. I declined. Instead, I’ve given him a piece of my mind. Edit to add: "By leaving the EU the UK will be forced to open itself up to food production practices that are far less healthy, palatable or even safe. Likewise we may end up importing much more meat produced at a much lower welfare standard than we are used to. In short, Brexit risks exposing UK consumers to much lower food standards than we have come to expect." That nice Mr Gove was on the radio this morning to say that this won't happen. I'm sure we can all take him at his word (you know, the guy who stabbed his best mate in the back for political gain and more recently is the number 1 suspect in the leaks from cabinet Philip Hammond), can't we?
  10. The key word being minimum. Which means absolutely no consideration of release before then. Even after that there would need to be a very strong case for allowing early release to even be considered and of course there is always the option of the judiciary of refusing to even consider release at that, or any point up to the full sentence.
  11. No doubt this will be heralded as a brexit success: Electric Mini to be built in Oxford. However, when you look at the decision it was a bit of a no brainer really; existing production plant with a workforce that knows what they're doing building pretty much the same car.
  12. JOBS! For who though, us or them? As it's Trump my money's on them.
  13. Wnt and had a look at that Conservative Cavalier site. First thing that caught my eye was this Taxation is theft tee shirt. tells you all you need to know about their warped world view.
  14. Went to see them (again) in March. Despite line up changes they've still got it. And I still wouldn't argue with JJ, even in his 60s he still looks handy.