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  1. In other words our membership of the EU has been of no hindrance whatsoever to us trading with the rest of the world all along. Thank you for the clarification, another leave myth quoshed.
  2. Go on, humour me (and it's not just me going by previous posts). I think if you're going to make such serious accusations then you should be able to substantiate them with some evidence or alternatively withdraw the accusations. I'd have thought it would mean, it must be some extremely obvious and deeply offensive racism to upset you so much given that last week you told us that the use of the phrase "N###er in the woodpile" was only worthy of a mild slap on the wrist.
  3. Looks like you were right all along about the Trans-Pennine electrification Trojan. You may now say a very loud "I told you so" to your detractors.
  4. Again I seem to be missing something as I still can't see an example of this racism you keep refering to. Can you please highlight it for me?
  5. Yes, but he should have known the sort of nonsense that Trump comes out with before he took the job.
  6. Yes he's very likable, as long as you're prepared to ignore the self centered, self serving, condescending, out of touch and arrogant side of his "character".
  7. I find it hard to believe a group of lawyers, who should know better and know the risks would say something racist. I've read the article, several times and can't find the racism you refer to, therefore could you please point out racist bit because I can't see it Many thanks.
  8. So by your own admission you don't have a clue who is who, but in your original post you were adamant that they were all "haktavists"?
  9. Yes, but that's a couple of hundred hours where he's not in the White House and not on Twitter thus making the world a safer and nicer place.
  10. It's not just a reduction in absolute police numbers that is the problem it's the quality of the officers they have been losing as well. They have been losing a large number of their more experienced people which according to a report this week has resulted in a drop in cases going to court and of convictions when they do go to court due to a combination of a shortage of manpower and of quality of the evidence gathering due to the shortage of officers with the necessary experience.
  11. Yeah for democracy: Tories use 'take out the trash' day to dump controversial reports
  12. And if that's true so is "The only reason left wingers dislike the BBC is because it's consistently right wing." which is trotted out just as often.
  13. I'm with you on the salad cream, great stuff. It's also lower in fat than mayonnaise.
  14. Charming chap: standards that were 'good enough for India' could be good enough for the UK
  15. Who is being tipped in some quarters to be our next glorious leader.