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  1. That's what happens when you go to the edge without first going forward. Ouch.
  2. I was convinced there was no way Kelly retained possession there, but I was completely wrong.
  3. Looks like Kate Hoey is now standing as UKIP by proxy as UKIP say that they won't stand a candidate against such a "good brexit MP".
  4. I suppose that is better than making 5kg of apple soup and typing on an asparagus computer.
  5. Is this why the brexiteers don't want any further debate or a referendum on the negotiations?
  6. I suppose anyone who captained Great Britain RL to their last Ashes win over the Aussies deserves to be respected.
  7. Is this why May is keeping a low profile and avoiding any interaction. She doesn't even know where she is: Strong stable leadership my ######
  8. New Labour, when it was new, was a wonderful thing indeed. It brought to an end 18 years of Tory (miss) rule. Besides, I used to be mates with it's editor back in the days when he was a cub reporter for our local rag.
  9. The New European: Britain on collision course with Europe over Brexit bill
  10. The Cameron administration summed up in a single sentence: "But lead researcher Prof Richard Sullivan, from King's College London, described it as "policy on the hoof" because of the way it was announced."
  11. Not the first comment I've seen like this. May really is scared of facing anything that resembles scrutiny.
  12. I know there are plenty of people within the party that meet your criteria both in the PLP and the wider party. The trouble is that the noise surrounding Corbyn and his followers is almost completely drowning them out at the moment. Hopefully there will still be enough of them left after the election to pick up the pieces and begin the rebuilding process. * Not all trade union bossed are raging megalomaniacs, there are some reasonable ones who do genuinely want the best for their members and the industries in which they work.
  13. "48 hours to save the NHS" "Britain Deserves Better" "A new dawn has broken"
  14. Does it really matter when they've no realistic chance of winning a majority? It may, just, make the Tories squirm a little and have to answer some awkward questions when the plans for the NHS for the two parties are compared.