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  1. UKIPpery

    I think they are pretty much there (or, more accurately, the 40 or so Tory MP tails who lean that way are wagging the Tory party dog).
  2. UKIPpery

    Can we now please drop all the nonsense on the brexit thread about UKIP being any sort of legitimate threat to the big two parties?
  3. Those nice tories

    Just another instance of Boris Johnson talking up Boris Johnson; he cares little for anyone or anything else.
  4. Is Russia a threat?

    I suspect it works both ways; the Russians undoubtedly make similar claims about the USA lead west and their armed forces. Nothing has really changed since the late 40s has it?
  5. The new NHS thread

    Who are NHS Improvements and who do they take instructions from? This was reported on BBC R4 yesterday morning, but there was no mention of being told to fiddle the figures.
  6. UKIPpery

    If Arron Banks is "funding" it again perhaps RKIP would be more appropriate?
  7. UKIPpery

    Meanwhile: Nigel Farage and Arron Banks in talks over new political project UKIP mark II?
  8. UKIPpery

    12 resignations of senior 'KIPers from their official posts at the last count. At a press conference this afternoon Bolton remains defiant. Seems determined to take what's left of the party with him.
  9. The new NHS thread

    Indeed, they're almost as bad. How many people know who Jon Ashworth is or what he does? It comes to something when a sit-com actor, Ralf Little, is doing more to hold Jeremy Hunt to account via twitter than the shadow health secretory.
  10. Our new position in the EU

    Brexit in one tweet: (Actually the whole thread is worth a read).
  11. Our new position in the EU

    That could be done anyway without having to drive high earning jobs abroad.
  12. Our new position in the EU

    That rate isn't that much higher than the going rate for test managers, especially for large development programmes. I've heard of higher.
  13. Our new position in the EU

    If only one bank job is relocated to the EU then that is a negative, not positive, effect of brexit.
  14. Our new position in the EU

    JOB summarises it much better than I can:
  15. Our new position in the EU

    The more I think about the current state of our masters in Westminster the more I'm reminded of this song...