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  1. Wile I agree Doom Bar isn't the best tasting beer available in London by a long way, it's a great move from the club to secure a high profile sponsor. Well done to them. Lots of clubs are sponsored by companies that produce things I don't personally like; it doesn't stop them from being really good for the club and the sport. As for the "pouring partner" title, that;s just the way of the modern world. Given the target audience for the Capital Challenge I think it actually looks pretty good.
  2. from
  3. That's good advice from bobbruce; don't rush into anything, especially if you have no plans to leave the area for some time. Think about your potential purchase as a home and not an investment opportunity. You have to live there for possibly tens of years. Think, would you be happy there for that long? We were very lucky in that after months of searching, on a very limited budget for the area, we saw our current house and knew right away that it was "the one".
  4. If you're prepared to do a bit of graft there's lots of houses up here to be had for under £50k.
  5. I'd suggest doing your research. Find out how much similar properties in the same are actually sold for. Also look at how long the house you're interested has been on the market. Try and work out the market trend, up or down. Some useful sites: (good for extended details about the area such as Housing Tenure) Good luck
  6. This. A thousand times this. That along with the fact that less than 10% of all our legislation originates in the EU. (And that includes all the minor stuff like product regulations which have to originate somewhere).
  7. I have to confess that I have a pair of Bose in ear headphones. They were bought for me as a Christmas gift. They are very good.
  8. Why should we be hammering business in the first place?
  9. I'm convinced that they impregnate all their devices with a highly addictive drug that keeps their addicts coming back for more regardless of how much they are suffering. You only need to do a quick scan of social media around the time of their update releases to witness the pain Apple users are willing to endure yet still come back for more.
  10. This is something I touched upon in one of the previous threads. Not only jobs lost and tax revenue lost but also, in all likelihood, many millions of pounds in turnover for UK PLC. Each of those positions could represent several millions of pounds in business lost.
  11. I've an idea. Now we're starting to see what brexit actually means why don't we have another referendum at the end of all the negotiations. It will lay the argument of whether leaving the single market and cusoms union is included/excluded to rest forever.
  12. Rubbish. They were expressing the official position of the various leave campaigns that they represented.
  13. Opinions, like the NHS £350m bus, expressed with the sole purpose of persuading people to vote leave. If these things were so inconsequential why say them in the first place?
  14. Lord John Prescott is staying at the same London hotel as I am (he's certainly not blowing his expense budget). And no, before you ask, he's not driving two Jags.