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  1. It's stuff like this that shows her political vulnerability and displays that she's very much a political lightweight. Cameron would have batted the question away in a way that would have hardly caused a murmur. His one strength was being able to avoid talking about things he didn't want to discuss. Mind you he should be good at that, he spent 6 years practicing it!
  2. I've never once said we're doomed, or anything approaching it. What I done. Often. Is to question actions resulting from brexit and ask will they be to our advantage and question the wisdom of doing things (like withdrawing from the single market and cusoms union) that will result in making life more difficult for businesses and people than life pre-brexit.
  3. That bus's £350m per week is going to have to stretch a long way isn't it?
  4. Agreed. Like you say, that's the point of testing - to find and rectify faults. Probably happens all the time.
  5. Caught up with watching this over the weekend. The overwhelming thing that struck me is how inefficient the system is due to the lack of bed - a real case of "penny wise, pound foolish". All those highly equiped, fully staffed operating theatres having to stand idle just because there is nowhere for the patient to go post-op; probably the least costly part of their whole treatment. And that's before you consider the stress it must put the patients under having to turn up and fully prepare for an op to be told it's off in pre-op, especially with cancer knowing that a matter of days can make a difference. The people involved were much calmer than I think I would have been if I was in their position.
  6. That's good, you obviously can't be referring to me; you'd never catch me eating any of that muck. A nice runny steak? Now your talking.
  7. Anything you can do, we can do better: Homes for £1 scheme to be extended in Liverpool
  8. It's north of Watford, therefore all the same to a southerner.
  9. And makes it clear what any post brexit trade deal with the USA will look like...
  10. Does it matter, he never turns up anyway?
  11. Kieth Vaz supports homeopathy on the NHS. That should tell you all you need to know.
  12. Wile I agree Doom Bar isn't the best tasting beer available in London by a long way, it's a great move from the club to secure a high profile sponsor. Well done to them. Lots of clubs are sponsored by companies that produce things I don't personally like; it doesn't stop them from being really good for the club and the sport. As for the "pouring partner" title, that;s just the way of the modern world. Given the target audience for the Capital Challenge I think it actually looks pretty good.
  13. from
  14. That's good advice from bobbruce; don't rush into anything, especially if you have no plans to leave the area for some time. Think about your potential purchase as a home and not an investment opportunity. You have to live there for possibly tens of years. Think, would you be happy there for that long? We were very lucky in that after months of searching, on a very limited budget for the area, we saw our current house and knew right away that it was "the one".
  15. If you're prepared to do a bit of graft there's lots of houses up here to be had for under £50k.