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  1. I've just liked two of JohnM's posts. I mustn't be very well, I think I should go and have a lay down. Joking aside, I really agree; it's time we ditched the conception that "work" in "working class" means getting dirty and sweaty doing it. Anyone who sells their labour to make their way in the world is working class.
  2. Antisemitism, a couple of years ago though. I think.
  3. Conflating the election with brexit: Another Brexit campaign that dodges the hard questions "Above all, May does not want a campaign that interrogates the practical reality of taking Britain out of the EU. Her refusal to be drawn on detail was obvious before the election was called, and she will consider it a mission accomplished if that opacity can be sustained over the coming weeks. To that end, the prime minister will be helped by a Labour party that struggles to advance a European position without drawing attention to its own confusion on the subject."... ..."But without a grasp of the way the system is held together, it is hard to appreciate quite how much damage Brexit can do, the cost it inflicts on our allies, and the inevitability, once the UK has torn itself away, that huge patches of the old relationship will have to be quietly sewn back into place – but only after irreparable damage to trade and to British influence."
  4. Outrageous that may called a snap election after stating many, many times that she wouldn't? Not like you to be critical of the Tories.
  5. Attention to detail is something of a trademark for Peter Kay. If I look back at Phoenix Nights I still spot little things that I'd not really noticed before even though I've seen every episode many times over.
  6. Where are they moving production to?
  7. I've just ordered food and drink at my table without having to move or speak to anyone via an app in Wetherspoons. This could be the saviour of the single diner in pubs.
  8. I think you've lost one of these: "." off your keyboard.
  9. An interesting thread of tweets regarding the UK vs EU negotiating positions and it doesn't look good for the UK: There are 10 or so altogether, so best to click on this first link.
  10. The hot/cold balls combo has worked well this time round. 😉
  11. And he's been roundly slated for his troubles on social media for it. According to the right wing commentators having a coherent pan is is giving away your negotiating position, while having no plan is negotiating from a position of strength.
  12. Don't be giving them ideas.
  13. Indeed. But why then would you drastically cut the department responsible for investigating large tax fraud?
  14. Dumb recognises no boundaries of political class or creed: She must be blown away when she visits a supermarket and sees that they sell both apples AND oranges!
  15. And actually collecting it might also help.